Beachy Head Marathon

A sharp dip in temperatures thanks to an unwelcome Northerly wind made for a chilly start to our marathon mogul, Steve Hickmans 151st Marathon. And to think, he was talking about making his 150th his last only 2weeks ago! As predicted, that silly notion didn’t last long as he was back on the startline of this iconic marathon 

“I couldn’t not run it Holmsie!” He quips “I’ve done it every year!”

Formerly known as the Seven Sisters Marathon, this is one of the biggest off road marathons in the country. Brutally undulating this is no easy ride. Despite this minor detail, Mr. Hickman cites this as one of his favourite races

“It’s one of those Marathons I recommend everyone should try. At least once!” 

Starting at Bedes School in Eastbourne, the route takes the runners though Jevington, Alfriston and Litlington. Onward to Fristin Forest and the Cuckmere Valley.

“The last 6 miles when the route climbs and dips The Seven Sisters is brutal!” 

And that’s coming from the ultimate marathoner, despite knowing exactly what is coming next (having run this race an unbelievable 16 times previously) 

The route covers an amazing 3850ft of elevation, over 300 steps and 14 gates to hop over. 

Steve ran brilliantly negotiating all 26.2 miles in 5.06.51 his second fastest time over the course.