West Wight Triathlon

Perfect conditions prevailed as our fab five embarked on their triple trials in West Wight on Sunday.

Darren Cole, Dean Pike, Julie Salter, Matt Fletcher and Nick Scott-Denness all congregated at West Wight Sports Centre to kick off their event with the swim.

All our roadrunners were competing solo with the exception of Dean, who competed as one third of his team “Punk Rock Academy” with old school mates Ian Pacey and Stuart Waite. It was Matt and Nicks first triathlon event, Matt having only learnt to swim earlier this year and Nick only ever swam 1 length of a pool at a time – this was 600 metres – that’s 24 lengths!

Darren got off to a cracking start coming in 7th overall in the swim. Nick was next to complete, with Julie next, then Matt.

“The swim was always going to be hard for me. I was nervous about it all week!” said Matt

Transition onto their bikes saw all of our roadrunners set off well on their 35k journey from Freshwater, out to Brighstone and back.

Darren was in contention amongst the top of the table, when another contender had a crash on his bike at around 9 miles. Darren in true roadrunner spirit got off his bike and directed traffic until the ambulance arrived.

“I feel a bit conflicted about it as obviously it would have been a good result for me had I not stopped, but also it could easily have been me on the deck”

Darren stayed with the injured cyclist for what seemed like forever before he got back on his bike to continue his quest. He made up as much ground as he could before transitioning to the run. Nick, Matt and Julie all completed their cycle legs without incident and finished within 5 minutes of each other.

Luckily for Darren, the run is his strongest element. With him smashing the flat 4 and a half mile out and back route along the old train track.
He stormed through it in just under 29 minutes giving him 3rd position in the run. Matt also ran a blinder finishing 8th in this leg, with Julie coming in next, then Nick.

Meanwhile in the team competition, Dean embarked on his leg of the event after his team mates rocketed through the swim and bike in just over 65 minutes combined! The baton handed over as it were, Dean knew he had to run well to keep the team highly placed. He didn’t disappoint! Running the 6 mile course in 28.35 secured the team a triumphant 2nd place overall.

Darren Cole – 2.11.26 S-12.09 B-1.30.19 R-28.58
Matt Fletcher – 2.22.49 S-27.47 B-1.22.42 R-32.20
Nick Scott-Denness – 2.22.55 S-22.22 B- 1.21.28 R-39.04
Julie Salter – 2.24.50 S-19.22 B-1.26.38 R-38.50

Punk Rock Academy Tri Team – 1.35.02 S-10.34 B-55.53 R-28.35