West Wight 3 Hills

The weather didn’t abate as the unusually high temperatures continued on Easter Monday making it of one the hottest editions of this race in history.

Some brutal “undulation” faced the runners as they tackled the 900ft of ascent crammed into 8 miles, hampered further by the soaring temperatures under the clear azure skies.

Held every Easter Monday since the early 80s this challenging course was the brainchild of the Harriers’ current Chairman’s father. It was originally marshalled by local Boy Scouts. And what a fantastic idea it was to hold a race of this length on Easter Monday. It weirdly will burn off almost the exact amount of calories contained in an average size Easter Egg. WIN! No wonder 152 runners signed up to face the challenge.

Starting at the Sports Centre the course went straight into the 1st little hill through to Norton and then back down into Freshwater. Then off up to Golden  Hill Fort and continuing up (yes still going up!) to Headon Warren. A little bit of downhill relief as they made their way along to Alum Bay, bracing themselves for the hill that almost no-one can run all the way up …. Highdown.

By this time the poor runners are heavy legged. And they still have the longest climb to go. But up they went, all the way up to the resplendent Tennyson Monument to be rewarded with a whole mile of downhill to pick up their pace and get themselves back to the finish at the Sports Centre.

First roadrunner home was Stuart Backhouse in just over 55 minutes to taking 5th overall.

“I’m well chuffed with that!” He beams afterwards “I even managed to run up the whole of the ‘horrible hill’”

Sean Williams was home a minute later to take 10th, relieved to have recovered from his recent ankle sprain. Andy MacArthur followed shortly completing the first men’s team.  

For the ladies, it was Holly Newton that romped home  in 71 minutes giving her a well deserved 2nd place and 1st IOW lady. Charlotte Williams was the next girl back to the Sports Centre with Abigail Keyte just 3 seconds behind her.

There was a sprinkling of age category successes too. Taking pole positions were Stuart Backhouse, Holly Newton, Paul Muffett and Abigail Keyte (whilst breaking the junior course record too!) Sean Williams and newly signed Steve Apsey took 2nd places in their categories, whilst Tarnia Butler grabbing the 3rd prizes in hers

Stuart Backhouse – 55.22

Sean Williams – 56.17

Andy MacArthur – 57.44

Steve Apsey – 58.08

Nick Kenney – 59.32

Harry Rann – 59.44

Holly Newton – 1.01.12

Paul Muffett – 1.02.33

Rob Hunter – 1.02.30

Dan Williams – 1.02.30

Mike Kimber – 1.05.05

Noel Finn – 1.05.39

Ian Dyer – 1.09.48

Andy Tickner – 1.12.33

Charlotte Williams – 1.14.53

Abigail Keyte – 1.14.56

Tarnia Butler – 1.16.23

Emily Scott – 1.16.46

Ivan Ward – 1.16.58

Sarah Ward – 1.16.59

Stephen Hickman – 1.18.20

Ian Williams – 1.19.31

Margaret Niland-Murphy – 1.20.27

Julie Salter – 1.21.33

Chani Jones – 1.21.33

Nick Carter – 1.21.33

Emma Muffett – 1.30.16

Alison Butcher – 1.33.16

Lucy Deville – 1.38.44

Penny Downer – 1.44.25

Jo Randall – 1.44.25

Lyn Snow – 1.46.32

The men’s team competition was dominated by the white red and blue vests with the fellas only missing out on the silver spot. The ladies proudly took 2nd.


1st Backhouse, Williams, MacArthur

3rd Kenney, Rann, Muffett 

4th Hunter, Williams, Kimber

8th Finn, Dyer, Tickner

10th Ward, Hickman, Williams 

Ladies Teams

2nd Newton, Williams, Keyte

4th Butler, Scott, Ward 

6th Niland-Murphy, Salter, Muffett

9th Butcher, Deville, Downer