MK 5000

An afternoon and evening full of 5000m races at Stantonbury track, the home of Marshall Milton Keynes AC provides the chance of running a PB in favourable conditions. A competitive field lined up in each race, graded according to ability not gender.

Anyone with a validated time of under 22 minutes within the past 18 months could enter, a prerequisite that Simon Pilcher  had no trouble satisfying.

Simon took to the track for his late afternoon race. He started solidly, settling in the pack at around 6th place. He picked  up the pace in the middle of the race making his second mile the quickest. Still in 6th place it was in the final few laps that Simons strength shone through as he made his way into 4th. A phenominal flourish saw him hammer his way home to a final time of 17.05, giving himself a well earned PB of a huge 40 seconds