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Isle of Wight Cross Country Championship

A fantastic turn out of 26 Roadrunners lined up on the start line of Sundays open Cross Country Competition at Smallbrook Stadium. Although slightly soggier than the previous outing on this course, the runners were treated to otherwise perfect conditions. 7 miles for the men and 5 for the ladies sound easy enough, but the boggy conditions never fail to disappoint, making it tough going despite the lack of undulation.


This year though, 3 was definitely the magic number! With 3rd places being awarded to Roadrunners in both men’s and ladies individual competitions AND the men’s and ladies team prizes (spooky eh?)
Massive congratulations to both Tom Forster and Abigail Farwell for scooping the individual 3rd place prizes. Weirdly both the mens and ladies teams were both pipped from 2nd place to 3rd by 1 point, both by teams from Wight Tri.
In the Age categories, the 3 theme continued with only Abi bucking the trend by taking a victorious 1st place in the Senior Womens. Hayley Baxter was 3rd V35, Jodie Wilmott 3rd SW, Simon Riley taking 3rd place in the V40 category, Michael Coultrup 3rd in the V50.

Men’s 7 mile
T.Forster – 46.27
S.Riley – 46.44
N.Kenney – 48.47
A.MacArthur – 49.11
M.Coultrup – 49.14
G.Mucklow – 59.34
D.Faulkner – 53.23
T.Keyte – 54.16
J.Winchcombe – 56.56
G.Butler – 57.28
K.Winchcombe – 59.23
N.Stilwell – 1.10.32
I.Williams – 1.14.07

Ladies 5 Mile
A.Farwell – 40.52
H.Baxter – 42.26
J.Wilmott – 43.48
C.Williams – 45.12
T.Eldridge – 46.40
J.Salter – 48.00
Z.Sherwin – 48.29
J.Ray – 49.04
C.Stevens – 51.16
J.Rasmussen – 51.38
S.Sharp – 55.17
B.Keyte – 55.18
L.Snow – 1.08.48

Team Positions
3rd Forster Riley Kenney
4th MacArthur Coultrup Mucklow
9th Faulkner Keyte Winchcombe
14th Butler Winchcombe Stilwell

3rd Farwell Baxter Wilmott
5th Williams Eldridge Salter
6th Sherwin Ray Stevens
7th Rasmussen Sharp Keyte


Great muddy fun was had by all! Can’t wait for the final race in this series of 3.

Bramley 20/10

Perfect conditions greeted the awesome 8 on this surprisingly warm February morning. Popular as a good marathon training marker, this concurrent 2 lap 10 or 20 mile race was a sell out. Winding through the country lanes and forest tracks of this beautiful village, Bramley 20/10 is a relatively flat and fast course. Though trepidatious, our team members were all hoping for good performances, despite its early appearance on the racing calendar.


As it transpired, there was no need for those pre race nerves. On her official club debut, Ashleigh Douglas smashed her 10 mile PB by 3 minutes as our only entrant in the single lap 10 miler. Well done girl! What a way to make an entrance! Looking forward to seeing greater things from this athlete in the making.


Her husband Michael lead the Roadrunners home in similar style on the 20 miler in a stonking 2.08.27 and 42nd overall. A hugely competitive field and his first race at this distance. Go #teamdouglas


Trish Train did it again and won her V50 age category with an amazing 2.26.18. Her first ever race over this distance, she excelled to finish 23rd female overall. This will increase her standing from 16th fastest woman of her age in the country further.

PBs were also achieved by Sarah Holmes, Julie Dixon and Pat Harris. James Shoulder and Elaine Harris also gained confidence from their performances with regard to their upcoming London Marathons in April.

20 Mile
M.Douglas – 2.08.27
T.Train – 2.26.18
S.Holmes – 2.56.22
E.Harris – 2.57.40
J.Dixon – 2.59.07
J.Shoulder – 3.10.50
P.Harris – 4.01.33

10 Mile
A.Douglas – 1.17.24


Chillerton Duathlon

Nick Kenney continued his preparations for the Island Games with this weekends duathlon on the chilly hills of Chillerton.



This nominated Wight Tri event saw competitors elect which distances (from a choice of 2) that they would like to attempt in the run, bike, run competition.


Nick selected the longest distances in all 3 sections of the event of 5.8k, 28k, 5.8k to really test himself on this unforgiving course. He managed to place 4th overall, a cracking result for him.

Worthing Half Marathon

Our very own marathon legend Steve Hickman was the only intrepid Road Runner in this closed road race. Having run an incredible 132 marathons, this should seem like a walk in the park for Steve. But a nasty glute injury incurred after running 5 marathons in 5 days (Yes!! You read that right!!), back in 2015 has seen Steve battling to get back to full race race fitness ever since.


A bracing sea breeze and light sleet flurries made this race all the more challenging this year, but Steve completed the course in 2.01.22.

Fantastic to see him getting back to full fitness with this fantastic performance.

Well Done Mr. Hickman.

Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon

Just 2 Road Runners braved the freezing conditions to tackle the infamous Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon.
Determined duo, Lyn Snow and Coral Leach lined up for the early start.


This multi terrain course begins with 4 miles of fantastic views across the Solent from Southsea Seafront, along to South Parade Pier and The Pyramid Centre.
The off road section then took our ladies along Milton Foreshore and up to Portsmouth Watersports Centre, looping down to Milton Common and back along the infamous “Muddy Beach section” (Luckily for them, this year the tide was out and they kept their feet dry) They then romped home to glory with a nice 3 miles back along the seafront.

Finishing times were Coral Leach 2.49.48 and Lyn Snow 2.57.15.
Great running ladies, you earned those medals today.

Ryde 10 – HRRL #7

A nippy Northerly wind greeted runners at the start of the annual hillfest that is the HRRL Ryde 10. None-the-less 57 Isle of Wight Road Runners lined up at the Ryde Harriers organised race to take on the hugely undulating course.


A fantastic 18 full teams were out in force from the Road Runners, making them the most dominant force in number. PBs were aplenty with Trish Train, Darren Cole, Michael Coultrup, Simon Riley, Dan Williams, Abigail Farwell, James Shoulder and Kelly Forster all running out of their skins on a challenging course to achieve their fastest times. Course Pbs were also gained by Dean Pike, Tim Keyte, George Butler, Claire Howard,  Sarah Sharp, Bridget Keyte and Sharon Cass. Trish Train continued her recent success with a superb overall 2nd place and 1st place V50 whilst Harry Rann, (IWRR by second claim), stomped home to victory in the men’s Junior category. Bravely tackling this as their Road Runners debut were Joe Winchcombe, Zoe Sherwin, Jess Waite and Nick Stilwell.


Chip Time
S.Rumsey 1.04.06
T.Forster 1.04.08
H.Rann 1.05.14
S.Randall 1.05.42
P.Wilmott 1.05.44
D.Cole 1.06.37
T.Train 1.06.45
M.Fletcher 1.07.43
D.Pike 1.07.51
M.Coultrup 1.08.04
S.Riley 1.08.15
P.Sexton 1.09.49
G.Mucklow 1.10.23
D.Williams 1.11.33
S.Bennett 1.12.31
D.Cass 1.13.25
G.Sharp 1.15.02
T.Howell 1.15.10
A.Farwell 1.15.19
T.Keyte 1.16.49
K.Rann 1.17.05
H.Baxter 1.19.04
J.Wilmott 1.20.48
P.Martin 1.20.58
J.Shoulder 1.21.17
G.Butler 1.22.05
N.Scott-Denness 1.22.11
J.Winchcombe 1.23.06
S.Holmes 1.23.24
K.Phillips 1.23.35
C.Howard 1.23.58
E.Harris 1.25.49
D.Blunden 1.27.30
K.Ruth 1.27.44
T.Eldridge 1.28.01
K.Forster 1.28.10
Z.Sherwin 1.28.37
J.Ray 1.28.54
J.Hill 1.31.10
J.Salter 1.31.34
A.Batchelor 1.31.35
J.Parker 1.32.36
D.Rockall 1.32.36
S.Hickman 1.34.25
S.Sharp 1.34.41
R.Dempsey 1.34.45
C.Stevens 1.34.49
N.Stilwell 1.35.45
S.Trotman 1.39.16
B.Keyte 1.41.13
S.Cass 1.42.54
B.Rockall 1.44.26
L.Deville 1.45.39
J.Waite 1.57.13
S.Brennen 1.57.28
S.Harris 2.01.52
L.Snow 2.09.08

Team Position
14th Rumsey Forster Wilmott
18th Randall Cole Fletcher
26th Pike Coultrup Riley
31st Sexton Mucklow Williams
40th Bennett Cass Sharp
45th Howell Keyte Rann
56th Martin Shoulder Scott-Denness
59th Butler Winchcombe Ruth
69th Rockall Hickman Stilwell
6th Train Farwell Baxter
16th Wilmott Holmes Howard
24th Phillips Harris Eldridge
27th Forster Ray Batchelor
29th Hill Salter Parker
32nd Sharp Stevens Dempsey
37th Trotman Keyte Cass
40th Rockall Deville Waite
42nd Brennen Harris Snow


Cracking performances by all in a fast paced, county standard field. And congratulations to Ryde Harriers on their first ever sold out event. Great job by all the marshalls and organisers… can’t wait for next year.


Ryde Harrier XC Champ’s

The first in a series of three Ryde Harriers XC races fell on Sunday 22nd January. This opener was the Ryde Harriers XC Championships which was open to guests for a sum of £5. It had been freezing conditions the week running up to the race, so the usual flooding had been replaced with surface water, mud and generally better than usual conditions.

ryde xcThe men ran 7 miles and the women and juniors ran 5 miles, the race started at Smallbrook stadium in Ryde, headed out across fields, over styles and through ploughed fields returning to finish in Smallbrook.  Map of womens 5.11 mile route.

Prizes were awarded to Ryde Harriers only. We had a great turn-out of IOWRR’s:

5 Miles:

Time Name
00:41:27 FARWELL, Abi
00:43:22 WILMOTT, Jodie
00:43:44 BAXTER, Hayley
00:46:45 WILLIAMS, Charlotte
00:47:14 SALTER, Julie
00:47:49 ELDRIDGE, Tarnia
00:48:04 DOVER, Lou
00:48:53 MUCKLOW, Claire
00:49:24 RAY, Julie
00:49:50 HARVEY, Claire
00:51:19 SHARP, Sarah
00:55:22 ELLIOTT, Zoe
00:55:23 TROTMAN, Sally
00:58:13 HETHERINGTON, Misho
01:02:43 DEMPSEY, Rachel
01:02:43 BRENNEN, Shannon
01:08:17 SNOW, Lyn

7 Miles:

Time Name
00:48:01 COLE, Darren
00:48:50 RILEY, Simon
00:49:07 MACARTHUR, Andrew
00:49:28 FLETCHER, Matt
00:49:55 WILLIAMS, Dan
00:50:09 FAULKNER, Daniel
00:51:16 COULTRUP, Michael
00:53:46 HOWELL, Tim
00:55:57 SHARP, Garry
00:56:08 WINCHCOMBE, Joe
00:56:55 BUTLER, George
00:57:11 RANN, Kevin
00:57:52 DYER, Ian
01:00:34 SCOTT-DENNESS, Nick
01:02:29 WINCHCOMBE, Kevin
01:05:40 KIMBER, Mike
01:05:50 HICKMAN, Steve
01:05:50 KEYTE, Tim
01:10:47 WILLIAMS, Ian
01:10:47 STILWELL, Nick

Well done all who competed in the first XC!

Special shout-out to Harry Rann, second claim IOWRR finishing first in the 5 miles and Abi Farwell and Darren Cole finishing first for the club and second and seventh overall respectively.

abi xcdaz xc

Sunday 19th February is the IOW XC Championship and Sunday 26th February is the Arthur Biggs handicap race which can only be run if you have completed one of the previous races.