Boston Half Marathon

Run on the same day as the more famous US marathon the Boston races have a very appealing factor… not only is why weather a lot better on this side of the Atlantic, they are the flattest marathon and half marathon courses in the country… FACT.

This year is only the 4th running of these events, but given the lack of elevation, the entry for them is set to grow and grow.

For the second year in a row, Lyn Snow made the 170 mile journey northbound to Lincolnshire. Nestled between Kings Lynn and Skegness on the East Coast lies the port of Boston and the home of this relatively new race.

Starting at the towns Market area the course meanders to Freistin and then Butterwick. It is here that the course splits as the marathoners head northerly along The Wash toward Wrangle, but our Lyn continued her journey out to RSPB reserve near the coast before returning to the finish at Boston College. 

She finished in 2.49.41, knocking another whopping 9 minutes off her PB – well done Lyn