Thank you Lyn for her contribution towards this report…

I arrived in Milton Keynes on Friday. Saturday morning was parkrun at the lovely Willen Lake. Then had all of Saturday and all of Sunday to relax and chill. The Turing 10k started at 5:30pm on Sunday, which I did in 1:24, then on Bank Holiday Monday it was the Half marathon. I of course did the half slower than normal for me 3:17 having done the 10k as well.

And if you do 2 of the runs you get a third medal the MK challenge medal, you know I love my bling!

Well done Lyn on your two great runs.

Where will Lyn’s travels take her to next?

The MK Marathon also attracted Kevin Rann. Kev completed the course in an impressive 4:07:23. Kev set off at an impressive pace, with many of his mile spilts around the 8:30 mark in the first half, but late on things didn’t go quite to plan for Kev, just one of those days when things didn’t go to plan kev commented. Well done Kev, still a great time.