Andover Trail Marathon

The trails of the Test Valley were the venue for marathon mogul Steve Hickman’s 159th Marathon. Promising some “thigh burning climbs” the elevation is pretty tasty, with a maximum elevation of 280m the views are pretty good too. 

Starting at Enham Alamein in Andover. Steve wound his way along to Smannell, through Little London and through Hurstbourne Tarrent, upto Combe and then slowly wound its way back via Vernham Dean, Lower Chute and Tangley before returning to the Enham Trust building via a welcome downhill finish.

Having suffered with an elusive running mojo all Summer, the doyenne of the distance was really pleased he “put his big boy pants on” and ran it.

“I had excuses planned for not doing it, but I’m really glad I did. It’s a lovely low key, proper trail marathon”

He finished in 4.58.18

Glad the mojo is returning Mr.H 

Marathon number 159 – done ✅