Ryde 10M

Over half way into the Hampshire season, race number 7 was on home turf at the ever popular Ryde 10 mile. A whopping 50 Road Runners took to the undulating course from Ryde Esplanade, through Nettlestone to St Helens Duver before looping through the caravan park to Seaview and back home.

For the mens teams the ever consistent Stuart Backhouse came across the line first in 1.06.30 claiming 31st and 4th in age. Darren Cole went head to head with a couple of local runners as he battled to a 1.07.47 finish followed by Steve Apsey in 1.11.30 and Andy Macarthur in 1.11.46 completing our A team. Pete Sexton scored a 3rd in his age in 1.13.32 with Garry Sharp, Simon Paul and his pacer David Blake all getting sub 1.17 with Simon getting a course PB.

In the ladies teams Holly Newton zoomed her way round to be 12th lady, 5th in age and 3rd island female. With Julie Dixon and Judy McCabe both pulling out brilliant times in 1.23.44 and 1.24.13 respectively. For our B team Kate Paul got a great 1.26.26 with Sarah Ward getting a new 10 mile PB and newly appointed co-captain Zoe Sherwin sneaking under the 1.30 mark.

Andy Tickner also blasted through the course for a new PB of 1.23.18 and on his HRRL debut Kenny Harrison also got a PB of 1.43.42. What a way to start. Luy Deville got top 5 in her age too as well as lots of our runners geting some great course PBs too and all with smiles on faces. Brilliant running team!

Stuart Backhouse 106.30

Darren Cole 1.07.47

Steve Apsey 1.11.30

Andy Macarthur 1.11.46

Pete Sexton 1.13.32

Holly Newton 1.13.57

Garry Sharp 1.16.20

Simon Paul 1.16.33

David Blake 1.16.34

Kev Rann 1.17.31

Tim Keyte 1.18.39

Guy Mattinson 1.19.09

Andy Tickner 1.23.18

Julie Dixon 1.23.44

Judy McCabe 1.24.13

Steve Bennett 1.24.14

George Butler 1.24.19

James Shoulder 1.25.09

Ian Dyer 1.25.09

Kate Paul 1.26.26

Sarah Ward 1.26.53

Ivan Ward 1.27.23

Zoe Sherwin 1.29.56

Chani Jones 1.31.36

Dave Wilcock 1.32.52

Lisa Upstell 1.33.53

Kev Winchcombe 1.34.56

Karen Phillips 1.34.59

Julie Ray 1.35.09

Zoe Elliot 1.35.27

Sarah Sharp 1.35.52

Steve Hickman 1.38.04

Fiona Attwood 1.39.25

Alison Butcher 1.41.04

Kenny Harrison 1.43.42

Bridget Keyte 1.44.31

Sue Hunter 1.44.31

Louise Morris 1.48.20

Lucy Deville 1.48.49

Matt Wade 1.59.40

Sam Grist 2.03.44

Tracey Houdoire 2.09.10