The Great North to South R#n

A 20 mile run in the sun. A day out, running through countryside with likeminded fools .. er I mean people… what could be finer? 

Started in 2012 by Richard Pearson of the Vectis Lunatics. It was intended to be run every other year, but it’s year on year growth in popularity has made it an annual sell out event. It begins at the most northerly tip of our Island (Egypt Point) through to the most Southerly at St. Catherines Lighthouse. Of course being organised by the Hash House Harriers it is run in the format of, (unsurprisingly), a hash, that is minimally marked, unmarshalled and water stops in the form of Pubs on the route. 

Assembling at Egypt Point in the sunshine 144 runners collected their “uniform” for the day and set off on the first leg of their journey. From the starting point they made their way from the seafront along to Northwood where it steps off the road onto trail. Through Parkhurst Forest before emerging the other side and on to the first stop at the Blacksmiths Arms on the Calbourne Road. The first 7 miles behind them.

After the first “hydration” stop of the journey, they continued up and over the Tennyson Trail, through Bowcombe, Gatcombe and Chillerton and along to The Chequers Inn at Rookley at the half marathon distance. 

Onward they went on the third leg. Only 4 miles to the next stop. Running through Roud and Nettlecombe.

The White Horse in Whitwell was before them before they knew it.

Only 2.6 miles left to go to make it to the Lighthouse at the Furthest point South on our diamond Isle. Great fun had by all along the way.

One last hydration stop at The Buddle before clambering back onto the buses and heading off home.