Space Race

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the ‘Eagle’ lunar landing, Phoenix runnings weekend of running promised a “few giant leaps for mankind” 

Glen Jones had chosen this event as his July “small step” towards his 12 in 12 challenge whilst Kelvin Mansfield travelled up with girlfriend Callie Hatcher to participate in his first 6 hour timed event.

Starting at the Xcel Leisure Centre in Walton on Thames at 11am, this completely flat out and back course took in the Walton side bank of the River Thames, with Sunbury and Shepperton on the other side. Each circuit measuring 3.28 miles, Glen and Kelvin had to collect a wristband every time they completed the course before ringing the bell upon retirement. 

They set off at 11 on the dot into the glorious sunshine, (Yes! the Glen hot  weather curse had returned!)

“It’s the first time I’ve stood on the startline not knowing if I could finish” said Glen

It was nothing to do with the weather either. Glen had been hit in the side of the knee a few days before by a speeding cricket ball. The pain had not particularly subsided and had certainly got worse when he tried to run. Despite his misgivings we went out as Glen always does, giving it 100% effort. 

After the first few laps they were both going well. Still smiling, especially after a certain running legend popped up on the course, out for his Sunday “plod”

Excitement over and the business of getting this marathon run continued. Kelvin feeling the effects of being on holiday for 3 weeks and Glen finding his knee becoming more and more painful with every lap.

With the temperature rising it was getting tougher and tougher.

“I started to walk at halfway” said Glen “but that was worse, so I plodded on”

After 2 more laps and 20 miles Glen had to call it a day. Gutted that he had failed in his mission. 

Kelvin did manage to keep going and managed to clock up the marathon distance after 8 laps 

“I was hoping for one more, but considering my poor preparation I’ll take that. It was a lovely scenic route and great support”

They both received what can only be described as some sort of discus as a medal #bestblingever 

Well done chaps