Oakhaven Half

Balmer Lawn, just North West of Brokenhurst, was the location of the Oakhaven Half Marathon.

Starting from the Lawn the course took our duo out on good quality gravel tracks into the working forest of fir plantations. From about the 5 mile mark the surroundings change to open heathland as they circumnavigated the aero drone at Beulieau before they cross the campsite and return to base via the woods. 

Or at least…. that was the plan…..

“The first 7 miles were a bit like running around Parkhurst Forest really” Ian tells me “then we faced some strong headwinds and rain in our faces for a couple of miles “

Unfortunately for our pair, they both took a wrong turn at about 11 miles, sending them on an almost 2 mile detour.

“There were no marshalls after mile 11” said Ian

“It’s almost like they’d abandoned their posts!” said Danny “it was very annoying to be 14 miles into the race, only to pass the 12 mile marker”

Despite this mishap, they’d both had a great run. Ian’s watch frustrating registered his fastest ever time at 13.1 miles. 

“It was good to get some miles back in my legs” said Danny “I just would have preferred just a half marathon instead of 15….”

Danny Faulkner – 1.52.50

Ian Dyer – 2.00.03