Cheddar Gorge Ominium

Described by organisers at Relish Running (calm down, there’s no burgers involved) as one of the most scenic events in the Country, with a trail run for all the family. Distances include 1k, 3k, 6k, 10k, Half Marathon and a whopping great Marathon, across Cheddar Gorge and the Mendip Hills. Cheddar Gorge is somewhat steep in places and hugely steep everywhere else, and the terrain is varied and exciting!

The routes take in breathtaking views and lung aching ascents, most notably the affectionately dubbed ‘Hell Steps’, from where runners can expect to experience wonderful cliff top running along the Gorge edge.

Whichever distance competitors choose to take part in, they will see some of the most beautiful and remarkable landscapes of any run in the country, with a mix of open fields, rocky terrain and woodland trails. The 10km, Half Marathon and Marathon all include breath taking running along the gorge cliff top path which has the most incredible views across the Somerset levels and the Bristol Channel.

This then is surely what attracted husband and wife duo Keith and Carolyn Ruth to take their running shoes, and their famously photographed thumbs up, all the way to the big England to take part in this awesome event.

So, with so much on offer, which race did they choose, I hear you ask?

Well not content with a little weekend away and just one race thrown in, they opted to up the anti slightly. Two races then???……..nope! Three………surely it had to be three???……..wrong!

They only went and signed themselves up for FIVE RACES!!! FIVE! With one of them being an extremely hilly half marathon, or as Keith later described it “Beautiful but brutal….”

Before they set out on their travels to take their legs to oblivion and beyond, Keith got in touch to let me know about their plans. “Carolyn and I are off in our Camper van to the races this weekend.  We are running 5 races over 2 days as part of an “Omnium” style event around the beautiful Cheddar Gorge. 4 races on Saturday: 1Km, a Hill Climb, 100 metre sprint followed by a 10K. Then a Half Marathon on the Sunday around and along the top of Cheddar Gorge which hopefully will be filled with amazing views as well as the advertised “Hell Steps” and running through streams.  We can’t wait.”

Well guys, they did exactly what they signed up for, and for this report my words can’t begin to do it justice, so, I’m going to let their photos do the talking.


Keith later went on to describe the event on Facebook, saying “What a weekend we’ve had around Cheddar Gorge. Relish Running Omnium – an event with 5 races over 2 days. Sunday was a Half Marathon for me and the 10k for Caz.
Beautiful but Brutal is how I’d describe the Half. We reached the highest point of the Mendip Hills.
We had an awesome time. Would definitely recommend giving it a go. A really well organised event by Relish Running.”

So what did they do after the race on Sunday? Feet up with a cup of tea and the Sunday papers? Trip to the pub for a well earned roast dinner? Nope, they walked up to the top of the Gorge to enjoy the views again! Well why wouldn’t you?!?

What an epic achievement guys! Very well done, and I’m not sure about everyone else, but this is definitely one for my list!