The Abominable Snowman

Lots of our runners took the opportunity to dive right into the post christmas training plans and tackle one of the Islands more challenging races. Now in its 6th year, The Snowman is a bit more hilly, more muddy and more technical than your average cross country race. The course sees the athletes go from Cheverton Farm and across the Bowcombe downs before looping back at Brighstone Forest and home to the finish, a reverse of last years route. With 10mile and 10km options available there was something for everyone.

The 10 milers went out first and trudged their way through the hills, mud and puddles. The biggest obstacle came in the form of navigating round the course. After a mix up with signage, nearly 20 runners were sent the wrong way and despite pulling out some brilliant times were put in a separate standings with Simon Pilcher picking up 4th place, Stuart Backhouse in 10th and Zoe Sherwin as 2nd lady. In the 10mile Jamie Brenchley got 4th place, Hayley Baxter got 2nd lady with Stew Barbour, Steve Apsey and Nick Kenney all getting in the top 20.

The 10km athletes then went off with the Road runners taking the top spots. Ross Wilkes came in taking 1st place closely followed by Simon Riley in 2nd place and a fancy dressed Dean Pike claiming 5th spot. A massive well done to everyone involved and congratulations to the Butlers on their anniversary, not everyone does a trail run for it but the pair of badass Road Runners couldnt resist.

All rankings are by gender

10 Mile

Jamie Brenchley 1.29.15 4th

Hayley Baxter 1.31.46 2nd

Stew Barbour 1.32.17 11th

Steve Apsey 1.34.18 15th

Nick Kenney 1.36.13 16th

Andy Tickner 1.48.53 42nd

Tom Forster 1.57.20 57th

Simon Paul 1.57.27 58th

Tim Howell 1.58.01 61st

Lou Howell 1.58.01 17th

Elaine Harris 2.05.00 21st

Dave Wilcock 2.07.21 65th

Karen Phillips 2.07.31 22nd

Julie Rasmussen 2.07.31 23rd

Alison Butcher 2.26.37 29th

Susie Piper 2.26.47 30th

Claire Harvey 2.30.33 34th

Caroline Curliss 2.57.01 37th

Alternative Distance

Simon Pilcher 1.09.24 4th

Stu Backhouse 1.16.24 10th

Andy Macarthur 1.21.23 19th

Sean Williams 1.21.23 21st

Zoe Sherwin 1.29.05 2nd


Ross Wilkes 49.19 1st

Simon Riley 52.35 2nd

Dean Pike 54.14 5th

Ivan Ward 1.13.06 56th

Steve Bennett 1.20.23 75th

Charlotte Dollery 1.23.29 39th

Charlotte Williams 1.24.23 43rd

Ian Williams 1.24.24 81st

Sally Trotman 1.25.42 48th

Sue Hunter 1.31.47 71st

Liz Pilcher 1.32.15 75th

George Butler 1.33.51 104th

Tarnia Butler 1.33.51 80th

Belinda Rockall 1.35.33 88th

Fay Tosdevin 1.35.33 90th

Louise Morris 1.39.34 109th

Lyn Snow 1.53.07 119th

Sam Grist 1.57.31 120th

Tracey Houdoire 2.07.30 128th