Outlaw X – 70.3

To celebrate the Outlaw Triathlon Series’ 10th Anniversary they came up with the “X” race, (as in the Roman numeral). Set in Thorseby Park, a 1000 acre 19th century estate in the heart of Nottinghamshire and home to generations of the Pierrepont family. 

Chairman Kev Winchcombe took the journey upto the Robin Hood county for his 3rd half Ironman competition. The big surprise however was that his partner Gill Bushell didn’t go along as support crew…… she was competing too! Sneaky Gill had been secretly training  for the event alongside Kev.

Following a 1.2 mile swim in Thoresby Lake, Kev and Gill took on a single lap 56 mile ride through the North Nottinghamshire countryside before completing this epic journey with a half marathon run through the unspoilt countryside within the estate finishing in front of the 19th century Hall.

An early 8am start for the pair faced them as they unusually had a deep water start in the fresh water lake. They had to jump off the jetty into the deep. Water exceptionally cold, they had had to swim over to the startline some 50m away and tread water until they were set off. 

Kev set off well and got a steady swim under his belt. Gill however struggled to control her breathing to start with, but she composed herself and got the job down with determination.

Making up for lost time, Gill made a smooth transition onto her wheels, with Kev  some way ahead. The circular lap was undulating and took the, along the quiet country lanes through the villages of Tuxford, Darlton, Stokeham and Treswell. Continuing north through Sturton Le Steeple and Saundby before swinging left to gradually drop down through Matterse, Ranskill, Torworth and Barnby Moor before returning back to Thoresby Park for the final transition.

Now on their feet, they still had a half marathon to negotiate before this epic challenge reached its conclusion. Three picturesque laps of the grounds, before they could run down the finishing chute to huge cheers from the supporters. Kev started well giving his first lap some decent pace. However his lack of run training due to a recent injury took its toll as he started to slow on his remaining laps. The rain was intermittent during the run, but was torrential at times making it even tougher. 

A good steady run from Gill though as she kept her laps evenly paced despite there being some long hills amidst the farms and woodland on the course. The weather making the grassy areas very muddy by the third lap.

They both made it though, Kev a little ahead of Gill, but Gill had the privilege of running her finishing straight accompanied by the youngest member of the family Albert.

“I loved it!” She beams “being able to run down the finishing carpet with Albert was the icing on the cake”

Kev Winchcombe – 6.49.37

Gill Bushell – 7.47.51