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Stubbington 10k

A massive turn-out for a popular race – Stubbington 10k, the first race of 2017 saw us IOWRR’s bringing a coach across full of runners and supporters.

A total of 53 completed the undulating distance yesterday in the rain. The race now in its 32nd year sold out all 2,000 places before Christmas.


The race starts on a main road, Titchfield road, heading away from the village. The course takes a dip down then back-up cutting through Titchfield then starts meandering through closed twisty country lanes to the bird haven on the seafront. The route follows the main road back past a few pubs winding its way to the village. Finishing in the village square – the event is chip timed although weather might have contributed to lots not receiving a chip time, chip times being on average 4 seconds slower and some even up to an hour out – Bridget completing 10k in 1 min 29!

For some IOWRR’s this was their first attempt at 10k and for lots of others huge PB’s were achieved, and a special shout-out to Polly returning after nearly a year off from racing whilst having Daisy – amazing effort from you all in tough conditions!

Well done to Trish for 1st V50 and Pete for 2nd V50, both receiving lovely mementoes and cash. Also to Mike for coming 39th overall!

Race results (those in bold this is their finishing not chip time):

Position Firstname Lastname Chip Time
39 Michael Douglas 00:36:03
117 Peter Sexton 00:38:51
140 Simon Riley 00:39:22
143 Nick Kenney 00:39:34
145 Trish Train 00:39:34
153 Dean Pike 00:39:44
194 Matt Fletcher 00:40:39
219 Darren Cole 00:41:01
377 Paul Martin 00:44:27
410 Abigail Farwell 00:44:39
409 Tim Howell 00:44:46
440 Kevin Rann 00:45:14
462 Steven Bennett 00:45:43
464 Tim Keyte 00:45:45
481 Julie Dixon 00:46:04
463 George Butler 00:46:05
584 Ashleigh Douglas 00:46:48
631 Polly Segar 00:47:57
595 James Shoulder 00:48:33
667 Sarah Holmes 00:48:34
688 Zoe Elliott 00:48:52
653 Elaine Harris 00:48:53
656 Karen Phillips 00:48:54
668 Lisa Upstell 00:49:09
692 Glen Jones 00:49:26
721 Julie Salter 00:49:28
747 Sara Truckel 00:49:52
776 Andrew Tapsell 00:50:17
788 Claire Howard 00:50:20
802 Peter Dixon 00:50:39
872 Tarnia Eldridge 00:52:02
879 Jane Andrew 00:52:07
899 Julie Ray 00:52:29
910 Julie Rasmussen 00:52:36
929 Martin Keyworth 00:53:36
957 Sarah Sharp 00:53:38
934 Kelly Forster 00:54:21
996 Jessica Hill 00:54:36
1004 Claire Stevens 00:54:41
1011 Julia Parker 00:54:51
1151 Sally Trotman 00:57:38
1292 Lucy DeVille 00:59:46
1209 Bridget Keyte 01:00:09
1336 Callie Hatcher 01:01:10
1271 Tanya Clifford 01:01:28
1366 Tracy Pole 01:01:49
1428 Georgina Newnham 01:04:16
1431 Keith Ruth 01:05:10
1488 Pat Harris 01:06:33
1527 Shannon Brennen 01:08:10
1558 Shelley Harris 01:10:33
1590 Lyn Snow 01:12:56
1606 Tracey Houdoire 01:17:33


The Abominable Snowman 10K / 10 Miles

In its third year, this post-Christmas event hosted by GP Sports saw the introduction of a 10 mile route to compliment the 10K distance for 2016.  Located at Cheverton Farm, this hilly, wet, muddy and cold cross country event saw an amazing 50 IOWRR’s take part this year, with 30 runners completing the 10K distance and 20 runners completing the 10 mile distance. 


Worthy mention to the following runners:

10 Miles
Jenny Dewing – 2nd V40
Michael Coultrup – 2
Rosie Sexton – 3
Simon Riley – 3
Elaine Harris – 3

Michael Douglas 4th Overall
Claire Mucklow – 2
Darren Andrew – 3
rd V50

Bovington Marathon

Two IOWRR’s travelled across to compete in the Bovington Marathon.

White Star Racing hosted for the first time a marathon and half marathon starting and finishing at the world famous Tank Museum Bovington, Dorset.

The course is cross country, muddy, hilly and wet.

2016 is the 100 year anniversary of the Tank, so for this race the medal designs will change every year.


The results:

10th – Dan Wiliams – 03:25:57

54th – Ian Russell – 03:56:19

Well done both of you and Dan amazing smashing your PB by 17.29 minutes!!


Chilly Hilly 2016

We had an impressive 36 IOWRR’s competing in the West Wight Sport Centres Chilly Hilly; a 10 mile cross country run taking in some of the most spectacular views and hills the West Wight has to offer.

Each competitor was awarded a bauble, mince pie and mulled wine for completing the course.


Some brilliant times on a very tough highly course:

Position Name Time
4 Tom Forster 1.10.50
9 Nick Kenney 1.13.10
11 Danny Faulkner 1.13.42
16 Mick Coultrup 1.16.26
19 Dean Pike 1.17.38
21 Tim Cordery 1.18.21
23 Trish Train 1.18.50
31 Dave Cass 1.22.28
35 Garry Sharp 1.23.53
43 Julie Dixon 1.25.34
52 Steve Bennett 1.28.28
55 Kev Rann 1.29.16
57 Mark King 1.30.36
58 Jenny Dewing 1.31.12
60 Katherine King 1.31.31
61 Hayley Baxter 1.31.38
65 Julie Salter 1.34.30
66 Lisa Upstell 1.34.36
67 Nick Scott-Denness 1.34.43
68 Matt Fletcher 1.34.43
69 Charlotte Williams 1.34.52
78 Martin Keyworth 1.36.32
81 George Butler 1.36.41
90 Peter Dixon 1.38.46
94 Tarnia Eldridge 1.39.06
109 Jane Andrew 1.42.34
110 Fiona Attwood 1.43.56
112 Ian Williams 1.44.39
119 Julie Ray 1.45.57
120 Julie Rasmussen 1.45.57
121 Sarah Sharp 1.45.57
126 Rachel Dempsey 1.48.19
137 Lucy Deville 1.57.51
147 Sharon Cass 2.03.20
156 Coral Leach 2.15.27
158 Lyn Snow 2.20.28

IOWRR Club Awards 2016

Another brilliant evening at the Riverside. We started festivities with a curry buffet and a table magician then onto the awards.

Pat Harris our Chairman gave a great speech recapping all the amazing achievements we as a club and individuals have made over the past year, he’s held post.


All IOWRR’s were invited to vote for a most improved runner male and female that included both improved running speed and attitude, runners runner male and female which encompassed contribution to the club, athletic achievement, team spirit, comradery and inspirational:

Improved Women:

Runners-up: Jo Randall and Claire Harvey

Won: Trish Train


Improved Men:

Runners-up: Dan Williams and Ian Williams

Won: Nick Scott-Denness


Runners runner Women:

Runners-up: Trish Train, Julie Ray and Sarah Holmes

Won: Sarah Sharp


Runners runner Men:

Runners-up: Nick Scott-Denness and Steve Rumsey

Won: Pat Harris








The epic fail was awarded to Ian Dyer for his unfortunate attempt at Glencoe Marathon; travelling 550 miles, camping and only running a few miles before his shoe fell apart and he had to pull out.

The committee also award a club member each year and this years trophy and award went to Sarah Sharp the deputy chairman and travel coordinator for her remarkable contribution to the club – well deserved!

We re-awarded the Summer and Winter series trophies to Trish Train. Trophies also awarded for IOW Half Marathon first man Simon Randall and woman Trish Train and our club race St Georges 10 Richard Harvey and Clara Plowden-Roberts. The club 10k trophies given back to Paul Cameron and Trish Train. Finally the HRRL league top three placed within the club:


  1. Garry Sharp
  2. Steve Webb
  3. Pete Sexton



  1. Trish Train
  2. Sarah Sharp
  3. Karen Phillips






We gifted each of them with vouchers for Love Running.

Next we had some 13 put their names in for our two club London places. We drew names out of a tombola to leave us 6 participants, envelopes were then handed out to include two entries to London Marathon, two for the inaugural Needles Marathon (Sarah Sharp&Jane Andrews) and finally two for the Isle of Wight marathon (Julie Rasmussen&Steve Bennett). The winners of the London ballot were Sally Trotman and Coral Leach – congratulations ladies!

Finally we concluded with the club raffle, third prize of a years free membership was won by Lyn Snow, a piece of clothing was won by Nick Scott-Denness, and finally a pair of Hoka shoes was won by Claire Stevens.

Thank you all for supporting your club this last year and turning out to celebrate some of the achievements people have accomplished in 2016, you all have helped this club from strength to strength making it one of the largest and best running clubs on the Island!


Also thank you to Peter Billington for capturing the evening on camera!


Victory 5

The final HRRL race of 2016 – Victory 5, hosted by City of Portsmouth Athletic Club. The race now in its 70th year attracts a very wide field to include many elites from abroad as well as within the UK.  With an extensive prize list of over £3500 and this year substantial commemorative medals for all competitors.

The course is mostly flat although rather exposed in places and very twisty, but despite this PB’s can be found. Weather conditions for today were highs of 3*c sunny and breezy.


We had a club turn-out of 12 and fielded one mens team and two womens teams – which is fantastic considering it’s the morning after the night before (Club Awards Do)!


Firstname Lastname Category Cat Pos Chip Time
58 Michael Douglas Senior Male 45 00:29:07
132 Darren Cole Senior Male 81 00:31:18
145 Simon Riley Male Veteran 45 11 00:31:42
151 Trish Train Female Veteran 50 1 00:31:58
235 Garry Sharp Male Veteran 45 29 00:34:02
298 Abigail Farwell Senior Female 26 00:35:53
366 Martin Keyworth Senior Male 139 00:39:00
380 Sarah Holmes Female Veteran 40 11 00:39:18
490 Kevin Fry Male Veteran 45 49 00:43:12
492 Sarah Sharp Female Veteran 40 18 00:43:18
561 Bridget Keyte Female Veteran 45 30 00:46:47
616 Tracy Pole Senior Female 92 00:50:28

Brilliant running from you all, PB’s from Darren, Trish, Abi, Bridget and Tracy, Tracy’s partner Adrian Burrows also travelled with the club and smashed his PB achieving 45:02. Those attempting the 5 mile race for the first time were Mike, Simon, Martin and Sarah Holmes. Finally Trish was rewarded for her awesome time with 1st FV50! Well done all of you, amazing running!


Hayling 10

The fourth Hampshire Road Running League race was hosted yesterday by Havant Athletic Club, a debut to the HRRL calender and squeezed inbetween Gosport Half and Victory 5 meaning a slightly smaller club turn-out of 16 runners in a field of 572.

The Hayling 10 is a fast, flat 10 mile road race that winds its way around the roads at the southern tip of Hayling Island.


The race start time meant we were unable to use the car ferry and drive round meaning competitors had to catamaran and taxi – but they all made it in time.

Position Name Time
69 Nick Kenney 1.05.23
86 Peter Sexton 1.07.12
95 Dean Pike 1.07.50
205 Tim Keyte 1.14.34
310 Elaine Harris 1.22.05
320 Andrew Tapsell 1.22.50
322 Karen Phillips 1.23.04
370 Ktaherine King 1.26.26
404 Julie Ray 1.30.03
406 Sarah Sharp 1.30.05
417 Julia Parker 1.31.28
437 Fay Tosdevin 1.32.58
442 Stephen Hickman 1.33.22
457 Misha Hetherington 1.34.41
498 Pat Harris 1.39.52
502 Bridget Keyte 1.40.17

Well done all of you and a special well done to those achieving PB’s!

Gosport Half Marathon

A massive 39 IOWRR’s completed the Gosport Half Marathon, now in its 31st year. As always Gosport provide an awesome goodybag and this years medals were pretty special and a technical tshirt:


Storm Angus almost put a stop to racing as forecasters predicted winds of up to 98mph and torrential rain/flooding. The storm actually hit the south coast earlier than Sunday day time meaning the race could go ahead.

The course is hosted from Bay School in Alverstoke Bay, the race commences in Browndown Road then a left onto the main road connecting Gosport and Lee-on-Solent, along the top path following the sea then forking left at the end along Salterns road, then looping back along the bottom promenade until the end of the green then completing that section for a second time, finally retracing steps along the road and path to Browndown to finish. The course is mostly flat, a 20m section of pebbly beach but greatly exposed, so the strong gusts must have made the course tough today. Although the current course record was beaten today and we had a whopping 13 PB’s – a third of you, well done!!

Firstname Lastname Category Cat Pos Chip Time
72 Michael Douglas Male Senior 51 01:23:17
85 Peter Wilmott M45-49 7 01:24:41
91 Tom Forster Male Senior 61 01:25:01
112 Harry Rann Male Senior 73 01:26:29
154 Peter Sexton M50-54 7 01:29:40
166 Tim Cordery M45-49 17 01:29:43
169 Trish Train F50-54 1 01:30:03
449 Garry Sharp M45-49 61 01:41:49
467 Tim Keyte M50-54 39 01:42:17
470 Adam Morris Male Senior 207 01:42:45
500 Kevin Rann M40-44 74 01:43:07
624 Nick Scott-Denness M40-44 90 01:48:28
626 Mark King M40-44 91 01:48:28
630 Lisa Upstell F35-39 29 01:48:47
642 Glen Jones M45-49 90 01:49:04
726 Claire Howard F50-54 8 01:51:39
751 Roger Merry M65-69 4 01:51:50
758 Karen Phillips F45-49 18 01:52:02
783 Peter Dixon M45-49 109 01:52:39
803 Keith Ruth M50-54 66 01:53:02
807 Sarah Holmes F40-44 33 01:53:07
862 Julie Salter F50-54 12 01:55:08
885 Zoe Elliott F40-44 42 01:55:54
911 Alison Batchelor F45-49 29 01:57:40
918 Jane Andrew F50-54 13 01:57:48
935 Martin Keyworth Male Senior 304 01:58:01
945 Sarah Sharp F40-44 48 01:58:23
949 James Shoulder Male Senior 308 01:58:34
1062 Claire Harvey F40-44 55 02:03:46
1075 Julie Ray F45-49 44 02:04:28
1076 Jessica Hill Female Senior 91 02:04:28
1155 Rachel Dempsey F35-39 83 02:08:29
1286 Pat Harris M45-49 146 02:16:40
1316 Bridget Keyte F45-49 71 02:18:31
1325 Lucy DeVille F60-64 10 02:18:53
1367 Tanya Clifford F35-39 109 02:23:00
1456 Coral Leach F45-49 85 02:37:50
1490 Nicola Henry F40-44 102 02:50:17
1494 Lyn Snow F55-59 30 02:53:06

With PB’s from the following:

Lisa Upstell 19.00
Tom Forster 11.00
Trish Train 11.00
Mark King 11.00
Michael Douglas 8.00
Harry Rann 7.00
Peter Dixon 6.00
Adam Morris 6.00
Sarah Sharp 5.00
Claire Howard 4.00
Glen Jones 3.00
Rachel Dempsey 2.00
Nick Scott-Denness 0.20

Also big well done to Trish for first F50-54!


Great South Run 2016

We had a huge turn-out for one of the South Coasts largest races. The Great South Run pulls in large crowds and some very elite talent from around the world.

The fast and flat course is one of the world’s leading 10 mile running events, the course winds its way through the iconic sights of Southsea and Portsmouth, including the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, home of HMS Victory, past Spinnaker Tower, and finishes on the seafront with beautiful views of the Isle of Wight.

We had lots of IOWRR achieve PB’s on this fast flat course with others making a club debut, well done all of you!

Stephen Rumsey 160 01:02:18
Tom Forster 207 01:03:54
Nick Kenney 299 01:05:43
Steven Bennett 476 01:08:22
Trish Train 495 01:08:31
Matt Fletcher 641 01:09:51
Paul Martin 839 01:11:33
Mark King 1511 01:15:45
Kev Rann 1614 01:16:18
Sara Truckel 2343 01:19:30
Glen Jones 3059 01:22:15
Lisa Upstell 3155 01:22:37
Roger Merry 3242 01:22:57
Nick Scott-Denness 3255 01:23:00
George Butler 3351 01:23:19
Katie Mackenzie 3571 01:23:58
Danny Blunden 3960 01:25:16
Tarnia Eldridge 4682 01:27:31
Misha Hetherington 5578 01:30:03
Julie Rasmussen 5976 01:31:15
Garry Sharp 6822 01:33:40
Sarah Sharp 6835 01:33:43
Kieran Leahy 6884 01:33:52
Rachel Dempsey 7522 01:35:35
Sue Hunter 8331 01:38:00
sally Trotman 8408 01:38:14
Julia Parker 8702 01:38:58
Sarah Holmes 8973 01:39:47
Vince Carter 10471 01:44:37
Callie Hatcher 11093 01:46:57
Lyn Snow 13796 02:00:48
Sharon Merry 14733 02:10:30
Mark Turtle 15275 02:24:23
Sarah Turtle 15276 02:24:24

Manchester Half Marathon

Lucy DeVille travelled up to Manchester to join 10,000 other runners for the Aldi Half Marathon.

The race begins under the arch at White City on the A56 heading up Bridgewater Way before doubling back towards Sale and ends at Lancashire County Cricket Club’s Emirates Old Trafford stadium.


Runners were helped along the way with live music provided by The Sale Brass Band, Rock Choir and Trafford Music Jazz Collective.
Despite the day starting with rain, it soon cleared and Lucy completed it in 2:19:58 – a PB by 5 seconds and 11th V60, well done!