Thanks for this account by roving reporter Michelle Wooldridge…

10 early risers travelled to Netley to take part in the 10k race in the grounds of the Royal Victoria Country Park. It was chilly on arrival with a fresh breeze, but we knew a warm morning was expected.

Kenny being worked on by his pre race team!

It’s a 3 lap course, which gave great opportunity to encourage each other, a familiar voice of another road runner is always welcomed. It was amazing that our front runners had the breath to encourage us non superhuman runners as they passed by.

A successful days outing for the road runners. 3 PBs, one for ‘Old Man Pete’ in his first 10k, one for Amy Webster who absolutely smashed her PB by 5 minutes, and Michelle Wooldridge was very chuffed with a tidy 3 and a half minute PB. The first man home was again Jon Bye, running strong again.

By the third lap the sun was beating down and it was around 21 degrees, so everyone did well to get home safely. The race was well marshalled.

Attractive tin mugs were the prize today, but the team were disappointed that they were filled with Ribena, not Merlot!

The road runners were rewarded on the ferry home with delicious lemon drizzle cake.

Results are listed below (PB indicates a distance PB)

Jon BYE00:41:12
Garry SHARP00:45:26
Carolyn LITTLETON00:51:33
Sarah SHARP00:58:13
Amy WEBSTER01:01:53PB
Michelle WOOLDRIDGE01:03:56PB
Bridget KEYTE01:03:57
Kenny HARRISON01:05:48
Peter HUDSON01:14:38PB
Tanya CLIFFORD01:14:48
Tracey HOUDOIRE01:15:21