Bad Cow 12 Hour Frolic

Our ultra king Dan Williams was back out competing this weekend, just 2 weeks after coming 4th at the East Farm event with a triumphant 53 miles under his belt.
But after a successful recovery from the cramps that plagued him there, he was back, confidence restored and ready to rumble.

This time his race plan was just to run to feel and not get drawn into racing early on in the 12 hour event. To trust that his endurance ability would see off the competitors in the later stages of the race. Based at Burnbake Campsite at Corfe Castle, Wareham the course was 4.4 miles of undulating sandy, energy sapping footpaths and trail.

Dan started really well, sticking to his race plan and keeping a steady pace. He completed his first marathon in 3hrs 54mins and felt really good still. One and a half laps later though, he started to get Tummy cramp, but he soldiered on and managed to run it off.

Then the rain came.

“It washed all the sand away and the paths became muddy. Whilst it was raining my aches subsided and I felt as good as I did at 20miles again”

He ploughed on during this time, refreshed and renewed. He really took advantage of this purple patch and cracked on to 50 miles in 8hrs 35mins, 7 minutes quicker than he he’d run 50 miles before.

After 12 laps Dan was told he was leading.

“I was told that I was in the lead and had been leading for at least 2 hours! This put a little pressure on me. I had a lead of just over 10mins, but I knew how easy it would be to throw that away. So off out i went, trying to keep disciplined by walking every ‘up’, keeping in control and not be forced into a death march. By the end of lap 14 (61miles) the lead was 26mins so I knew I could set out to enjoy and walk this final lap, even having a good natter with the Love Station volunteers”

He’d done it! He’d only gone and won it! 15 laps – 66 miles – 11hrs 58mins 18 seconds.

“The Bad Cow has to be up there with my most enjoyed races, not just because of the win, (obviously I am chuffed to bits), but because I felt my overall physical management and how I approached it was better before. It’s a shame the next 12hour race is 8months away!”

Fantastic running Dan, a hard earnt and well deserved win!