Isle of Wight Road Runners 10k Championship

The annual club 10k championship was blessed with its usual glorious sunshine, as one would expect for a late June evening. Two sets of prizes on offer for this race, the standard 1st, 2nd, 3rd past the post winning trophies and, to make things more interesting, the 3 people to guess their time most accurately winning cash pound notes.

Excitement was building as the Roadrunners congregated to collect their numbers. Their nominated times had been submitted the previous week, largely by guesswork as although the route had been revealed, the direction upon which the route would be engaged had not. 

The rowdy rabble in white blue and red assembled on the makeshift startline outside The Riverside Centre, their watches taped up or dumped in their bags so no-one can have a sneaky look along the way.  Chairman Kev Winchcombe gave the off as they set off on this test of their metal. 

First they had to negotiate a lap of the famous IWRR “mile rep” loop before they sailed back past the Riverside Centre, swinging a left up Little London and snuck up the little path around the back of the Bargemans. Crossing Riverway they made their way along the side of the college before dipping under the subway and emerging on Forest Road. The dreaded turn onto Standen Avenue gave them their first hefty climb of the race. They were rewarded with the lovely downhill Clissold Road and the welcome sight of the water station manned by our very own Simon and Jo Randall, giving everyone plenty of encouragement as they went past. Relief shortlived, the runners then huffed and puffed their way up Horsebridge Hill before being ushered down Stag Lane for a flat finish along the cycle track and a warm reception reception back at the Riverside

Ross Wilkes was the first runner back having played cat and mouse with Simon Pilcher for the entire race.

“I’m so chuffed to take the top spot” beams Ross “when Simon and I run together we always push each other on”

Pipped by just 6 seconds Simon took a well deserved 2nd place with Stu Backhouse in 3rd.

It was the next runner home however, that stole the show. Rosanna Sexton stormed her way around to finish 4th overall and 1st Female, displaying she is in great shape for the upcoming Island Games in a few weeks.

Jodie Wilmott took 2nd place in the ladies race with Polly Segar taking 3rd, (echoing the exact race results from 201🎉)

Everyone made it home to their cheer on the finishline as they came in one by one having given it their all.

But the real winners of the night were those who guessed their times the most accurately. The runners all got themselves a congratulatory chip butty and a drink from the bar as they gathered around for the grand reveal.

In joint third place were Paul Muffet and Jodie Wilmott who were 17 seconds outside their estimated time. Alison Butcher was 13 seconds out to take second with the winner of the night was Pete Sexton who was just 11 seconds out from his predicted time. As the winner, he got to choose where this year’s charity donation went, (£1 from each entry). He opted to donate the kitty to Kissypuppy.

Ross Wilkes – 34.58

Simon Pilcher – 35.04

Stuart Backhouse – 38.24

Rosanna Sexton – 39.25

Richard Harvey – 39.30

Nick Kenney – 40.10

David Blake – 40.30

Pete Sexton – 42.11

Paul Muffett – 42.17

Jodie Wilmott – 43.01

Garry Sharp – 44.24

Simon Riley – 45.44

Polly Segar – 46.07

James Shoulder – 49.11

Sarah Ward – 49.22

Lou Howell – 49.23

Abigail Keyte – 50.45

Chani Jones – 51.08

Margaret Niland-Murphy – 51.13

Charlotte Williams – 51.40

Lisa Upstell – 53.09

Julia Parker – 53.59

Sue Hunter – 55.29

Carolyn Littleton – 55.32

Sarah Sharp – 55.55

Charlotte Dollery – 56.33

Ian Williams – 57.27

Claire Howard – 58.22

Jane Andrew – 58.22

Louise Clarke – 58.22

Briony Andrew – 58.22

Alison Butcher – 58.32

Kenny Harrison – 59.04

Emma Muffet – 59.53

Bridget Keyte – 1.01.08

Lucy Deville – 1.03.55

David Shoulder – 1.04.38

Eloise Radestock – 1.06.22

Debbie Radestock – 1.06.31