Isle of Wight Half Marathon

The runners woke up to torrential downpours on Sunday as they were donning their white vests and lacing up their trainers to make the journey over to Ryde for the Isle of Wight Half Marathon.

Luckily the rain cleared up just in time as they lined up on the startline outside the Rowing Club at Appley. Famously undulating, the course meanders from the park along Calthorpe Road and along Bullen Road before turning into Attrills Lane and then toward Nettlestone and then up Pondwell Hill. 

It then turned back up Bullen Road for the second time before turning onto Beeper Shute before turning onto a welcome bit of downhill in the shape of Carpenters Road and onto St.Helens. 

They then turned back onto Attrills Lane, Bullen Road and Calthorpe Road for the equally undulating return journey before they finally reached the finish back at Appley Park.

Stuart Backhouse was the first IWRR across the line taking 13th overall and 2nd V45. Michael Douglas was next in, taking 18th place. 

“It’s great to be racing again after my recent foot injury”

Scott Bradley put in a cracking performance to finish in under 90 minutes to secure his place in the 3rd place men’s team. Richard Harvey, Simon Randall and Jamie Brenchley all came in with a couple of minutes of each other taking the 4th place men’s team.

For the ladies Jodie Wilmott took 5th Female overall, 1st V35 and the 1st IOW Female trophy. Hayley Baxter was only 2 places behind to take 7th female and 1st V40. Margaret Niland-Murphy showed she is returning to form by taking 16th female, 2nd V50 and earning team IWRR the first place team medal. Sarah Ward, Chani Jones and Carolyn Littleton ran themselves into the 4th place team position.

A hard run for everyone, team IWRR gave it their all.

Particular mention goes to Lucy Deville for takes the top of the podium in the V65 category, Sarah Ward for taking 3rd V50 and Chani Jones, Gill Shaw & Carolyn Littleton for securing 4th places in their categories.

 Lyn Snow also deserves a mention for completing her first race after breaking her shoulder during the Round the Island Relay a few weeks ago.

Stuart Backhouse – 1.25.51

Michael Douglas – 1.26.26

Scott Bradley – 1.29.49

Richard Harvey – 1.30.57

Simon Randall – 1.32.39

Jamie Brenchley – 1.33.02

Jodie Wilmott – 1.38.05

Matt Fletcher – 1.41.04

Tim Keyte – 1.41.34

Hayley Baxter – 1.42.54

Simon Paul – 1.45.50

Garry Sharp – 1.48.12

Richard Clark – 1.50.45

Margaret Niland-Murphy- 1.54.27

Andy Tickner – 1.58.49

Sarah Ward – 2.00.33

Chani Jones – 2.01.54

Dave Wilcock – 2.06.08 

Carolyn Littleton – 2.20.19

David Blake – 2.24.48

Louise Morris – 2.24.48

Kelvin Mansfield – 2.25.28

Lucy Deville – 2.33.42

Debbie Radestock – 2.38.10

Gill Shaw – 2.39.48

Jo Randall – 2.41.41

Eloise Radestock – 2.42.52

Callie Hatcher – 2.49.07

Lyn Snow – 3.00.47