Dark Valley

The Moors Valley Country Park just outside of Ringwood was the setting for White Star Running’s Dark Valley event. With 2 distances on offer it is a popular event that sells out fast every year. 

Despite record breaking wind speeds of 109.5 mph, 3 roadrunners managed to negotiate the swirling Solent and make their way to the New Forest. 

As the sun went down the wind had died down and the rain abated. Alison Butcher, Chani Jones and Louise Morris picked up their numbers and switched on their mandatory illuminations and took their spots on the startline.

Ali and Chani set out first on the half marathon. The course was 2 slightly different laps into the depths of the forest, lit only by the runners illuminating the paths with their headtorches and fairy lights. Gravel track, sandy paths, muddy trails and some sizeable puddles were interspersed with a few short, sharp inclines.

Half an hour later Louise set off into the darkness in the 10k following the same route as the half runners before them (just slightly more churned up by now) 

True to form in a White Star event, there was the infamous Lovestation placed 3.5 miles along the course. Serving the usual jelly sweets and water alongside schnapps and cider.

Louise made her way around in the darkness to collect her beautiful medal

“I was worried about not having my headphones, but I really enjoyed it”

Ali and Chani got back to race HQ and collected their medals, a little muddy, but pleased to have finished 

“The last few miles were a bit of a plod, I’m not sure that schnapps at the Lovestation was such a good idea after all” said Ali


Louise Morris – 1.05.16


Alison Butcher – 2.47.58

Chani Jones – 2.48.00