Hope 24

The private estate of Newnham Park in Plympton was the venue for this test of endurance. Club legend Dave Cass took part in this friendly event, attempting to run further than he’d ever run before over the 24 hour period. 

Starting at noon, Dave stood on the startline alongside his brother in law (also called Dave), to embark on this feat of mind over matter. The rain had abated and the sun appeared as Dave began his challenge. 5 mile loops of a challenging trail made up the course.

“That was probably the toughest 5 mile course I’ve run. Miles 1-2 was all uphill followed by several other short inclines and it was so hot and humid”

Dave ran his first four laps consecutively giving him a solid 20 mile foundation before taking a well earnt break. 

“I struggled a bit on the fourth lap. It had started to rain again. I wished I’d taken my break after 3”

But he recovered well enough to put in another 2 laps before hitting the sack overnight. 

“Finishing the 6th lap was great. It equalled my previous distance record of 30 miles. I went to bed knowing that I only have to run one more lap to exceed this, which was my aim” 

After a sleep, Dave was up early to get the job done. He ended up running not 1, but 2 more laps giving him a grand total of 40 miles. A new record. In the words of Mr. Cass himself 

“Mission Accomplished”