Newport to Ryde

It was a blistering start to the Easter weekend of racing as the sun cane of to make it one of the hottest Easter Saturday’s in history. Temperatures of 26c filled the air as the runners awaited the off outside County Hall in Newport.

3pm came and they were given the off.

First run in 1933, this race used to go by road from the Town Hall in Newport to the Town Hall in Ryde. The course however, has changed several times over the years to maintain runners safety and now takes a more multi terrain route through Barton, New Fairlee Farm, Belmont Woods, Lakeside, Firestone Copse and now finishing at Ryde School.

It was clear that the weather while it was glorious it was going to make the run harder. But it didn’t deter the warriors in white, blue and red from taking the bull by the horns and gritting their teeth. 

Michael Douglas was the first Roadrunner home in just over 49 minutes to take 4th, with Stu Backhouse not too far behind him taking 5th and Dean Pike completed the first men’s team

In the ladies race, it was ladies captain Jodie Wilmott that stormed home in 3rd place and 30th overall. Hayley Baxter came home in 4th despite suffering an asthma attack mid run, whilst Tarnia Butler completed the first ladies team. 

There were prize winners galore in the age categories too! Stuart Backhouse, Jodie Wilmott and Sue Hunter taking pole position in theirs, Hayley Baxter and Tarnia Butler grabbing a 2nd place each and Sean Williams and Sarah Ward taking 3rd on the podium in theirs.

Michael Douglas – 49.04

Stuart Backhouse – 49.36

Dean Pike – 51.13

Sean Williams – 52.25

Steve Apsey – 52.50

Harry Rann – 54.05

Simon Randall – 54.11

Jodie Wilmott – 56.10

Garry Sharp – 56.57

George Butler – 57.56

Rob Hunter – 58.33

Noel Finn – 58.50

Hayley Baxter – 59.28

Richard Clark – 1.05.23

Tarnia Butler – 1.11.02

Emily Scott – 1.11.14

Fiona Attwood – 1.11.30

Sarah Ward – 1.15.18

Ivan Ward – 1.15.20

Sue Hunter – 1.19.47

Julie Salter – 1.21.26

Nick Carter – 1.21.27

In the team competition it was quite the treasure haul as the Men’s teams took the 1st and 3rd positions for the third year running whilst the ladies proudly took 2nd in theirs.

Mens Teams

1st Douglas, Backhouse, Pike

3rd Williams, Rann, Randall

5th Sharp, Butler, Hunter

11th Finn, Clark, Ward

Ladies Teams

2nd Wilmott, Baxter, Butler

5th Scott, Attwood, Ward

Time for some Easter Eggs to carb up for Monday…….