Steyning Stinger Marathon

Not content with running one of the toughest marathons he’s ever run, Steve Hickman was back on the startline of marathon 155 just 7 days later. Set in the beautiful South Downs between Worthing and Shoreham-by-Sea, this marathon is a bit of a challenge too!

The name Stinger refers to to the 4 stings (hills) encountered along the way. With a huge 2714ft of elevation between them, this can only ever be a tough run.

Despite its famously challenging conditions, our marathon supremo Steve Hickman has gone back for more almost every year since its inaugural running in 2002.

The recent unseasonably warm temperatures had abated somewhat, however what they did leave behind was a clash of weather fronts in the shape of Storm Freya.

“High winds, driving rain, extreme mud, puddles and oh a few hills” Steve described it on Facebook “I’ve run this 17 years in a row, but that was a battle against the elements today”

With his experience, you know that if Steve tells you it was a battle, then it was super tough. He’s run 145 marathons… he would know! But despite the weather he finished 11 minutes quicker than last year, coming over the line in 5.13.43.