Ryde 10 – HRRL #7

A nippy Northerly wind greeted runners at the start of the annual hillfest that is the HRRL Ryde 10. None-the-less 57 Isle of Wight Road Runners lined up at the Ryde Harriers organised race to take on the hugely undulating course.


A fantastic 18 full teams were out in force from the Road Runners, making them the most dominant force in number. PBs were aplenty with Trish Train, Darren Cole, Michael Coultrup, Simon Riley, Dan Williams, Abigail Farwell, James Shoulder and Kelly Forster all running out of their skins on a challenging course to achieve their fastest times. Course Pbs were also gained by Dean Pike, Tim Keyte, George Butler, Claire Howard,  Sarah Sharp, Bridget Keyte and Sharon Cass. Trish Train continued her recent success with a superb overall 2nd place and 1st place V50 whilst Harry Rann, (IWRR by second claim), stomped home to victory in the men’s Junior category. Bravely tackling this as their Road Runners debut were Joe Winchcombe, Zoe Sherwin, Jess Waite and Nick Stilwell.


Chip Time
S.Rumsey 1.04.06
T.Forster 1.04.08
H.Rann 1.05.14
S.Randall 1.05.42
P.Wilmott 1.05.44
D.Cole 1.06.37
T.Train 1.06.45
M.Fletcher 1.07.43
D.Pike 1.07.51
M.Coultrup 1.08.04
S.Riley 1.08.15
P.Sexton 1.09.49
G.Mucklow 1.10.23
D.Williams 1.11.33
S.Bennett 1.12.31
D.Cass 1.13.25
G.Sharp 1.15.02
T.Howell 1.15.10
A.Farwell 1.15.19
T.Keyte 1.16.49
K.Rann 1.17.05
H.Baxter 1.19.04
J.Wilmott 1.20.48
P.Martin 1.20.58
J.Shoulder 1.21.17
G.Butler 1.22.05
N.Scott-Denness 1.22.11
J.Winchcombe 1.23.06
S.Holmes 1.23.24
K.Phillips 1.23.35
C.Howard 1.23.58
E.Harris 1.25.49
D.Blunden 1.27.30
K.Ruth 1.27.44
T.Eldridge 1.28.01
K.Forster 1.28.10
Z.Sherwin 1.28.37
J.Ray 1.28.54
J.Hill 1.31.10
J.Salter 1.31.34
A.Batchelor 1.31.35
J.Parker 1.32.36
D.Rockall 1.32.36
S.Hickman 1.34.25
S.Sharp 1.34.41
R.Dempsey 1.34.45
C.Stevens 1.34.49
N.Stilwell 1.35.45
S.Trotman 1.39.16
B.Keyte 1.41.13
S.Cass 1.42.54
B.Rockall 1.44.26
L.Deville 1.45.39
J.Waite 1.57.13
S.Brennen 1.57.28
S.Harris 2.01.52
L.Snow 2.09.08

Team Position
14th Rumsey Forster Wilmott
18th Randall Cole Fletcher
26th Pike Coultrup Riley
31st Sexton Mucklow Williams
40th Bennett Cass Sharp
45th Howell Keyte Rann
56th Martin Shoulder Scott-Denness
59th Butler Winchcombe Ruth
69th Rockall Hickman Stilwell
6th Train Farwell Baxter
16th Wilmott Holmes Howard
24th Phillips Harris Eldridge
27th Forster Ray Batchelor
29th Hill Salter Parker
32nd Sharp Stevens Dempsey
37th Trotman Keyte Cass
40th Rockall Deville Waite
42nd Brennen Harris Snow


Cracking performances by all in a fast paced, county standard field. And congratulations to Ryde Harriers on their first ever sold out event. Great job by all the marshalls and organisers… can’t wait for next year.