HRRL – New Members Guide

A Guide For Club Members On The HRRL

Q What is the HRRL?

A It is a set of open road races across Hampshire in which Hants clubs & individuals can accumulate points & compete for end of seasons positions & prizes. Being ‘open’ means that anyone can enter, though only members of the thirty clubs will score points in terms of the HRRL.

Q Is there a minimum standard to compete?

A No. Anyone can enter & standards vary enormously. The more the merrier.

Q How many races are there in the league?

A There are 12 races in total. The season runs from September to June, & the distances range from 5 miles, 10km, 10 miles and half marathon.

Q How is the league run?

A Firstly, men & ladies run together in races & are only separated for the league tables.  The first 3 ladies & 4 men to cross the line for each club are the ‘A’ team, & the next 3/4 make the ‘B’ team. There are three ‘A’ divisions for both men & ladies comprising of 10 clubs on average. In the ‘B’ league there are two larger divisions. Points are awarded depending on individuals finishing positions which then transfer on to the league tables. At the end of the seasons clubs are promoted & relegated much the same as in other sports.

Q Isn’t that a big commitment?

A You can compete in as many races as you like. To score in the individual league you need to have run in seven races over the season, & the top sixty men & ladies win a converted HRRL mug (they really are nicer than it sounds).

Q Do I have to be selected to run for my club team?

A No. Although we have mentioned the ‘A’ & ‘B’ teams above we encourage as many club members to compete as possible. Healthy competition is a great way to beat your previous times.

Q Why would I run in these races?

A First & foremost to support your club & get to know fellow club members. Also for the sheer enjoyment of competing in a race of any distance which you have been training for. These races are great fun, are well attended & you will have others to run with.

Q What about transport to races?

A The club has it’s own excellent transport manager who arranges the transport for races. We share the driving to races & are always on the lookout for willing volunteers. For most of the league races we have a few cars going. Transport is publicised on Facebook. We pay £15 each & share the fuel costs.

Q Where can I find out more about the HRRL?

A The league has its own comprehensive website. You can download entry forms from their site or from our download section, call in to Love Running or check out the box at club nights..

We hope you have found this Q&A useful. Please look at the HRRL site to see how the club is doing with both individual points and team points. You can also find out more by talking to other road runners at our club nights.