IOWRR Club Awards 2016

Another brilliant evening at the Riverside. We started festivities with a curry buffet and a table magician then onto the awards.

Pat Harris our Chairman gave a great speech recapping all the amazing achievements we as a club and individuals have made over the past year, he’s held post.


All IOWRR’s were invited to vote for a most improved runner male and female that included both improved running speed and attitude, runners runner male and female which encompassed contribution to the club, athletic achievement, team spirit, comradery and inspirational:

Improved Women:

Runners-up: Jo Randall and Claire Harvey

Won: Trish Train


Improved Men:

Runners-up: Dan Williams and Ian Williams

Won: Nick Scott-Denness


Runners runner Women:

Runners-up: Trish Train, Julie Ray and Sarah Holmes

Won: Sarah Sharp


Runners runner Men:

Runners-up: Nick Scott-Denness and Steve Rumsey

Won: Pat Harris








The epic fail was awarded to Ian Dyer for his unfortunate attempt at Glencoe Marathon; travelling 550 miles, camping and only running a few miles before his shoe fell apart and he had to pull out.

The committee also award a club member each year and this years trophy and award went to Sarah Sharp the deputy chairman and travel coordinator for her remarkable contribution to the club – well deserved!

We re-awarded the Summer and Winter series trophies to Trish Train. Trophies also awarded for IOW Half Marathon first man Simon Randall and woman Trish Train and our club race St Georges 10 Richard Harvey and Clara Plowden-Roberts. The club 10k trophies given back to Paul Cameron and Trish Train. Finally the HRRL league top three placed within the club:


  1. Garry Sharp
  2. Steve Webb
  3. Pete Sexton



  1. Trish Train
  2. Sarah Sharp
  3. Karen Phillips






We gifted each of them with vouchers for Love Running.

Next we had some 13 put their names in for our two club London places. We drew names out of a tombola to leave us 6 participants, envelopes were then handed out to include two entries to London Marathon, two for the inaugural Needles Marathon (Sarah Sharp&Jane Andrews) and finally two for the Isle of Wight marathon (Julie Rasmussen&Steve Bennett). The winners of the London ballot were Sally Trotman and Coral Leach – congratulations ladies!

Finally we concluded with the club raffle, third prize of a years free membership was won by Lyn Snow, a piece of clothing was won by Nick Scott-Denness, and finally a pair of Hoka shoes was won by Claire Stevens.

Thank you all for supporting your club this last year and turning out to celebrate some of the achievements people have accomplished in 2016, you all have helped this club from strength to strength making it one of the largest and best running clubs on the Island!


Also thank you to Peter Billington for capturing the evening on camera!