Chilly Hilly

A surprisingly pleasant morning greeted the Roadrunners as they woke up bleary eyed after the previous nights Annual Awards Party. This hilly and not quite so chilly, 10 miler is a hard run by anyone’s standards, not withstanding that many on the startline had sore heads and sore feet! 

Beginning at the West Wight Sports Centre, the runners were given the off as they made their way into the woods an on to Freshwater Bay. From there they went and onto the most exposed clifftop on the Island, Tennyson. 

They all made it to the turn at the Needles Battery and a tiny bit of downhill respite before clambering up Headon Warren and onward to Totland where they followed the sea wall section at Colwell before making their way back to the Sports Centre for complimentary mince pies and mulled wine.

Stu Backhouse showed no sign of feeling worse for wear as he crossed the line in a fantastic 6th overall and just under 70 minutes giving him the top spot in the V45 category. Dean Pike was next to emerge across the sports field continuing his recent good form. Simon Riley was next followed by Andy MacArthur and Nick Kenney giving IWRR a 1st-4th clean sweep in the V45s.

For the ladies, it was Hayley Baxter that was the first home in 6th overall and 2nd V40.  The next ladies over the line in 95 minutes after running the course together were Charlotte Williams, Jenny Dewing and Sarah Ward. Lou Howell ditched last night’s elf hat to put in a great performance by completing the ladies top 5. 

Everyone made it home in one piece, all 32 of them. Having enjoyed the Winter sunshine and shaken off their hangovers. 

Stuart Backhouse – 1.09.46 – 6th overall – 1stV45

Dean Pike – 1.12.29

Simon Riley – 1.13.35 – 2ndV45

Andy MacArthur – 1.15.46 – 3rdV45

Nick Kenney – 1.16.05 – 4thV45 

David Blake – 1.17.37

Guy Mattinson – 1.19.27 – 5thV45

Gordon Mucklow – 1.20.19 – 4thV40

Paul Martin – 1.23.02

Hayley Baxter – 1.23.06. – 6th overall 2ndV40

Giorgio Marinelli – 1.25.36 

Richard Harvey – 1.29.15

Dave Wilcock – 1.33.58

Charlotte Williams – 1.35.01 5thV40

Jenny Dewing – 1.35.01 

Sarah Ward – 1.35.10 4thV45

Lou Howell – 1.36.36

Zoe Sherwin – 1.39.40 

Julie Salter – 1.42.59 4thV50

Ian Williams – 1.43.03

Julie Rasmussen – 1.44.24

Fiona Atwood – 1.47.31

Julia Parker – 1.49.20

Jane Andrew – 1.49.20 3rdV55

Fay Tosdevin – 1.54.01 4thV55

Keith Ruth – 1.54.24 

Julie Dixon – 1.55.21

Alison Butcher – 1.58.18

Gemma Fletcher – 1.58.28

Pete Dixon 1.59.00

Sam Grist – 1.59.00

Lucy Deville – 2.10.58

Lyn Snow – 2.20.08