Unicorn Frolic

Our emperor of endurance was back out in Dorset to tackle another lapped event, this time the very spritely named Unicorn Frolic.

Set in the Morton Equestrian Estate near Dorchester, this 12 hour event was a challenge to run as many 4.4 mile laps as you could, (or indeed wanted to)

Despite suffering from tummy ache all night, Dan still set off for the 8am start not really knowing how the day would pan out and how many laps he’d manage, bearing in mind he’s won several of these events in the past.

The course was slightly undulating but the major challenge was the terrain. Twisty, turny, single file tracks and rough underfoot, it made for a technical run and lots of concentration to avoid a fall. 

A few laps in and Dan managed to faceplant himself into the dirt, (and it had nothing to do with the pop-up Gin bar that appeared from nowhere for a few laps). This wasn’t his biggest issue however, as his tummy cramp returned, plaguing him for the rest of the race. 

“I decided to call it a day after 8 laps. I was hoping my body would mysteriously reset itself on route but it didn’t. I wasn’t willing to carry on in pain and the course was so energy sapping”

He still got an amazing result though as he finished 4th overall and 2nd Male completing a fantastic 43 miles in 8 hours 19 minutes.