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Run & Walk The Wight

What a humbling sight.
8000 walkers (and runners!) stretched from point to point like a slithering golden snake across our beautiful diamond island. Everyone of them raising money for patient care at our local hospice. All taking on, what is a very real challenge. 26.5 ish miles of country lanes, ups, downs, hills, golf courses and cliffs.

Each participant taking part for their very own reasons, whether it be with someone’s memory held dear in their hearts, whether its to support a charity without which the island could not give the level of care to many of our residents that they so desperately need and deserve, or even its just for the challenge itself, each individuals personal reason keeping them going over the ever increasing difficulty, spurring them them on to reach that finish line on the Western point of the Island.

Started in 1991 by our very own Elaine Harris’ father Bill Bradley and his mate Frank Stevens. It started as a team building exercise for the staff at Moreys and has since evolved into the largest sponsored walk of its kind not just in England, but in Europe! Mind blowing!!!

“Dad was hoping for 2000 walkers in the year 2000, not knowing that he sadly wouldn’t be there to see it (he died in September 1999) But we surpassed 2000 that year and look at it now! He would be blown away!” said Lainey.
Elaine herself has done it every year apart from when she was pregnant with her girls, and on those years she even marshalled!

The event has raised in excess of £4 million for patient care at The Earl Mountbatten Hospice since 1991. It takes a phenomenal amount of organisation to make this colossal event happen. Over 300 volunteers and marshalls on the day keep everyone on track, watered, timed and cheery.

This year, as always, Walk the Wight attracted many Road Runners to take part, and being runners, some of us, for some reason, decide that walking some of the steepest climbs on the island all in one day is not challenge enough. Oh no, we have to ramp up the effort levels and run them instead! Not for all of us this year though. Pat and Elaine Harris, Gill Bushell, Alison Butcher, Chani Jones and Julie Ray decided to take on the walk with their families and friends. Julie Ray walking to mark the 10 year anniversary of a dear friend who sadly passed away and who had been cared for by the amazing nurses at the hospice.

But yes, whether it was for the full distance or the half, the rest of us nutters did decide to run it!

Starting at Britten Norton, the first “half” of some 12.5 miles takes in the dizzy heights of Culver Down, through to Mersley Down onward over some of the only flat sections to Arreton Barns where there is always a lovely atmosphere. Continuing onward and inevitably upward onto St George’s Down, skirting along the golf course, back down to the infamous Nunnery Lane and finishing at Carisbrooke Castle where there is a buzzy, party vibe.

Sarah Sharp, Bridget Keyte and Lyn Snow being three Road Runners who began their journey at this point.

For those running the whole course, Carisbrooke Castle was kind of the mid point, and on a day where the sun had decided to shine in all its splendour, making an already tough challenge even tougher in the heat, James Shoulder and Dawn Moses decided that half way was plenty and proudly went to collect their halfway finishers medals.

For the rest of the crew, onwards and upwards they went…….up and up and up on to the Tennyson trail from Newport. Continuing on the high ground along through Brighstone Forest to Mottistone Down and on to Brook Down.
It is at this stage that the challenge really goes up a gear. From this 18 mile point, there is no shade from the sun, the hills become sharper and they just keep coming…… after the other. On tired legs, the runners really had to start digging deeper here.

Once they reached Freshwater Golf Course, a little bit of relief started to set in as Freshwater Bay comes into view. This is the last checkpoint before the finish. However with Tennyson Monument looming in the background, the last 4 miles are indeed a battle of will, grit and determination.

Continuing ever forward, suddenly the sea is front, right and left. The Western point was beneath their feet. A sharp right turn at the Needles Battery, fired the runners downhill (at last) and the finishing line swung into view. The marathon distance is surpassed along this stretch along with the realisation that they have indeed made it, all they’ve got to do is put one foot in front of the other and hold on.

Crossing the line there were cheers, relief and laughter. Personal barriers pushed, goals met, achievements made. A lot of feel good factor, knowing not only that they had done themselves proud, but that they had contributed to this amazing event and this amazing cause.

Same time, same place next year? Oh go on then….. BRING IT ON!!!!!  

Prague Marathon

The Volkswagen Prague Marathon (also known as Prague International Marathon (PIM)) is an annual road marathon held in the city of Prague each May. It was founded in 1995 and has grown to become a hugely significant event on the international running calendar.

According to media it is the world’s most international marathon, with two-thirds of runners coming from 55 different countries. Prague’s marathon course is also rumoured to be the seventh-fastest and has been voted one of the most beautiful in the world.

Starting and finishing in the historical Old Town Square, the route also crosses the famous Charles Bridge and takes runners all around the magical Czech capital city, through all the different neighbourhoods and historical landmarks.

And not only does the Marathon in Prague follow a beautiful route, but as well as doing their best to make it a most enjoyable event for runners, organisers also endeavour to make this event a sustainable race for the planet. Minimising waste and recycling are two very important elements in the spirit of this race. It is free of plastic cups, as well as paper free, and also runs diverse recycling programmes.

And if all of the above wasn’t appealing enough, then add to the fact that this marathon is right on our girl Abbie Keyte’s current front doorstep, then it’s no surprise that her Dad, and fellow Road Runner, Tim Keyte decided to fly out to his little girl so that they could take on the challenge together.

And despite the balmy May temperatures and our father/daughter duo both having had some issues with injury earlier on in the year the Prague course was not going to stand in their way.

They ran every step together and crossed the line with great big smiles on their faces and a whopping great medal as reward for their amazing achievement!

“Very hot but very happy! Prague Marathon done in 4:33, every step with Abigail Keyte. Loved it!” Said Tim.

Well done you awesome pair! You did amazing.

Abigail Keyte    4:33:10

Tim Keyte    4:33:11

Milton Keynes Half Marathon

The multi-award-winning MK Half Marathon is a very popular, fast, and scenic half marathon race which takes runners through woodland and country parks, around lakes, and then boasts an amazing stadium finish at the home of the MK Dons football team.

Blessed with a tremendous amount of natural beauty, Milton Keynes is also lucky to have a world-class system of cycle paths known as redways and race organisers do their best to take advantage of those factors to give runners a course that is scenic, interesting, inspiring, fun to run, fast, and different from other marathons and half marathons.

There is also an incentive to earn extra regal bling, which this year had been designed specifically to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee, by doing not just one, but two days of running!

Runners were invited to participate in the 5K and either the virtual 10K, Half, Relay, or Marathon and receive the coveted MK Challenge Medal.

And that temptation was just too much for Half Marathon stalwart Lyn Snow to resist!

Yet again our Lyn went off on her travels to add to her ever increasing tally of half marathon achievements, and as always, with sheer grit and determination she completed both the 5k course on the Saturday and the Half Marathon on the Sunday, earning herself, not one, not two, but three new pieces of metalwork to add to her collection and running her fastest half marathon for the year so far!

Congratulations Lyn, you are amazing!

Lyn Snow

36:40 (5k race) 3:00:46 (Half Marathon)

Isle of Wight Challenge

Running 66 miles, it’s a long way…….it’s a flipping long way! It’s incomprehensible for 99.9% of the population. It’s no flat 66 miles either. It’s unrelenting undulation, on footpaths mostly. It’s hard. Very hard. But for our Ironman Nick Kenney, it was a challenge worth taking on, with Judy McCabe (quite unknowingly) taking on the ultra distance of 33 miles in the 1st half Challenge and Tanya Clifford opting for the full distance walk with partner Paul, both of whom had been putting in lots of practice miles on the run up to the event.

For Nick, one of the greatest obstacles already standing between him and the amazing feat he was about to take on, was the fact that he hadn’t even been able to run for two months before the event due to injury. An injury which had already resulted in him having to pull out of the Manchester Marathon at the beginning of April.

This Ultra test of endurance takes up to 2000 competitors around the coastal path of our beautiful Island. You can run, jog or walk, up and down some total 1747m (5731ft) of elevation, (just as a comparison for you Ben Nevis is 1345m). The course is divided into sections with a rest stop every 12.5km and major ones every 25km providing medical and welfare tents, catering services, seating areas for recovery, changing rooms and most importantly a friendly welcome. Each major stop taking competitors from one further most tip of our sunny diamond to the next. 

Starting at Chale recreation ground, our superstars started out meaning business. Going in a clockwise direction the first section takes in the dramatic coastline along Compton, Freshwater and Tennyson to Nodewell Farm. It’s the hilliest section of the course with over 528m of elevation within the 13 mile distance but all of our competitors made it to the first major checkpoint. Waiting there for Nick was friend and training buddy Kev Winchcombe who would also go on to be there as support crew at every single checkpoint along the way.

Sadly for Tanya this would be the last checkpoint for her as she was suffering with terrible blisters that caused her to pull out of the challenge but despite her disappointment she still managed to cover an absolutely awesome 24 miles!

The next quarter of the route saw Nick and Judy work their way along the longest quarter from The Needles past Yarmouth Castle, Hampstead Farm, Cranmore, Shalfleet, Newtown, Porchfield, Parkhurst Forest and up the road to the IOW Showground. This checkpoint is the halfway marker and for our legend of a lady Judy it was mission accomplished. Despite being unaware that she was going to be running 33 miles until the day of the event, Judy finished in 9th position and amazingly as the second lady to finish the half distance.

It wasn’t quite mission accomplished for our Nick though. He had a little rest and was off on his way again with another 33 miles to go.

The 3rd leg saw the most tarmac, as Nick made his way to Newport along the cycle track, on to Fairlee Road up to Wootton and through to Ryde. Despite having now run over 40 miles and every step feeling harder than the last Nick was still going even though the pain had set in. Supported by so many people coming out to see him along the way, and of course Mr Winchcombe being there for him at every stop, his positive mental state was paying dividends despite the lack of training. Onward he went, concentrating on his every step until he made it to the 3/4 point at Culver Down where darkness and fatigue had now, well and truly set in. But was that going to stop him at this point?……….of course it wasn’t! He’d got this far, and despite knowing that virtually all of his club mates were in the pub celebrating James Shoulders 40th birthday, he soldiered on knowing that the reward for getting to the finish would absolutely be worth it.

The last few miles were testing, the hills of Blackgang are brutal at any time, but after such continued effort they are excruciating. But determined to hang on to the end and after being on his feet for an incredible near 20 hours he only went and bloody did it!

Safely home to a much needed welcome from Kev, Gill, Jane Andrew and her son in law Rich, Nick crossed the line in 20:31:59…………what a legend!

Later in a post on Facebook Nick said of his challenge ” Without doubt the hardest event I’ve ever done, and that includes two Ironmans. Probably not helped by not being able to run for two months”

He paid thanks to everyone who had been out and supported him en route and those who had also sent messages of congratulations, saying “Great to see so many people out and about on the course. And especially to Kev who was at every rest stop waiting for me and Gill, Jane and her son in law Rich who were waiting for me in the cold at 3am was incredible. Thank you so much!”

We are all incredibly proud of you Nick, what an amazing achievement! Very well done. And massive congratulations to both Judy and Tanya too.

1st Half Challenge

Judy McCabe 07:12:48

Full Course Challenge

Nick Kenney 20:31:59

Dave Dellar Memorial 5 And London Marathon Club Ballot

The Dave Dellar run always marks the start of Summer. The clocks have just changed, the evenings are lighter and we celebrate the end of those long winter months.
Dave Dellar and his wife Iris were founding members of the Isle of Wight Road Runners back in 1988 when there was only a handful of members. He has sadly passed away, but would be beaming with pride if he could see how his tiny little running club has grown into one of the biggest clubs on the Island.

So as a nominated race, speed is not the essence to winning the coveted trophies for this race. Runners must accurately guess how long they think it will take them to complete the 5 mile course. This leaves the competition wide open to every single entrant and an exciting reveal during the presentation.

43 awesome looking runners started out from Halfords and made their way out past the Bargemans to the cycle path. They ran out past the end of Dodnor lane taking a right turn down to the side of the river medina and doing a little loop around the pond coming back up to join Dodnor Lane. Under the underpass they followed the road up to join Forest road, but not for long as a cheeky left down the footpath brought them out onto Albany Road where those that didn’t take the wrong turning continued along to bring them out onto Hunnyhill. Down the hill they went, being mindful of their nominated times and trying their best not to get carried away with the pace, turning right into the never ending Sylvan Drive and up to the top of the hill turning left onto petticoat lane. From here our runners ran through town following their noses and being spurred on by the promise of a free drink and made their way back to Halfords where our awesome time keepers, Ian Dyer, Stew Barbour and Kev Rann were frantically scribbling down everyone’s times.

Fastest over the line were…..
For the boys
1st Andy Macarthur
2nd Phil Mannall
3rd Tom Forster 

And for the ladies….
1st Clare Pendreich
2nd Hayley Baxter
3rd Trish Train

But as already mentioned, the bling winners were not those out in front, but those that paced themselves accurately.

1st Tom Forster – 1 second out
2nd Garry Sharp – 40 seconds out
3rd Peter Hudson – 53 seconds out

1st Hannah East – 11 seconds out
2nd Trish Train- 20 seconds out
3rd Carolyn Ruth – 43 seconds out

And last but certainly not least, as well as the Dave Dellar event we drew the lucky winner of October’s Club London Marathon ballot place – and that lucky runner was Zoe Elliott.

Well done to Zoe – we are sure that she will do the club proud.

A really fantastic evening was had by all!

It was such a fantastic sight to see everyone together in their club colours again after what feels like such a long time and so great to all be together for a celebratory ‘on the club’ drink afterwards.

Well done to all the winners and special thanks to Ian Dyer, Kev Rann and Stew Barbour for time keeping, and Sarah Ward and Kev Winchcombe for back marking.

Corsham 10k

The Corsham 10K is now in its 39th year, organised by members of the Corsham Running Club. It is one of the biggest 10K’s in Wiltshire, attracting 1400 runners from local clubs in the South West and further afield.

A 10K race starting and finishing at Corsham Football Club on the Lacock Road. The race progresses through Corsham, then onto Westwells and the beautiful village of Neston.

The route is marshalled by members of Corsham Running Club and other local community groups and any surplus monies after costs are donated to local charities.

The act of donating was exactly the reason our solo Road Runner lady, Sarah Ward, and her niece Shel chose to run this race, and this was to be a race like no other. Shels mum and Sarah’s sister Dawn had been very poorly with Covid-19 in the ICU department of The Royal Stoke University Hospital. Shel wanted to give something back to say thank you for the care that her mum was receiving and to also feel like she was doing something to help her mum, so she set herself the challenge of running her first ever run and a target of raising £500.

Sadly, after putting up an incredible fight, Dawn passed away before the run had taken place so Sarah and Shel would now also be running in memory of their precious mum and sister.

And with everything they had in their hearts, that’s exactly what these two incredibly strong ladies did.

It wasn’t all plain sailing on the course though as Shel’s knee went near the start of the race, but after a little first aid improvisation the two went on together to complete the run and earn themselves some shiny new bling to mark the occasion. Shel also managed to raise her fundraising target too so was absolutely delighted to be able make her donation to the hospital that cared for her mum.

Sarah said later on Facebook “Corsham 10k done……first ever run by Shel and what a star she was. Her knee went at 3k and it wasn’t looking good but with a little knee bandage made from a buff she finished…….and in an hour!!! Dawn would be so proud of you sweet.”

There is absolutely no doubt that Dawn would be incredibly proud of you both, and it goes without saying Sarah, that your club mates and friends are super proud of you too.

Well done ladies. ⭐️🦋💜🦋⭐️

Sarah Ward 01:00:30

ABP Southampton Races

Thousands of runners took to the city’s streets on Sunday April 24th as the hotly anticipated ABP Southampton Marathon returned for its seventh year. Usually a south coast alternative to London’s famous marathon, this race has become extremely popular in its relatively short time of running. One of the best loved highlights in the running calendar, the adrenaline-fuelled event saw 8,000 elite and enthusiastic runners sign up for a selection of races including a full marathon, half marathon, 10k and a 5k fun run making this event accessible to all ages and all abilities. 

Taking in some of the landmarks of the city, the courses take in Bargate, the QE2 Anchor, St Mary’s Stadium and of course the Itchen Bridge, and there were 17 very excited Road Runners getting ready to take their positions on the start line of their chosen races.

The marathon covered two laps of the half marathon course, and seven of our tricolour hopefuls lined up for the 9am kick off. Every one of them praying that the sparse sprinkling of cloud in the sky would stick around long enough to shield them from the sun in Palmerston Park.

Unfortunately as the morning went on the sky only got bluer and bluer making the temperatures rise to uncomfortably warm conditions for the 26.2 mile feat facing our runners.

Simon Randall was the first Road Runner across the line in a brilliant 3:42:41 followed by his long run training buddy and friend David Blake, who completed the course in 4:09:23.

David later went on to talk about his race day on Facebook saying that “My marathon might not have been perfect but the people who have been my support and cheering squad most definitely are.” David also expressed his heart felt thanks to his fellow club members, saying ” I may not get to clubs very often, but you give me that mental lift being a part of the IOW running scene.” We’re so happy to hear that David and it’s good to see you racing again.

Next to complete the 26.2 mile journey was Kev Rann in 4:20:36 mins. Another one of our chaps who felt that the plan went a bit out of the window on the day, but in his own words, he “got round and got the job done.” And I think we’ll all agree that just the challenge of running and finishing a marathon is an amazing achievement so you should be very proud of yourself Kev. Awesome work!

Then it was time for our first lady to bring it home for the team. Carolyn Littleton who ran with her husband John on his debut marathon distance had a blinding run despite the positively tropical conditions, finishing in 4:25:20, taking the 8th spot in her age category and earning herself a shiny new marathon PB!

Carolyn had a fantastic day after completing the Southampton course for the very first time, telling us later on Facebook “Super happy with my time on such a warm day and proud of John Littleton doing his first ever marathon. Fantastic atmosphere and so lovely to see so many IOW runners from all the different running groups.”

Carolyn was also raising money for Ability dogs for Young People along with Jo Randall and was very happy to report that following the event she had achieved her fundraising target. Very well done Carolyn!

Next home was Richard Bezer who again chose to run as support for his Dad. The father son duo took to the streets for the second time in a month after running the Manchester Marathon only weeks before and completed the course in 5:03:51. Well done guys!

And last but by no means certainly not least, our final superstar to conquer the 26.2 mile distance was the lovely Gillian Shaw who finished 5th in her age category and completed her third marathon in 5:36:19 despite missing a turn on the course and ending up on roads with no directions or runners! Luckily for Gillian she was swiftly directed back on to the track and was able to pick up her plan by the 20 mile mark.

Gillian says how “lovely it was to get shout outs and brilliant support. Now to train for IW Marathon in October, hopefully!!” All the best with your training Gillian and very well done.


Simon Randall 3:42:41

David Blake 4:09:23

Kev Rann 4:20:36

Carolyn Littleton 4:25:20 PB

Richard Bezer 5:03:51

Gillian Shaw 5:36:19

The 1/2 marathon started an hour later, again from Palmerston Park. A fantastic turn out of 2351 lined up to tackle the single lap race, 10 of them Road Runners. The course was just the one lap, but the sun was creeping ever higher in the sky and the temperature rising.

Club Chairman Steve Bennett was the first Road Runner home in a speedy 1:41:35 taking 7th position in his age category with Simon Paul hot on his heels just 16 seconds later.

New member and superstar runner in the making Clare Pendreich put in an extremely strong performance on the day despite the heat and was the first of our ladies to complete the half marathon loop crossing the line in 1:46:47.

Clare was followed only a few minutes later by the lovely Kate Paul, who despite recently suffering from the dreaded Coronavirus which subsequently had a knock on effect on her training, had a great run finishing well under the two hour mark in 1:51:08. Well done ladies!

It was hard graft as the rest of our half marathoners made their way around the 13.1 mile course, but they all made it safely round and collected their medals at the finish.

Special mentions to Charlotte Macdonald who completed her longest run and first half marathon since completing the C25K course at the end of last year. Awesome work Charlotte!

And also to Keith Ruth who despite originally registering to run the marathon distance, soldiered on to complete the half marathon despite suffering from hip pain early on in the race. Well done Keith, definitely the best decision albeit a difficult one. We hope you are recovering well.

Half Marathon

Steve Bennett 1:41:35

Simon Paul 1:41:51

Clare Pendreich 1:46:47

Kate Paul 1:51:08

Keith Ruth 1:59:19

Eloise Radestock 2:45:39

Deborah Radestock 2:47:03

Jo Randall 2:57:35

Charlotte Macdonald 2:59:39

Lyn Snow 3:08:06

10.30am saw the last race of the day get underway. The 10k saw 1582 runners participate. Only one Road Runner chose the shorter distance and that one awesome lady was Lucy Deville who ran a superb race. She came into the finish at Guildhall Square in a fantastic time of 1:03:10. Well done Lucy!

Lucy Deville 1:03:10

Fantastic running everyone! Very well done. ⭐️

Boston Half Marathon

Run on the same day as the more famous US marathon the Boston races have a very appealing factor… they are the flattest marathon and half marathon courses in the country… FACT!

Having run this race before, it was Lyn Snow that made the journey northbound to Lincolnshire. 170 miles away on the East Coast, halfway between Kings Lynn and Skegness, lies the port of Boston and the home of this PB chasers race.

Starting at the towns Market area the course meanders to Freistin and then Butterwick. It is here that the course splits as the marathoners head northerly along The Wash toward Wrangle, but our Lyn continued her journey out to RSPB reserve near the coast before returning to the finish at Boston College.

Lyn tells us all on Facebook “Well that’s another half done.” And although Lyn descibes her race as involving a lot of “jeffing”, however she got around it, I’m sure we all agree that there really is no stopping this amazingly determined lady when it comes to her running!

She finished in 3:05:14 – Well done Lyn.

West Wight Three Hills

There is something about us modern humans…..we just can’t get enough of free stuff! We’re never happier than when we’ve found something in the sale or got a great 3 for 2 deal or a buy one get one free offer.
To keep modern runner types happy, the Ryde Harriers have carefully crafted us a race. You get free stuff. “You do?” I hear you all cry…but I’m not talking a medal, a mug, non alcoholic beer, fudge or a coaster!
Nooooo..……this clever ploy promises 3 but actually gives you 5.……sounds like a good deal right?
Well it would be if the item in question wasn’t in the shape of a hill.

The West Wight 3 Hills race, promises 3 but actually delivers you 5 of the little beauts. And it’s not 5 slopes either. It’s 5 brutal, unadulterated climbs of 900ft over the 8 mile distance.

Held every Easter Monday since the early 80s this challenging course has become a firm favourite of the spring time races on the island. It was originally marshalled by local Boy Scouts. And what a fantastic idea it was to hold a race of this length on Easter Monday. It weirdly will burn off almost the exact amount of calories contained in an average size Easter Egg. WIN! No wonder 199 runners signed up to face the challenge.

Glorious Spring sunshine bathed the eager runners on the start line at the West Wight Sports Centre in Freshwater. Great turnout from not just the local clubs, but plenty of mainland runners too. Obviously making the most of an Easter jaunt to the sunny Isle of Wight.

Starting at the Sports Centre the course went straight into the first little hill through to Norton and then back down into Freshwater. Then off up to Golden Hill Fort and continuing up, (Yes, still going up!) to Headon Warren. A little bit of downhill relief as they made their way along to Alum Bay, bracing themselves for the hill that no-one can run all the way up…….Highdown.

By this time, the poor runners are heavy legged and they still have the longest climb to go. But up they went! All the way up to the glorious Tennyson Monument to be rewarded with a whole mile of downhill to pick up their pace and get themselves back to the finish at the Sports Centre.

First back was our rocket, Ross Wilkes, in a speedy 51:54, and winner winner chicken dinner, he only went and came first…….in the whole race!!! There really is no stopping this guy! Ross was shortly followed by Sean Williams, only a couple of minutes behind him, and despite taking a tumble on the course, he still went on to finish in 5th overall position! Steve Apsey ran another great race to cross the line next in 59.08 thus securing silver medals for our gents taking the prizes for second Men’s Team on the day.

First Lady home was Carolyn Littleton in a fantastic 1.16:35. Great performance from her, especially after her run on Saturday in the Newport to Ryde race. The girls, one by one, and some running together continued to bring it home for our team, with Sue Hunter in next and Chani Jones hot on her heels to take the third ladies team prizes and bronze medals for our triumphant trio.

5 Road Runners secured a top 3 position in their age categories. Particular well done to Ross Wilkes and Sean Williams for coming Numero Uno in theirs, Sue Hunter for taking the 2nd spot in hers and Carolyn Littleton and Lucy Deville for securing the third spot on the podium in theirs.

Despite the difficulty of the course, it was smiles all round at the finish line. Congratulations everyone, absolutely awesome running!

Ross Wilkes 51:54

Sean Williams 54:17

Steve Apsey 59:08

Paul Martin 1:01:51

Gordon Mucklow 1:06:01

John Newsham 1:07:48

Noel Finn 1:08:05

Keith Ruth 1:12:45

Carolyn Littleton 1:16:35

Jen Gallop 1:18:20 (second claim)

George Butler 1:21:50

Sue Hunter 1:27:41

Chani Jones 1:28:36

Louise Morris 1:30:30

Caroline Curliss 1:30:30

Sally Neuman 1:30:31

Sarah Ward 1:30:31

Steve Hickman 1:30:31

Fay Tosdevin 1:31:55

Tarnia Butler 1:34:45

Lucy Deville 1:34:45

Alison Butcher 1:44:09

Paul Butcher 1:44:10

Mens Teams

2nd: R Wilkes, S Williams, S Apsey
8th: P Martin, G Mucklow, J Newsham
11th: N Finn, K Ruth, G Butler

Ladies Teams

3rd: C Littleton, S Hunter, C Jones
5th: L Morris, C Curliss, S Neuman
6th: S Ward, F Tosdevin, T Butler

Newport to Ryde

It was a beautiful start to the Easter weekend of racing as the sun came out in all its glory on Easter Saturday ready to bathe the Newport to Ryde course in its golden glow, and ensuring that the ridiculously muddy conditions of yesteryear were all but a distant memory . Temperatures were pretty much as high as they were going to get as our 18 runners awaited the off outside County Hall in Newport amongst the 191 strong field.

3pm came and they were given the off.

First run in 1933, this race used to go by road from the Town Hall in Newport to the Town Hall in Ryde. The course however, has changed several times over the years to maintain runners safety and now takes a more multi terrain route through Barton, New Fairlee Farm, Belmont Woods, Lakeside, Firestone Copse and now finishing at Ryde School.

It was clear that the warm weather while it was glorious, was no doubt going to make the run harder. But it didn’t deter our red white and blue warriors from taking the bull by the horns, gritting their teeth and sweating their little hearts out!

Rocket Ross Wilkes flew around the course and was again the first Roadrunner home in just over 45 minutes. An amazing achievement after completing his formidable sub 3 hour marathon only two weeks before! He took 3rd position overall with Sean Williams not too far behind him taking 6th overall and even managing to set a new course record for the M50 category! Steve Apsey then came in to scoop the 10th M40 spot completing our first three chaps over the line. The boys were just pipped to the post from taking the first men’s team on the day and all finished with a shiny silver medal taking the Second spot on the podium.

In the ladies race, it was super woman Sarah Ward that stormed home in 5th place for the ladies, Carolyn Littleton came home in 11th position and 4th for the F55’s, whilst Alicia Burr despite saying she struggled on the day completed our first three ladies home, finishing as the 20th female and also 4th Senior female. Our triumphant trio also all earned themselves a silver medal each for finishing as Second Ladies Team on the day!

There were prize winners galore in the age categories too! Sean Williams and Sue Hunter taking pole position in theirs, Sarah Ward grabbing a2nd place in hers and Ross Wilkes taking 3rd in his.

Absolutely fantastic running everyone, and as always, a massive thank you to all who went out to support, encourage and take photos of our superstar runners. You really do make days like these extra special.

Ross Wilkes 45:39

Sean Williams 48:45 (New M50 Course Record)

Steve Apsey 54:28

Paul Martin 57:42

Noel Finn 57:55

John Newsham 59:44

Sarah Ward 1:04:05

Carolyn Littleton 1:06:29

Jen Gallop 1:06:51 (second claim)

Gareth Driscoll 1:08:00

Alicia Burr 1:11:27

Fiona Attwood 1:11:52

Caroline Curliss 1:12:10

George Butler 1:16:51

Andy Tickner 1:17:01

Louise Morris 1:19:10

Sue Hunter 1:20:35

Tracey Houdoire 1:39:19

Julie Ray 1:39:19

Men’s Teams

2nd Men’s Team: Ross Wilkes, Sean Williams, Steve Apsey

6th Men’s Team: Paul Martin, Noel Finn, John Newsham

8th Men’s Team: Gareth Driscoll, George Butler, Andy Tickner

Ladies Teams

2nd Ladies Team: Sarah Ward, Carolyn Littleton, Alicia Burr

4th Ladies Team: Fiona Attwood, Caroline Curliss, Louise Morris

7th Ladies Team: Sue Hunter, Tracey Houdoire, Julie Ray