Abominable Snowman

450 runners took on the 5th running of this famously tough race. Self billed as  “wet, muddy, steep and cold” its the perfect way to burn off those extra Quality Street. With a 10k and a 10 mile on offer, the Roadrunners were out in force, however sensibly they left their sparkling white club vests at home. 

Although not as muddy as previous years, much of the wet bits were provided by some natural obstacles on the course. 

Steep… well it’s always been steep… geography takes care of that…

And cold? It’s December… of course it’s flipping cold! 

A choice of 2 distances didn’t give the runners an easy option as both were plagued with copious elevation.

The 10 Mile Runners set out first, over 150 of them, further churning up the course underfoot ready for the 10k entrants who set out an hour later.

Up and down all the hideous hills they went. Through the mud and the freezing ponds, they fought their way around this formidable course.

In the 10 mile, Sean Williams continued his brilliant rise in form as he stormed to a triumphant 3rd place overall in 78 minutes. Our consistent all rounder Stuart Backhouse was next to make it up the hill to the finish in 5th place closely followed by Simon Riley in 6th. 

For the girls, Jodie Wilmott was the finished in a fantastic 4th lady overall.

In the 10k Clare Mucklow was the first roadrunner home in 69 minutes in 17th female overall, with Polly Segar not too far behind in 19th.

The rest of the hardy Roadrunners came in having given that last “hill” their all. Declaring that despite the courses difficulty that it had indeed been a lot of fun as they all returned with a smile on their faces.

A great way to blow out those Christmas cobwebs and a fantastic end to the Roadrunners year of sport. 


Clare Mucklow – 1.09.12 5th V40

Polly Segar – 1.09.23

Charlotte Williams – 1.10.47 6th V40

Julie Salter – 1.13.52 4th V50

Sally Trotman – 1.14.00 5th V50

Karen Phillips – 1.14.30

Sarah Ward – 1.15.40

Ivan Ward – 1.15.41

Ian Williams – 1.17.10

Sara Truckel – 1.20.36

Sam Grist – 1.23.16

Gary MacFarlane – 1.23.16

Robbie MacFarlane – 1.23.17

Tom Forster – 1.23.19

Caroline Curliss – 1.24.23

Julia Parker – 1.24.23

Sarah Sharp – 1.24.23

Gemma Fletcher – 1.29.48

Tanya Clifford – 1.29.49

Steve Webb – 1.35.59

Lucy Deville – 1.37.07 2nd V60

Lyn Snow – 1.40.07

Steve Hunt – 1.40.23

10 miles

Sean Williams – 1.18.24 – 3rd overall – 1st V40

Stuart Backhouse – 1.22.03 – 5th overall -2nd V40

Simon Riley – 1.23.04 – 6th overall – 4th V40

Andy MacArthur – 1.26.32 – 3rd V50

Kieron Snow – 1.27.44

Peter Wilmott – 1.29.39 – 4thV50

Harry Rann – 1.33.20

Gordon Mucklow – 1.34.11

Guy Mattison – 1.35.16

Jodie Wilmott- 1.38.59 3rd SF 4thF overall 

Giorgio Marinelli- 1.41.48 

Michael Coultrup- 1.44.41

Richard Bezer – 1.46.01

Lisa Upstell – 2.13.50

Julie Rasmussen- 2.13.51 5th V40

Elaine Harris – 2.16.27 3rd  V50

Faye Tosdevin- 2.16.47 4th  V50

Alison Butcher – 2.20.40