Rock ‘n’ ROLL Madrid Marathon 2023

Whilst the London Marathon was unfolding, the Spanish capital was hosting it’s own marathon, and Richard Bezer was there to represent the IWRR. He has kindly given this account of his adventure for our entertainment.

“A long weekend planned around the Madrid marathon allowed myself, Becky and my mum and dad to explore the beautiful city of Madrid Temperatures ranging on the BBC weather app between 24-28 degrees we’re well aware of the dangers of marathon running.

After watching the 10k races setting off at 0800, I proceed to commence with the 21k and 42k groups. As the waves commenced with the cooler morning temperatures, I became immediately aware that as well as the temperatures, there appeared to be a familiar homely feeling (to me and the island) of that thing we know and love, hills… In fairness there were no downs or spasticators! Up to 13 miles felt well balanced with no major concerns.

Pushing through to 30k (an unknown value to an Englishman) more and more hills unfolded. Whilst running past one of the many bus stops, a digital sign displayed a temperature of 36.0 degrees Celsius 😲 It felt it too, with the use of sunny’s it helped to mask the brutality. At 22 the heat hit hard and had to ease the pace to continue.

With the high blood sugars and the excessive fluid intake, I had an increased feeling of sickness, but managed to push on to the finish. Upon completion, with no regard for the wider audience I proceeded to puke magnificently, twice.

Pleased with my time waiting with my family for my dad to complete. My opinion is that it’s not the IW Marathon, but it felt every bit as brutal towards the end!”

Rich completed the Madrid Marathon in an official chip time of 3:49:12, a brilliant effort in those temperatures!