You would think that for Steve Hickman that after 141 marathons there would be nothing about a race that could be new, different or exciting. But that was what Saturdays pyjamathon was in more ways than 1. Aside from the obvious addition of bedwear it was a momentous occasion for Steve Hickman because it would be running with his son Ricky, who was running his very first.

A looped course, this event takes in the banks of the iconic River Thames. Starting at Elmbridge Leisure Centre in Walton-on-Thames, runners dressed in their bed attire, can run as many loops as they want in 6 hours. It’s pancake flat, so is perfect for a first marathon.

The pair started off in their pjs, but Steve swapped his for his MND Vest after one circuit and Ricky after 4, wanted to raise awareness for this cause very much close to their hearts.

They both ran 8 circuits of the course to bag their marathon times and the worlds biggest medal.

“Proud Daddy day. Marathon number 142…. done”

Time for a pint ……