Ryde 10 #HRRL6

Ryde Harriers were the hosts for another sold out Hampshire League race on Sunday. The snowy showers from the previous few days had cleared to leave a chill in the air but a resplendent azure sky across the start area outside the Rowing Club on the seafront. As usual a fantastic turn out of 57 roadrunners was evident on the startline as a sea of white red and blue vests snaked through the crowd as the cream of the county runners joined them in the bitter temperatures. 

Despite the chilly start, conditions were good out on the course, with blue skies and copious sunshine making the more sheltered areas perfect in temperature.

Repeating last year’s route change, the 500 strong field did the usual loop of the boating lake before disappearing up Westhill Road and along past Appley Manor and down past the Wishing Well and along to Nettlestone. They then went down to the Duver at St Helens for a quick blast from the coastal “breeze” before embarking on the steepest, cheekiest climb of the race through Nodes Point Holiday Park.

They continued along to Seaview before a nasty trip up Puckpool Hill at Mile 9 the Runners could then gain pace with a welcome downhill section leading to a tiny route change to give them a sharp hairpin to take them to the finishline.

Paul Cameron showed his incredible return to form with a stonking 8th place overall, 3rd IW Male and 1st V45 having made it back to the finish in a smidgen over an hour. Sean Williams was the next Roadrunner to grace the finishing arch, continuing his amazing progress on the longer distances to take 6th V45. Stuart Backhouse was next home in his usual consistent style to take 8th V45 closely followed by Ross Wilkes completing the first men’s team giving them 5th team overall.

For the ladies it was the fantastic Hayley Baxter that delivered a stellar performance in a PB time to take 1st IW lady, 11th Female overall and 4th V40. 

“I’m really happy with that. I felt really strong all the way around. To come 11th in such a high class field is great and 1st IW lady was such a bonus”

Holly Newton was just seconds behind Hayley to take 2nd IW lady, 12th overall and 4th senior female. Jodie Wilmott completed the ladies team earning the 3 ladies a silver medal each in the team competition.

In they came, one by one, despite the difficulty of the course, all with huge grins on their faces having tackled the course with their business heads and lions hearts.

“I loved that” Lisa Upstell tells me “It turned out to be a lovely, sunny run”

Particular mentions go to Simon Randall for taking the 10th V45, Andy MacArthur for taking 6th V50, Steve Bennett 3rd V60. Zoe Sherwin took 9th V40, Lucy Deville for taking 7th V65 and our second claim member Brian Harris taking 5th V70. In the junior categories Abigail Keyte took the trophy for the girls, whilst Robbie McFarlane took 4th in the junior males.

And of course not forgetting all those that managed to run their socks off to a PB. Congratulations to David Blake, Hayley Baxter, Zoe Sherwin, Pete Dixon, Dave Wilcock and Ian Williams who all managed to shave some time off their previous 10 mile times. 

Well done team.

Paul Cameron – 1.00.13

Sean Williams – 1.04.21

Stuart Backhouse – 1.05.38

Ross Wilkes – 1.05.53

Steve Holloway – 1.06.24

Simon Randall – 1.07.14

Dean Pike- 1.07.18

Andrew MacArthur – 1.08.03

David Blake- 1.09.38

Steve Bennett – 1.12.16

Harry Rann – 1.13.51

Hayley Baxter – 1.14.07

Holly Newton- 1.14.24

Michael Coultrup- 1.15.18

Stewart Barbour 1.15.41

Garry Sharp – 1.15.47

Nick Kenney – 1.16.07

Kevin Rann – 1.17.42

Peter Wilmott – 1.18.11

Jodie Wilmott – 1.18.12

Richard Bezer- 1.18.57

Gordon Mucklow- 1.19.28

Zoe Sherwin – 1.19.41

Simon Paul – 1.20.16

Tim Keyte- 1.21.23

Lou Howell – 1.21.24

James Shoulder – 1.22.28

Peter Dixon – 1.23.15

Jenny Dewing- 1.24.30

Dave Wilcock – 1.24.30

Matt Fletcher – 1.26.03

Abigail Keyte – 1.26.26

Julie Dixon – 1.26.32

Charlotte Williams – 1.28.56

Lisa Upstell – 1.29.59

Steve Hickman – 1.30.02

Robbie McFarlane – 1.30.06

Gary McFarlane – 1.30.06

Jess Hill – 1.30.18

Nick Carter – 1.31.18

Julie Ray- 1.32.47

Kim Hulacka – 1.32.59

Karen Phillips- 1.33.22

Julie Rasmussen – 1.33.32

Sue Meredith – 1.35.19

Sarah Sharp – 1.35.25

Ian Williams- 1.35.32

Laura Holme – 1.38.34

Callie Wareham – 1.40.04

Gemma Fletcher – 1.40.05

Alexandra Pugh – 1.40.26

Fiona Attwood – 1.44.39

Bridget Keyte- 1.46.54

Caroline Curliss – 1.48.02

Matthew Wade – 1.50.31

Lucy Deville- 1.55.13

Brian Harris – 1.56.30