The Needles Half is a fantastic race, one of the most beautiful routes you could run anywhere, and we are lucky enough to have it here on the Island.

Don’t be deceived though. Those beautiful views of our fantastic coastline make for a beast of a course, climbing from sea level up over Headon Warren, back down and then up over Tennyson.

The early rain had made conditions more humid, and it was another hot race, not what you need when you tackle the amount of elevation that the Needles course delivers.

A special mention goes out to Louis Forster, John Newsham and Carolyn Littleton who ran all 3 distances over the weekend, a great effort.

Louis came home first for the IWRR in 5th place, just 3 minutes before dad Tom, both the Forster’s won their age categories. Nick Kenney complete the first men’s triple in 14th place.

For the girls Hayley Baxter stormed home as the 3rd lady overall. Chani Jones and Charlotte Dollery completed the first set of ladies home. Both Hayley and Lucy placed 2nd in their age categories.

Full IWRR Results:

NamePosNet TimeCatCat PosGen Pos
Louis FORSTER501:35:43U2015
Thomas FORSTER801:38:24V4018
Nick KENNEY1401:43:41V50414
Steven APSEY2101:46:23V40421
Paul MARTIN3001:50:05V50929
Richard BEZER3201:50:27SEN1331
Hayley BAXTER4001:53:49V4023
Jonathan BYE4201:54:08V401239
Garry SHARP5001:55:37V501146
John NEWSHAM5201:55:43V501248
Calvin WRIGHT9202:05:10V502277
Chani JONES11002:07:47V401323
Matthew WIPER12702:12:36SEN35102
Darren DOLLERY13002:13:18V5031103
Charlotte DOLLERY15102:16:01SEN1638
Carolyn LITTLETON15802:18:23V50441
Louise CLARK18902:29:55V402557
Lainey HARRIS19702:30:55V50760
James SHOULDER21302:34:46V4043140
Sue HUNTER22202:36:18V60580
Carolyn RUTH23202:43:05V501589
Lucy DEVILLE25902:57:58V70+2109
Michelle WOOLDRIDGE26502:59:33V5020115
Lisa ROBINSON26602:59:33V5021116
Pat HARRIS28303:40:28V5045154
Robin PROCTER28403:40:27V5046155