Club Run Guide

Q: What is a nominated run? 

A: A nominated run gives all runners in the club the opportunity to predict their finishing time for a set distance.  Nominated runs are not about being the fastest runner in the club but about knowing and learning your pace.  The club runs a series of distances over the course of the summer / winter where points are awarded for those who come closest to their predicted time.  The points are tallied up and a shield is presented to the most consistent runner at the end of each season.

Q: Why is there two separate nomination sheets?

A: The numbered sheet is for runners who normally run at an 8.30 minute mile pace or slower, whereas the lettered sheet is for runners who normally run at an 8.30 minute mile pace or faster.  Runners are set off in two groups with the faster runners starting 5-10 minutes after the first group.  Try to remember to call out your name when you finish as this makes the timekeeper’s job easier.

Q: Buddy runs?

A: Buddys will be recruited to run the route at a pre-agreed pace, runners will be encouraged to run with a buddy at a faster pace to their normal running. Hopefully helping to improve your speed.

Q: Track nights?

A: These are held Tuesday’s and usually once a season for Thursday nights. These are coached sessions for all, to include a warm-up and cool-down.

Q: Why do we need volunteers for runs?

A: For nearly all runs we need backmarkers, each nominated run we require a backmarker and at least four timekeepers, two for each group.  Volunteers also score points for their first time backmarking and first time timekeeping (20 points).  All club members are expected to take their turn in these volunteer roles to ensure fairness.