4 Isle of Wight Road Runners travelled to Cranbourne Chase to take part in the ‘Ox Races’.

Zoe Elliot, Steve Apsey, Julie Rasmussen and Steve Hickman turned up to the beautiful Rushmore estate in the sunshine ready for their races.

First in action was Steve Apsey on the Saturday. Steve ran the 10k Light Ox in a swift 47:32, placing him in 6th place. Steve was sticking to the 10k knowing he had the South Downs relay the following week.

Next day it was the Ox Frolic. You know the drill with these by now. Here’s the course, run as many laps as you want. Zoe, Steve H kicked things off at 8am, Julie arrived at 8.15 and ran fast to catch them up.

The laps in this case were just over 5 miles.

Steve and Zoe did 2 laps and persuaded each other to do a third. 15.5 miles in total in 3.27. There was minimal bickering (for a change).

Julie went on to brave a 4th lap and clocked up 20.8 in 4:27.

We then enjoyed some drinks in the sunshine. Blue had a lovely time supporting the runners.