Gosport Half Marathon #HRRL4

It was all smiles as 27 Roadrunners lined up amidst a 2000 strong field outside Bay House School on the 34th running of this fast and flat Hampshire league race. Despite heavy rain the previous day, the sky was clear and pleasantly warm and not a hint of the seemingly traditional hurricane force winds that generally plague this race. 

Starting from Browndown Road the crew in white red and blue set out on this 2 lap race along the Portsmouth Road continuing to Marine Parade before finding the samba band for a few mesmeric beats before finding the unusually packaged refreshments at the water station and continuing toward the only slight incline on the course before making the turn onto the Promenade for the return leg. 

The course feeling almost like an out and back, our fantastic team could see each other at different stages of the race, offering cheers and whoops of support as they passed. 

A sharp U-turn at the halfway point sent them away on to their second lap, still glimpsing their teammates at the many vantage points along the way. 

Simon Pilcher was the first IWRR over the line taking a magnificent 24th overall in another PB super speedy time for him. Bill Goozee was next home with Stuart Backhouse not too far behind taking 12th in his age category. Jamie Brenchley took his medal next completing the first men’s team. 

For the ladies it was Jodie Wilmott that headed them home in yet another cracking PB taking 31st female and 11th in her age category. Petya Torodova made her official club debut in style as she smiled her way around the course. Margaret Niland-Murphy saw a welcome return to form as she completed the first ladies team in a tidy PB, taking 4th in her age category in the process. 

In they came, one by one and two by two. All taking advantage of the favourable conditions by running their hearts out. A special mention to Lucy Deville for placing 5th in her age catagory and to Glen Jones, Andy Tickner, Gill Bushell, Julia Parker, Alison Butcher and Carolyn Littleton for running themselves PB times, especially Gill as she not only took a whopping 35 minutes off her time but also took partner and chairman Kev Winchcombe’s scalp along the way. 

“That was the fastest I’ve ever run… and I beat Kev!! I loved it!” She beams on Facebook 

“I’m so proud of her” said Kev, taking it in his stride 

Well done team

Simon Pilcher – 1.16.44 PB

Bill Goozee – 1.22.51 

Stuart Backhouse – 1.26.11

Jodie Wilmott – 1.32.30 PB 

Jamie Brenchley – 1.32.45

Glen Jones – 1.41.01 PB 

Petya Torodova – 1.43.17

Margaret Niland-Murphy – 1.45.56 PB 

Kevin Rann – 1.47.14

Andy Tickner – 1.52.00 PB 

Ivan Ward – 1.53.43

Gill Bushell – 1.55.34 PB 

Dave Wilcock – 1.56.00

James Shoulder – 1.56.13

Chani Jones – 2.00.03

Lisa Upstell – 2.00.14

Julia Parker – 2.01.03 PB

Alison Butcher – 2.02.52 PB

Kevin Winchcombe – 2.03.00

Carolyn Littleton – 2.03.33 PB

Briony Andrew – 2.09.02

Sue Hunter – 2.11.17

Steve Hunt – 2.21.16

Lucy Deville – 2.22.43

Gillian Shaw – 2.38.16

Beverly James – 2.40.55

Lyn Snow – 2.56.52