Two Tunnels Marathon

The Two Tunnels Marathon in Bath. This beautiful marathon not only takes in the finest sights of this glorious Georgian city but it also offers the unique experience of 4km of underground running as the course takes in the converted railway tunnels that pass beneath the city.

Ross Wilkes made the trip over the historic city to take on his 8th marathon. 

Starting at Brickfields Park, this 2 loop marathon course went straight into the shorter Devonshire Tunnel followed by the significantly longer Combe Down Tunnel emerging on the top of Tucking Mill Viaduct. 

“Running through the tunnels was nice and cool, although they were playing classical music in there which was bizarre”

Ross snaked his way through the winding lanes following the National Cycle Network signs to the picturesque village of Monkton Combe and then onto the old track bed of the Bristol & North Somerset Railway.

Ross then found himself running alongside the Somerset Coal Canal and then at the beautiful Dundas Aquaduct merging with the Kennet & Avon canal.  Ross then continued through the Limpley Stoke Valley passing the Warleigh Weir, Sham Castle and Browns Folly before making the return to the start pastCleveland House, Pulteney Bridge and Bath Abbey.

He ran his first lap brilliantly, using his experience and keeping a good pace. 

“I started to drop off a bit at mile 17. I accidentally drank some really strong electrolyte drink at the aid station instead of water. By mile 20 I had awful acid reflux. I was in pain and felt so nauseous that I had to run/walk the last 5k”

And to make matters worse there were traffic light crossings, steps and lots of people milling around the Abbey area. Despite this, Ross still crossed the line in a cracking 3 hours and 54 minutes.

Great going rocket Ross!