The Isle of Wight Road Runners Club 10k brought a huge turnout, as 41 runners threw their hats in the ring to compete for cash and glory!

Add to those 41 a few new members who were not officially entered and a crack team of time keepers, back markers and helpers, and it was a tremendous turnout for the club.

The course is uncomplicated, flat and fast, a quick 10k down the cycle path towards Cowes and back.

The Club 10k, is a dual purpose competition. For those that fancy it, it’s a pure test of speed over the tricky 10k distance. 10k, 6.2 miles… short enough that it’s one of the quicker distances, but far enough to make it really painful if you push too hard. There were trophies for the ‘quicks’, but cold hard cash for the nominated element of the run.

The boys race was well contested and at a great standard, by 3 young men in fantastic form. Ross Wilkes set the pace yet again, first home in just 35 minutes and change. Just a minute or so back down the route though, an epic battle was unfolding between two up and coming superstars. Louis Forster and Josh Price fought out a great tussle down the cycle track, with Louis finally managing to create daylight to clinch 2nd. Well run chaps!

A different story unfolded in the ladies, with Hayley Baxter, Sarah Ward and Zoe Sherwin all a couple of minutes apart. The top three ladies ran brilliantly, but it has to be said that they made a mockery of their nominated times, all getting carried away with the racing and beating their predictions by at least 4 minutes!

Chief organiser Keith Ruth!

So down to those nominations, who could hold a pace and grab themselves some cash?

Glen Jones came home just 9 seconds outside his predicted time which put him in a commanding position. Then came Jane Andrew a ridiculous 3 seconds inside her nominated time, surely that claims 1st place? No! It wasn’t to be, as 3 minutes later Sue Hunter came charging towards the line, finishing in exactly 1:03:00, nailing her predicted time to the second. Well done Sue!

Those were the winners in terms of speed and pacing, but the club was the real winner. The white, red and blue vests charging up and down the course were a sight to behold, a great evening of fun and friendly competition that felt awesome to be a part of, well played Road Runners!

Club 10K – Mens results
NameNominated TimeActual TimeTime DiffPosition
Ross Wilkes37.0035.301.301st
Louis Forster40.1236.473.252nd
Josh Price38.0537.400.253rd
Tom Forster41.4239.441.58 
Jon Bye41.0041.220.22 
Nick Kenney41.0041.270.27 
Matt Fletcher43.2042.410.39 
Steve Apsey44.3842.461.52 
Matt Wiper45.5943.252.34 
Richard Bezer45.0043.251.35 
David Blake47.0344.033.00 
Garry Sharp44.0044.320.32 
Kevin Rann48.0045.522.08 
Tim Keyte48.0046.111.49 
John Newsham45.1346.271.14 
Daz Dollery52.0051.010.59 
Glen Jones52.4052.490.09Nom 3rd
Keith Ruth53.4553.060.39 
Calvin Wright58.0054.004.00 
Rich Whittington57.0054.082.52 
Kevin Driscoll58.3559.571.22 
Tim Nobes59.581.03.323.34 
John Nelson1. 
Peter Hudson1. 
Club 10K – Ladies Results
NameNominated TimeActual TimeTime DiffPosition
Hayley Baxter51.0046.274.331st
Sarah Ward52.5248.014.512nd
Zoe Sherwin57.4051.016.393rd
Sarah Sharp58.3054.573.33 
Louise Clark57.3055.272.03 
Elaine Harris59.5955.44.19 
Charlotte Dollery57.3556.370.58 
Kelly Forster57.2457.020.22 
Jane Andrew59.3059.270.03Nom 2nd
Sarah Holmes59.5859.410.17 
Lisa Robinson1.02.3059.522.38 
Carolyn Ruth1. 
Sue Hunter1. 1st
Maggie Nyland1. 
Michelle Wooldridge1.09.521.08.381.14 
Tanya Clifford1. 
Lyn Snow1.