Chilly Hilly

One of the highlights of the December festive races, the Chilly Hilly always attracts many athletes from the Island and even beyond (it was the feature race in Runners World recently). With the clubs christmas awards night the evening before our Road Runners may have needed a bit more of a nudge to get out of bed to the race than usual but were out in great numbers and giving it their all. Organised by West Wight Leisure Centre, it has a 10 mile route on mixed terrain and as the name suggests plenty of hills.

Starting from the Sports Centre it heads through to Freshwater Bay before heading up to the dreaded but beautiful Tennyson Downs all the way to the Needles whereupon our runners head across Headon Warren, down to Totland and Colwell before heading back home. Though the weather was kind the wind proved challenging to the runners in the first half of the race with thick mud being a obstacle in the latter.

First in was Ross Wilkes getting 2nd place overall. Next was clubman of the year Stuart Backhouse getting 9th overall and 1st in age category. Simon Riley and David Blake came in together both getting top 20 and Simon getting 3rd in age. Gradually the Road Runners pushed there way to the finish. Margeret Niland Murphy grabbed 2nd in age with Julia Parker getting 3rd in hers.

Ross Wilkes 1.12.40

Stuart Backhouse 1.14.07

Simon Riley 1.18.32

David Blake 1.18.35

Jamie Brenchley 1.19.31

Nick Kenney 1,20.26

Andy Macarthur 1.21.45

Steve Apsey 1.23.20

Guy Mattinson 1.24.18

Noel Finn 1.25.03

Rob Hunter 1.25.22

Simon Weeks 1.34.14

Petya Todorova 1.37.14

Margeret Niland Murphy 1.38.03

Zoe Sherwin 1.41.53

Jane Andrew 1.53.30

Julia Parker 1.53.30

Chani Jones 1.56.02

Louise Morris 2.00.57

George Butler 2.02.33

Tarnia Butler 2.02.33

Alison Butcher 2.03.36

Fay Tosdevin 2.03.54

Well done everyone, such a hard course but great results from all!