Jersey Marathon

The 13th running of this scenic marathon saw 2 of our white warriors tackling this hilly beast of a course on only their 2nd outing over the distance. Ian and Charlotte Williams took the trip out to the Channel Islands for the weekend.

2500 competitors take on one of 3 options available over the weekend with some 57% of them travelling to the Island from 15 different countries.

Starting in St Helier at 9am Ian and Charlotte lined up excitedly but nervous, concerned that they hadn’t managed to do as much training as they would have liked. The course begins by running through the town before turning north up the first long and steep climb into the parish of St.Lawrence. 

Taking a left turn as they approached the north coast, team Williams then entered the parishes of St.John and St.Mary where the going was relentlessly undulating. They reached the northwest corner of the island before they head south through St.Ouen, passing the airport before traversing St.Peter and into St.Brelude and out to the southwest corner and the sight of the lighthouse at La Corbiere. 

“It was a beautiful route and really well supported” says Charlotte.

They turned for home and ran along La Route Orange and the Railway Walk before dropping down St Aubins Harbour before skirting the bay and returning to St.Helier for the welcome sight of the finish.

Their nerves proved unfounded as they both pulled it out of the bag. Charlotte was first back in a fabulous 4.06.36, smashing 8 whole minutes off her previous Pb. Ian also ran himself to a pb coming over the line in 4.48.12, taking less than a minute off his previous time.

Last word from Charlotte… 

“I need a cup of tea and a bath”