Arthur Biggs Handicap Race

The final race in the Harriers XC series, the aim of the event is to improve upon your time from one of the previous in the series. Athletes are given a handicap time based on their previous race and set off in staggered intervals. Alison Butcher was our only runner who set off on the challenge. And a challenge it would be, after two races and several weeks of rain the course resembled a mud run rather than a XC event. ‘It was definitely quieter than previous years, the mud was deep, fields were squelchy and wind was gusty but I enjoyed it’ Alison said. Still she did a tremendous job on the difficult course finishing in 1.13.38 and making the top ten ladies in the event! ‘I was a minute or two slower than the January one, on the last lap I nearly lost my shoes!’

Great job Alison!