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Ryde 10 #HRRL7

The islands only county league race saw another sold out field of 500 take on this famously undulating race. With the usual Baltic breeze blowing a hoolly across the start area, the 55 white red and blue road runners shivered in the freezing gusts as the cream of the county joined them in the bitter wind.

A twist on the route this year saw the much of the old route turned back to front with the addition of a brand new cheeky hill slap bang in the middle.

Despite the chilly start, conditions were unbelievably good out on the course, with blue skies and copious sunshine making the more sheltered areas perfect in temperature.

The new route saw the runners disappear up Westhill Road and along past Appley Manor and down past the Wishing Well and along to Nettlestone. They then went down to the Duver at St Helens for a quick blast from the coastal “breeze” before embarking on the steepest climb of the race through Nodes Point Holiday Park. They continued along to Seaview before a nasty trip up Puckpool Hill at Mile 9 the Runners could then gain pace with a welcome downhill finish to the boating lake.

Michael Douglas was the first Road runner home in 62.35 finishing 23rd overall with Harry Rann close behind him breaking the Junior record. Simon Pilcher was next in just over 63 minutes giving himself a tidy PB, with Pete Wilmott completing the first men’s team and bagging himself the 5th V50 spot.

For the ladies, Trish Train continued her road back from injury with a tidy 70 minute run, securing herself 10th female overall, 1st Island Female and the V50 winners trophy, with Holly Newton next in 15th place, 4th Senior lady in just under 73 minutes. Judy McCabe completed the team in 76 minutes, securing herself 7th place V40 & giving the ladies the 3rd place overall team position.

There were a smattering of PBs over the race with Dean Pike, David Blake, George Butler, Richard Bezer, Jenny Dewing, Calvin Wright, Zoe Sherwin and Dave Wilcock all giving it their all to achieve their fastest times over the distance. There were also some epic battles along the finishing straight.

Also particular mentions for Matt Fletcher for finishing 8th in his age category, Steve Bennett was 5th V60, Lizzie Pilcher for running her debut over the distance and taking 10th Senior lady, Jodie Wilmott was 10th V35, Hayley Baxter was 8th V40, Jenny Dewing was 9th V40, Julie Salter was 5th V50, Jane Andrew was 8th V55 and Lucy Deville was 4th V65.

Michael Douglas- 1.02.35
Harry Rann- 1.02.59
Simon Pilcher- 1.03.09
Peter Wilmott- 1.06.01
Ross Wilkes-1.06.38
Dean Pike- 1.06.39
Matt Fletcher- 1.06.59
Nick Kenney- 1.09.37
David Blake- 1.10.26
Trish Train- 1.10.54
Holly Newton- 1.12.52
Tom Forster- 1.12.54
Michael Coultrup- 1.14.15
Gordon Mucklow- 1.14.24
Mike Kimber- 1.14.34
Richard Bezer- 1.15.02
George Butler- 1.15.06
Judy McCabe- 1.16.41
Steve Bennett- 1.16.42
Elizabeth Pilcher- 1.16.50
Jodie Wilmott- 1.17.02
Hayley Baxter- 1.17.10
Tim Keyte- 1.17.44
Glen Jones- 1.17.52
Kevin Rann- 1.18.06
Jenny Dewing- 1.19.54
Garry Sharp- 1.20.53
Calvin Wright- 1.21.48
Sarah Holmes- 1.22.13
Keith Ruth- 1.22.59
Julie Salter-1.24.25
Zoe Sherwin- 1.24.52
Ian Dyer- 1.24.55
James Shoulder- 1.25.42
Lisa Upstell- 1.26.26
Charlotte Williams- 1.27.11
Kevin Winchcombe- 1.28.14
Kelly Forster- 1.29.40
Peter Dixon- 1.29.48
Dave Wilcock- 1.30.14
Julie Ray- 1.31.10
Sarah Sharp- 1.31.18
Claire Harvey- 1.32.00
Steve Hickman- 1.32.41
Karen Phillips- 1.34.17
Jane Andrew- 1.34.50
Lou Dover- 1.34.50
Laura Holme- 1.35.28
Ian Williams- 1.36.48
Sue Meredith- 1.39.32
Fiona Attwood- 1.39.36
Sally Trotman- 1.40.54
Bridget Keyte- 1.42.57
Lucy Deville- 1.55.53
Tanya Clifford- 1.56.33

Great performance by the entire team, roll on next year.


The Great North to South Run

A 20 mile run for fun. For FUN!!!
But that is exactly what this is. It’s a day away from the pressure of running personal bests and racing. It’s a run just the joy of running.

Started in 2012 by Richard Pearson of the Isle of Wight Hash House Harriers. It was intended to be run every other year, but it’s year on year growth in popularity has put it on the annual calendar.

From the furthest point on the North in our Island (Egypt Point) through to the most Southerly at St. Catherines Lighthouse. This event is in the format of a hash. That is, minimally marked, unmarshalled and water stops in the form of Pubs on the route.

No fewer than 30 roadrunners assembled at Egypt Point for the 5th running of this event. Some runners are fluent at this sort of distance, for others, it was their first ever 20 mile run, many however using this as a part of their marathon training.

The first leg of the journey takes the runners from the seafront straight up the sharp incline of Egypt Hill and along to Northwood where it steps onto trail. Through Parkhurst Forest before emerging the other side and on to the first stop at the Blacksmiths Arms on the Calbourne Road. The first 7 miles behind them.

After the first hydration stop of the journey, the continued up and over the Tennyson Trail, through Bowcombe, Gatcombe and Chillerton. Poor Alison Batchelor had a tumble along this leg (no pun intended)

But she managed to pick herself up and continue along to The Chequers Inn at Rookley at the half marathon distance.

Onward they went on the third leg. Only 4 miles to the next stop. Running through Roud and the aptly named Nettlecombe.

“There was a ridiculous amount of stingers on the 3rd leg” said ladies captain Julie Ray “my legs have never tingled so much”

The White Horse in Whitwell was before them before they knew it.

Only 2.6 miles left to go to make it to the Lighthouse.

For those that weren’t adequately “hydrated” on the way, celebratory drinks were flowing in The Buddle Inn afterwards.


Round the Island Relay

Cowes floating bridge.
8 teams are poised to embark on a 66 mile round trip. That will see 78 runners change their self selected batons 72 times over 80 legs, clock up 528 miles and take just shy of a million steps between them. And all on the hottest day of the year so far.
Quite a feat of organisation considering it’s an officially unofficial, unmarshalled self navigating event.


“It’s not a race! It’s just for fun” Cherry Owen reminds all the starters as they line up grasping their “batons” (i.e. rubber chickens, squeaky cakes and rubber cows) After all, it was all her idea. To run the perimeter of our sunny island along the coastal path in a relay, with set changeover points dividing the journey into 10 legs, until it reaches its conclusion on the other side of the floating bridge in East Cowes.


And off they went. Teams from West Wight Roadrunners, Ryde Harriers, Isle of Wight Road Runners and the rebellious off road group Godshill Massive (or GHM as its affectionately known) which is made up of members from all the other clubs and unattached runners. IWRR had decided that all 3 of their teams would stick together throughout the course of the relay for company and safety, as did the 2 Harriers teams and 2 of the 3 GHM teams.


It was warm already despite the early hour as they set off on this 6 mile leg toward the seafront and onward to Gurnard, Thorness and eventually their handover at Porchfield. The IWRR running on this leg were Zoe Elliott, Glen Jones and Julie Salter, with Michael Coultrup, Bill Goozee and Sarah Holmes appearing for the renegade GHM.


Next to take on the helms were Claire Jasper, Julia Parker and Jess Hill for teams IWRR and Julie’s Ray and Rasmussen and Bill Goozee (doing a double stint) in purple. This leg was complicated as most of these runners discovered. With its twists and turns, through the nature reserve, most of these guys went a little awol here and there.

“I’ve run this bit before” said Julie Ray and it showed as only she and her fellow Julie were the only ones not to get lost.


But eventually they all made it to Cranmore for the handover for leg 3. Waiting here were chairman Pat Harris, Matt Wade, Sue Hunter and Shannon Brennen for IWRR alongside Polly Segar for Cherry’s Chums and Steve Horsey & Holly Newton for GHM..


With temperatures already creeping into the 20s the runners were finding it tough.

“That was so hot, but we loved every second” said Shannon “even I broke into a sweat! and I never sweat!!!”

At Totland Beach, the next runners were eagerly awaiting their team mates arrival. GHM were still changing over first, with Dallas Price and Katherine King in situ. The temperature was now 24c and still climbing.
IWRR had our Vice Chair Sarah Sharp waiting alongside Bridget Keyte and Tanya Clifford all keen to get going.


“It was boiling and no air either, I had a few moments where I thought I wanted to give up, but we got there” said Tanya

Get there they did, over the tough Headon Warren and Tennyson Down, for waiting at Freshwater Bay were Garry Sharp and Zoe Sherwin for the IWRR teams and distance kings Dan Williams and Andy MacArthur. They ran the cliff paths down to Whale Chine, all 10 miles of them.


“The squeaky cake batons came in handy, we could check each other were still alive without having to talk haha!” Quipped Zoe.


28 degrees the thermometers were now reading! What little breeze there was was blowing across the cliffs as Tim Howell, George Butler and Harry Rann set off for GHM and Dave Smith, Ian Dyer and Elaine Harris took their squeaky cakes and set off toward Blackgang and then Ventnor for IWRR.


“HOT!” Exclaimed George when asked how his leg went “I was surprised I managed that pace off road and in the sun… probably my worst mix of conditions I could have hoped for!”

But they all smashed it! And made met their fellow team mates at La Falaise Carpark on on Ventnor Esplanade. Hayley Baxter set off first with a stylish exchange of their teams rubber chicken, followed by Tim Keyte, his daughter Abbie and Zoe Elliott (switching allegiance-naughty girl!) The IWRR went next with Jane Andrew, Nick Scott Denness and Charlotte Williams.


“We dived straight in the sea at Yaverland” said Jane

By now the teams were in the final quarter of the challenge. The leg from Yaverland through to St.Helens saw Simon Riley take the baton for GHM and Claire Howard, Sally Trotman and Rachel Dempsey for the Roadrunners.


“We’d have definitely got lost without Rachel” said Sally

But they didn’t, they successfully navigated themselves to Dean Pike and Danny Faulkner waiting at the Duver at St Helens, along with Tarnia Eldridge and her sister in law Rosie for the Massive.


“That was beyond hot” said Tarnia afterwards “I normally love running in the heat but there was no air, especially in the leafy enclosed areas. I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath”

But they all made it to Fishbourne and handed over for the final time. GHM set off with Lou Dover and Tim Howell (alongside many other of the teams runners to finish the relay in unison) and Steve Bennett, Alison Butcher and Bianca Johnston for team IWRR.


“We were squeaking our “batons” at all the cars on the way” said Alison “Even a dog out on its walkies was taking a keen interest in our high pitched cakes”

In they came, in ones, twos and threes (or 10 in the case of GHM) all with big smiles on their faces. Lots of fun and laughter along the way. Teamwork and cameraderie the order of the day and a fantastic turn out of Roadrunners spread across the 5 teams.


Massive thank you to Cherry Owens, Pat Harris and Michael Coultrup for their time organising this logistical endeavour. See ya next year!

Scores on the doors
3-Cherry’s Chums
4-Ryde Harriers
5-Ryde Harriers
6-Isle of Wight Road Runners
7-Isle of Wight Road Runners
8-Isle of Wight Road Runners

HRRL #11 – Netley 10k

The penultimate HRRL race of the season took place just across the water in Southampton on what turned out to be a surprisingly warm morning. The Royal Victoria Country Park was the venue for Southampton Athletic Clubs 10k race.


Adjoining Netley Police College and close to the Hamble River, this race was sold out early, as runners scramble to improve their positions in the league in the last few races.


The runners blasted their way around 3 laps within the Country Park to then muster all they have left for a last 600m dash to the finish line adjacent to the historic chapel.

7ED330E1-8A67-43D4-A86D-BB41A7A5973A 72DD6FEB-303D-42E1-ACBF-AA15F01AE1A8

Pete Sexton was the first roadrunner to make it back across the line in an expeditious 38.56 to make him 2nd V50. Not too far behind him were Darren Cole, Dean Pike and Matt Fletcher, (in a PB), bringing the whole of the first men’s team home in just over 40 minutes. Next in was Garry Sharp, followed by the First Ladies team. Holly Newton made a cracking club debut. Not only was she the First Lady roadrunner to finish she also secured herself a PB in the process. Holly was closely followed by our track queen Abigail Farwell who was in turn followed by Sharon McNally. She bagged herself the top spot in the V50 category.

George Butler, Paul Butcher and Sarah Sharp also had a blinding races, all giving themselves shiny new personal bests over the 6.2 mile distance.

B657FA85-71DD-42F6-A66E-0A07557C5294 97275B4B-853C-48A5-8CC6-45A3CD06F986 7824DACF-699F-4A2E-BE39-DA2AC6C6F5DA

Pete Sexton – 38:56
Darren Cole – 39:22
Dean Pike – 40:01
Matt Fletcher – 40:19
Garry Sharp – 41:23
Holly Newton – 43:17
Abi Farwell – 43:52
Sharon McNally – 44:35
George Butler – 45:05
Karen Phillips – 49:25
Paul Butcher – 50:08
Julie Salter – 50:28
Tarnia Eldridge – 52:00
Sarah Sharp – 53:11
Bridget Keyte – 59:57
Tanya Clifford – 64:48



Swashbuckler Triathlon

IMG_2639The unearthly hour of 6am saw our Island Games triathlete Nick Kenney embark on his final competition before the Games themselves.
The ungodly hour was recompensed by the heavenly location. Bucklers Hard, just across the water, at Beaulieu was the setting for this standard distance competition.
IMG_2640IMG_2641To start, Nick completed a 1.3km swim in the River Beaulieu in 31.24 before jumping on his bike for a 40km road ride around the glorious New Forest, looking resplendent in the morning sunshine. He completed this leg of the challenge in 1.20.90 before jumping off the wheels and continuing in the final leg on foot.


“I was really pleased with my run leg” he said “It was the 8th fastest overall”

And so he should be, he smashed the 11k in a tidy 49.39, securing him an overall time of 2.41.13. This put Nick 18th position overall and 1st V45. And giving him a great confidence boost ahead of the Games in a months time.

“Important lessons were learnt with regard to transitions” he said “I know now that I need to work on these over the coming weeks”

However the most important part of the day for Nick was a simple one.
He beat his brother.


Great Bristol 10k

The buzzy town of Bristol was host to the Simplyhealth Great 10k on Sunday. The picturesque backdrop was clearly a huge draw, despite a massive capacity of 13000, (virtually unheard of for a 10k), this race was sold out.


Perhaps the promise of a PB lured so many runners to the startline, as the course is fast and flat. Part of the Great Run series, these races are always slickly organised and well supported.


Starting in Anchor Road near to Bristol Cathedral, the course then runs parallel to the harbour and then along to Avon Gorge. The runners then crossed over the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge to take them along to Spike Island, Cumberland Basin passing the soaring spire of St Mary Redcliffe before returning to the finish line back in Anchor Road.


3 of our intrepid Roadrunners made the journey to Avon to take on the course.
Both the girls, Rosanna Sexton and Jenny Dewing came away with shiney new PBs to go with their medals.
Martin Keyworth didn’t manage to improve on his previous 10k best, but enjoyed it none the less.
“I am chuffed” he posted on Facebook later that day.


R.Sexton – 42.16
J.Dewing – 48.25
M.Keyworth – 52.42


Newport to Ryde

It was Clash of the Titans on Saturday as the big guns turned out on the startline to make their eagerly anticipated return to racing. Paul Cameron and Joe Wade lined up with the 172 other runners outside County Hall in Newport to embark upon the historic Newport to Ryde race. Both runners had been nursing injuries for quite some time, so it was of some surprise to see them turn up simultaneously for the same race. It was Joe’s first race since February and Paul’s in over a year.

“It’s fantastic to be back” said Paul. The IWRR legend was in great spirits and was visibly bouncing with excitement as the start was held.

First run in 1933, this race used to go by road from the Town Hall in Newport to the Town Hall in Ryde. The course however, has changed several times over the years to maintain runners safety and now takes a more multi terrain route through Barton, New Fairlee Farm, Belmont Woods, Lakeside, Firestone Copse and finishing for the first time this year at Ryde School.


“It felt great to get out and run fast again” said Joe Wade, running for his 2nd claim club IOW Athletics “Island races make it much more fun for me”


And run fast and they did! Joe was first home in a stonking 40.52, just 5 seconds outside the course record.

“I had a rough idea of the record, but I wasn’t really aiming for it. A bit frustrating being so close”

Our Paul Cameron was a triumphant 2nd place.

“I am over the moon! I can’t have hoped to have placed higher. I am very happy with the result”

Birthday boy Bill Goozee came in 4th and newbie Simon Pilcher made a magnificent club debut to romp home in 5th place.


The Ladies team had equal success. Rosie Sexton blasted into second place behind the formidable Charlie Metcalf of Ryde Harriers, (who incidentally, did break the ladies course record by a massive 3 minutes!) Hayley Baxter’s return to form continued as she stormed home to take 3rd place and bagged herself a 2 minute PB in the process.


More PBs were achieved by Michael Coultrup, who took 6 mins off his previous time, Dan Williams who shaved 5 minutes off his and Julie Salter who took 2 minutes off hers.


A fantastic 17 Roadrunners managed to finish in the top 3 of their age categories. Particular congratulations to Peter Sexton, Claire Howard, Paul Cameron, Hayley Baxter, Rosie Sexton and Katie Mackenzie who all finished in the top spot in theirs.

P.Cameron – 45.08
B.Goozee – 46.00
S.Pilcher – 46.08
P.Sexton – 49.28
D.Pike – 50.49
A.MacArthur – 51.08
G.Mucklow – 52.12
R.Sexton – 53.11
M.Coultrup – 53.24
D.Williams – 54.22
G.Sharp – 54.47
D.Andrew – 56.04
T.Keyte – 56.35
M.Kimber – 57.08
H.Baxter – 57.38
J.Doughty – 58.30
K.Mackenzie – 1.01.39
I.Dyer – 1.01.39
H.Vernon – 1.02.28
S.Truckel – 1.05.46
A.Batchelor – 1.06.02
C.Howard – 1.06.03
C.Williams – 1.06.07
J.Salter – 1.07.40
J.Andrew – 1.08.17
L.Holme – 1.09.43
K.Buck – 1.10.03
F.Attwood – 1.10.30
C.Hatcher – 1.10.48
P.Butcher – 1.10.50
M.Hetherington – 1.13.10
I.Williams – 1.13.10
N.Stilwell – 1.14.44
B.Keyte – 1.18.27
S.Sharp – 1.18.27
A.Butcher – 1.20.30
S.Harris – 1.27.02
S.Hunter – 1.27.04
C.Leach – 1.39.27
L.Snow – 1.40.49

The team competition was dominated by the IWRR in the red, white and blue vests with 6 men’s teams and 7 women’s teams (that’s just over half the finishing table) The Roadrunners took the 1st and 3rd positions in both the ladies and men’s competitions. What a treasure haul!

Mens Teams

1st P.Cameron, B.Goozee, S.Pilcher.
3rd P.Sexton, D.Pike, A.MacArthur
5th G.Mucklow, M.Coultrup, D.Williams
8th G.Sharp, T.Keyte, M.Kimber
10th J.Doughty, I.Dyer, H.Vernon
13th P.Butcher, I.Williams, N.Stilwell

Ladies Teams

1st R.Sexton, H.Baxter, K.Mackenzie
3rd S.Truckel, A.Batchelor, C.Howard
4th C.Williams, J.Salter, J.Andrew
6th L.Holme, K.Buck, F.Attwood
7th C.Hatcher, M.Hetherington, B.Keyte
9th S.Sharp, A.Butcher, S.Harris
12th S.Hunter, C.Leach, L.Snow

Reading Half Marathon

Two Roadrunners made the journey to Berkshire for the Reading Half. An electric atmosphere, supporter lined streets and a heroes finish is the Madjeski Stadium prove why this is one of the most popular half marathons in the country.


Another race in the well organised Vitality series, over 10,000 runners took part. Started by former World, European and Commonwealth 400m champion Iwan Thomas, the field was awash with Team GB elites. Andy Vernon, Chris Thompson, Charlotte Purdue and Gemma Steel all going on to take the top spots in the race.


First roadrunner back was Steve Morris. Having completed this race in 2015 and 2016, it proved to be third time lucky for Steve as he took a whopping 4 minutes off his course PB to cross the line in 1.49.49.

“The course was good, lots of support and the weather was kind to us” said Jane “I would thoroughly recommend it for Roadrunners”


Jane ran the course with her daughter Louise, after Louise’s husband bought it as an anniversary present. Jane used her experience to get Louise to run it nearly 10 minutes quicker than she thought she could in 2.06.43.


St Georges 10 – 2015

Sunday 26th July – IOWRR’s hosted their inaugural St Georges 10 mile road race.

Weather conditions were unseasonably rainy and windy but that didn’t hamper the runners who came, raced and enjoyed. Entries on the day took us to a total of 181 entrants. 152 people started and 151 completed the distance.


The race commenced 11am from St George’s school in Newport, it followed undulating country roads taking in Chillerton, Blackwater and finally back to St Georges in Newport:


Our St Georges page shows full results, below is an excerpt of the womens results:

Womens Results

Bib No Gun Time Chip Time Name Club Race Position Female Position
130 01:14:30 01:14:27 KING, Julie Ryde Harriers 26 1
134 01:14:50 01:14:46 DILLON, Tracey Ryde Harriers 27 2
115 01:15:37 01:15:32 WELLS, Lucy Wight Tri 29 3
171 01:17:33 01:17:29 HURST, Naomi UNATTACHED 39 4
73 01:18:05 01:18:02 GIFFARD, Jodie IOWRR 41 5
66 01:18:56 01:18:46 COE, Alexandra Netley Abbey Runners 42 6
52 01:19:38 01:19:32 WILLSHER Karen UNATTACHED 45 7
173 01:19:57 01:19:53 BAXTER, Hayley IOWRR 46 8
56 01:20:09 01:19:59 FANCOURT, Samantha Ryde Harriers 48 9
24 01:21:19 01:21:16 SWYERS, Rachel UNATTACHED 55 10
30 01:21:26 01:21:16 PARRY, Elaine Ryde Harriers 56 11
122 01:22:38 01:22:29 TRAIN, Trish IOWRR 62 12
104 01:23:07 01:23:00 DIXON, Julie IOWRR 63 13
29 01:23:13 01:23:05 COOKE, Abigail Ryde Harriers 64 14
152 01:23:13 01:23:07 HOLMES, Sarah IOWRR 65 15
111 01:23:49 01:23:41 SHANNON, Cherry Ryde Harriers 67 16
28 01:24:59 01:24:49 GREENHAM, Mariana UNATTACHED 74 17
20 01:25:14 01:25:06 ROBERTS, Sally Ryde Harriers 75 18
49 01:26:29 01:26:14 SMITH, Karen UNATTACHED 83 19
125 01:27:21 01:27:14 SALTER, Julie IOWRR 86 20
127 01:27:22 01:27:14 PHILLIPS, Karen IOWRR 87 21
59 01:27:58 01:27:36 RAE, Tracey UNATTACHED 89 22
53 01:28:01 01:27:39 ASKEY, Kelly UNATTACHED 90 23
177 01:28:15 01:27:52 BROADIST, Maria UNATTACHED 92 24
46 01:28:15 01:28:07 FARMER, Samantha UNATTACHED 93 25
1 01:28:52 01:28:33 HOLBROOK, Claire Wight Tri 95 26
62 01:29:09 01:28:47 SNOW, Kelly UNATTACHED 96 27
176 01:29:21 01:29:00 DOORLY, Lucy UNATTACHED 97 28
100 01:29:27 01:29:18 ADLEM, Caroline Springfield Striders 98 29
6 01:29:29 01:29:16 WALKER, Victoria IOWRR 99 30
110 01:30:37 01:30:22 JOHNSTON, Bianca UNATTACHED 100 31
155 01:31:07 01:30:56 MUCKLOW, Clare IOWRR 102 32
128 01:31:22 01:31:13 PATTISON, Zoe Ryde Harriers 103 33
140 01:31:26 01:31:05 FORSTER, Sarah Wight Tri 104 34
159 01:31:42 01:31:22 BULPITT, Jo UNATTACHED 106 35
87 01:31:52 01:31:33 ROSCINO Sabrina Wight Tri 107 36
109 01:32:17 01:32:06 EGGELING, Megan West Wight RR 109 37
32 01:32:31 01:32:16 NORRIS, Carla UNATTACHED 110 38
50 01:32:33 01:32:21 SHARP, Sarah IOWRR 111 39
99 01:32:59 01:32:38 PARSONS, Sally IOW Hash House 114 40
10 01:35:53 01:35:36 PUSEY, Millie UNATTACHED 117 41
108 01:37:03 01:36:42 FRAMPTON, Cheryl Ryde Harriers 119 42
132 01:38:47 01:38:31 STANTON, Katie Leighton Buzzard Athletic Club 121 43
15 01:38:53 01:38:28 WILTON Sue Solent Running Sisters 122 44
39 01:39:01 01:38:53 ATTWOOD, Fiona IOWRR 123 45
160 01:39:34 01:39:13 ROBERTS, Georgina UNATTACHED 124 46
165 01:39:34 JONES, Carolann UNATTACHED 125 47
157 01:39:36 01:39:21 BUCK, Karen UNATTACHED 126 48
40 01:39:55 01:39:41 HARVEY, Claire IOWRR 128 49
102 01:39:55 01:39:41 HUNTER, Sue IOWRR 129 50
54 01:41:10 01:40:46 BISCOMBE, Catherine UNATTACHED 130 51
25 01:42:01 01:41:41 FOX, Chloe UNATTACHED 131 52
7 01:42:05 01:41:47 CUSWORTH Mandy UNATTACHED 132 53
26 01:43:47 01:43:31 MCCORMACK, Kay UNATTACHED 134 54
77 01:44:15 01:43:59 BELFIELD, Katie UNATTACHED 137 55
12 01:46:14 01:45:53 SIMMONS, Wendy West Wight RR 138 56
5 01:50:06 01:49:46 ROBERTS, Vikki UNATTACHED 140 57
43 01:50:06 01:49:47 WYLD, Lucy UNATTACHED 141 58
119 01:50:08 01:49:50 DEVILLE, Lucy IOWRR 142 59
151 01:52:22 01:52:05 BUTCHER, Alison UNATTACHED 143 60
48 01:58:19 01:58:05 POLE, Tracy IOWRR 145 61
3 01:58:26 01:58:11 JOY, Deb Ryde Harriers 146 62
47 01:58:26 01:58:08 LEDICOTT, Deborah UNATTACHED 147 63
178 02:05:36 02:05:19 LEACH, Coral IOWRR 148 64
37 02:05:52 02:05:37 LUCY, Caroline UNATTACHED 149 65
14 02:06:27 02:06:13 MERRY, Sharon IOWRR 150 66
83 02:07:05 02:06:48 SNOW, Lyn UNATTACHED 151 67


And the men:

Bib No Gun Time Chip Time Name Club Race Position Male Position
84 00:58:54 00:58:54 CAMERON, Paul IOWRR 1 1
168 01:01:42 01:01:42 TUCK, Adam Ryde Harriers 2 2
163 01:02:45 01:02:44 BACKHOUSE, Stuart IOWRR 3 3
180 01:05:02 01:05:01 WILMOTT, Peter IOWRR 4 4
129 01:05:19 01:05:18 FAULKNER, Daniel IOWRR 5 5
147 01:06:42 01:06:40 JOHNSON, Ben Wight Mountain 6 6
74 01:06:47 01:06:45 ROWDON, Kristian Ryde Harriers 7 7
69 01:07:17 01:07:16 SEXTON, Peter IOWRR 8 8
44 01:08:10 01:08:05 WILLSHER, Kevin Lordshill Road Runners 9 9
133 01:08:26 01:08:25 RUMSEY, Stephen IOWRR 10 10
101 01:08:27 01:08:22 BAKER, Daniel Itchen Spitfire Running Club 11 11
80 01:09:12 01:09:09 ROWE, Alan IOWRR 12 12
11 01:10:01 01:09:59 RILEY, Simon Wight Tri 13 13
153 01:10:08 01:10:04 SPENCER, Simon Ryde Harriers 14 14
124 01:10:14 01:10:10 GEORGE, Tom Wight Tri 15 15
107 01:10:16 01:10:15 BEAN, Jonathan Southampton Athletic Club 16 16
120 01:10:25 01:10:23 CHANDLER, Dustin IOWRR 17 17
38 01:11:33 01:11:22 FORSTER, Tom UNATTACHED 18 18
131 01:11:42 01:11:37 GRATTON, Steve Wight Tri 19 19
150 01:11:58 01:11:56 APSEY, Steven IOW Athletic Club 20 20
154 01:12:16 01:12:13 JOHNSON Stephen UNATTACHED 21 21
96 01:12:34 01:12:30 RUDGARD, Jason West Wight RR 22 22
141 01:12:53 01:12:49 TUCK, Graham IOWRR 23 23
2 01:12:57 01:12:38 HUNT, David IOW Fire Service 24 24
92 01:13:45 01:13:42 CLEARE, Sam Ryde Harriers 25 25
16 01:15:09 01:15:03 OSBOURN, Antony UNATTACHED 28 26
148 01:15:48 01:15:42 RANN, Kevin IOWRR 30 27
89 01:16:00 01:15:41 HOLBROOK, Martyn Wight Tri 31 28
123 01:16:04 01:15:45 BELFITT, Nicholas UNATTACHED 32 29
86 01:16:07 01:16:04 CARTER, Jason UNATTACHED 33 30
93 01:16:37 01:16:31 MASTERTON, Keith IOWRR 34 31
23 01:17:14 01:17:12 POWELL, Steven UNATTACHED 35 32
65 01:17:15 01:17:13 RUSSELL, Ian IOWRR 36 33
117 01:17:21 01:17:18 STILL, Pete Ryde Harriers 37 34
106 01:17:22 01:17:00 HOLMAN, Mark UNATTACHED 38 35
42 01:18:00 01:17:57 HOLDSWORTH, Rob IOW Athletic Club 40 36
156 01:19:11 01:19:06 COOPER, Neil Wight Tri 43 37
145 01:19:23 01:19:17 WHITE, Andrew UNATTACHED 44 38
126 01:20:07 01:20:03 TURTLE, Mark IOWRR 47 39
138 01:20:24 BLUNDEN Danny IOWRR 49 40
61 01:20:29 01:20:20 WEBB, Steve IOWRR 50 41
64 01:20:34 01:20:28 HOLMES, Johnny UNATTACHED 51 42
4 01:20:53 01:20:47 PRICE, Dallas IOWRR 52 43
167 01:21:03 01:20:56 WILLIAMS, Daniel IOWRR 53 44
85 01:21:06 01:20:54 WILLIAMS, Paul UNATTACHED 54 45
31 01:21:27 01:21:12 BARTON, Christopher UNATTACHED 57 46
174 01:21:31 01:21:09 BAKER, Dale Wight Tri 58 47
172 01:21:51 01:21:35 MORTON, Alex UNATTACHED 59 48
169 01:21:51 01:21:33 HOLBROOK, John Wight Tri 60 49
9 01:22:27 01:22:21 TROUT, Julian West Wight RR 61 50
78 01:23:42 01:23:31 DOWNER, Mark UNATTACHED 66 51
142 01:24:08 01:24:06 TUCK, Jay UNATTACHED 68 52
36 01:24:16 01:24:06 KIMBER, Mike UNATTACHED 69 53
162 01:24:17 01:23:56 COOPER, Michael UNATTACHED 70 54
170 01:24:24 01:24:08 RUTH, Michael IOWRR 71 55
34 01:24:34 01:24:24 CLACK, Steve UNATTACHED 72 56
143 01:24:46 01:24:33 FOSTER, Andrew UNATTACHED 73 57
113 01:25:20 01:25:13 SIMMONS, Geoffrey West Wight RR 76 58
112 01:25:25 01:25:14 WHITE, Peter Ryde Harriers 77 59
144 01:25:33 01:25:23 BEAK, Ken Ryde Harriers 78 60
55 01:25:37 01:25:25 DINGLE, Andy UNATTACHED 79 61
105 01:25:37 01:25:29 HICKMAN, Stephen IOWRR 80 62
91 01:26:14 01:26:03 MELLOR, Russ Wight Tri 81 63
139 01:26:15 01:26:07 TAPSELL, Andrew IOWRR 82 64
60 01:26:35 01:26:22 TAIT, Jon UNATTACHED 84 65
19 01:26:49 01:26:37 MERRY, Roger IOWRR 85 66
41 01:27:44 01:27:33 HAYWARD, Rob UNATTACHED 88 67
136 01:28:14 01:27:52 ROCKALL Dale IOWRR 91 68
175 01:28:19 01:27:56 NORTON, Jonathan Ryde Harriers 94 69
135 01:30:55 01:30:43 JONES, Glen IOWRR 101 70
79 01:31:33 01:31:18 FURNESS, Jeff UNATTACHED 105 71
98 01:32:15 01:31:53 PEARSON, Rick IOW Hash House 108 72
27 01:32:37 01:32:11 MCLOUGHLIN, Roy Lordshill Road Runners 112 73
70 01:32:42 01:32:36 SEXTON, Dominic IOWRR 113 74
103 01:33:12 01:33:05 DIXON, Peter UNATTACHED 115 75
45 01:35:24 01:35:08 HENRY Martin UNATTACHED 116 76
18 01:36:27 01:36:14 MERRY, James UNATTACHED 118 77
51 01:37:44 01:37:21 VIDLER, James BOSH 120 78
121 01:39:53 01:39:29 HOOKEY, Roger West Wight RR 127 79
179 01:43:24 01:43:03 CURTIS, Graham UNATTACHED 133 80
75 01:44:14 01:43:57 BERRY, Steve UNATTACHED 135 81
76 01:44:15 01:43:57 BERRY, Stuart UNATTACHED 136 82
63 01:47:51 01:47:27 HORNER, David UNATTACHED 139 83
35 01:56:00 01:55:40 HARRIS, Brian Denmead Striders 144 84


And a huge number of teams:

Womens Teams
1st KING, Julie Ryde Harriers 26
DILLON, Tracey Ryde Harriers 27
FANCOURT, Samantha Ryde Harriers 48
2nd GIFFARD, Jodie IOWRR 41
3rd PARRY, Elaine Ryde Harriers 56
COOKE, Abigail Ryde Harriers 64
SHANNON, Cherry Ryde Harriers 67
4th DIXON, Julie IOWRR 63
5th PHILLIPS, Karen IOWRR 87
WALKER, Victoria IOWRR 99
6th WELLS, Lucy Wight Tri 29
HOLBROOK, Claire Wight Tri 95
FORSTER, Sarah Wight Tri 104
7th ROBERTS, Sally Ryde Harriers 75
PATTISON, Zoe Ryde Harriers 103
FRAMPTON, Cheryl Ryde Harriers 119
8th SHARP, Sarah IOWRR 111
HARVEY, Claire IOWRR 128
9th HUNTER, Sue IOWRR 129
POLE, Tracy IOWRR 145
Mens Teams
2nd FAULKNER, Daniel IOWRR 5
RUMSEY, Stephen IOWRR 10
3rd TUCK, Adam Ryde Harriers 2
ROWDON, Kristian Ryde Harriers 7
SPENCER, Simon Ryde Harriers 14
4th RILEY, Simon Wight Tri 13
GEORGE, Tom Wight Tri 15
GRATTON, Steve Wight Tri 19
5th ROWE, Alan IOWRR 12
TUCK, Graham IOWRR 23
6th RANN, Kevin IOWRR 30
7th TURTLE, Mark IOWRR 47
WEBB, Steve IOWRR 50
8th HOLBROOK, Martyn Wight Tri 31
COOPER, Neil Wight Tri 43
BAKER, Dale Wight Tri 58
9th PRICE, Dallas IOWRR 52
RUTH, Michael IOWRR 71
10th RUDGARD, Jason West Wight RR 22
TROUT, Julian West Wight RR 61
SIMMONS, Geoffrey West Wight RR 76
11th CLEARE, Sam Ryde Harriers 25
STILL, Pete Ryde Harriers 37
WHITE, Peter Ryde Harriers 77
12th HICKMAN, Stephen IOWRR 80
13th ROCKALL Dale IOWRR 91
SEXTON, Dominic IOWRR 113

Medals were awarded to all who finished the race, trophies were awarded to top 3 men and women and also for the winners of each of the age categories. The first island man and woman – Paul Cameron and Julie King received a voucher for a pair of New Balance trainers and spot prizes were kindly donated from Skintrade Coffee shop, Goddards Brewery and The Garlic Farm – thank you!


After the race we sold cakes baked by club members with all proceeds going to St Georges School, a large sum was raised.

The race has been commended through many mediums and this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the dedication and determination of the race committee. The hours they’ve devoted have absolutely been worthwhile and the race went without fault. The marshals, time keepers, tech support, cake bakers, water stops, vehicle support and helpers gave up their time to also contribute to what was an enjoyable day of racing, thank you everyone!

st geor


Click through for some more photos of the event taken by Peter Billington.