Thanks to Jon Bye for this report…

Three road runners made the early morning trip to Alresford for the 11th HRRL event of the season, Amy Webster, Pete Hudson and Jon Bye.

We were the first at the venue on a lovely warm morning and relaxed on the club balcony overlooking the sports field. It was well organised event with a really friendly atmosphere and some children’s races before the 10k. We tried to enter Pete in the race for under 4’s, but they weren’t having it!

Come 10am the sun was out and the start was a very warm affair with 428 runners setting off. It was a lovely countryside route, with lots of not so lovely hills throughout. Our team gave a great performance on a challenging course.

Jon was first back in with a time of 43:44, followed by Amy in 67:55 and Pete with a PB of 72:45 and 4th in his age group.

Great performances for a hilly course on a hot day and much more fun than being at the IW Festival!

An event that is definitely worth a go next year. All finishers got a medal, home made cookie and a bag of locally grown watercress…. The prizes of the future can be yours now.

Results, PBs are distance PBs

Jon BYE00:43:44
Amy WEBSTER01:07:55
Peter HUDSON01:12:45PB