East Farm Frolic

The distance kings were at it again this weekend. 12 hours of ultra running. A lapped course through field and forest, uphill and downhill, climbing over hay bales and loving at the Lovestation. 6.2km every lap. This is White Star Running’s East Farm Frolic.

Our 3 musketeers of experienced ultra ubers Ian Russell, Dan Williams and Michael Coultrup had a new apprentice. Our little marathon wizard Bill Goozee went along for the ride, having never run an ultra or a lapped race of this sort.

Based around the farm near Winterbourne in Dorset. Our Fab Four (and Dan’s girlfriend Kay), set up camp on Saturday, in preparation for the early start on Sunday.

They all started off steadily. Michael, Dan and Bill going slightly ahead with Ian taking it a little easier.

They managed to keep together for 4 laps before Dan and Bill started to pull ahead.

After 7 laps their first marathons were complete. Dan and Bill coming in in just over 3 and a half hours, Michael and Ian just over 4.

“My knees were already hurting” said Michael. His long term injuries had been playing up of late “l’d decided to make it to marathon distance then jolly the rest. I took long breaks, stopped and chatted to folk”

Onward they went, round and round the course. Taking breaks as and when they needed. The mercury was really rising now, as the temperatures were hitting around 25c. Poor Dan started to suffer with cramp at mile 38, which then plagued him the rest of the way.

“My hamstrings and calves started to cramp constantly. I had to let Bill go on and turn into bit of a ramble after that” said Dan

Bill was 3 laps off the leader at this point. But after leaving Dan, he injected a bit of extra pace and set about trying to catch the leader. Dan and Ian battled on for another 2 laps, second marathons completed, each taking their tally to 16. It was then that they called it a day.

“I didn’t get lost this time! I did no training so I am very happy with distance! whoop whoop bring on the next one!” beams Ian

“That was a hot one and a sufferfest. I called it a day at 52.8 miles, a double marathon. Happy enough with that” said Dan

The light was fading. The 12 hours were almost up. It was 7.55pm and Michael decided to do one more lap. Bill was still out in the course, still making up ground on the leader.

Meanwhile Bill was triumphantly doing his last one …. 22 in total, unbelievably he’d made up those 3 missing laps, but was only just short on time in the end. He crossed the line for the final time coming 2nd place overall and 72 miles, (breaking the course record set by our own Mr. Coultrup the year before).

“I loved it! I found the environment great. That bit of time you get to slow down grab some food have a drink and a chat helped me get through the distance. It was one of them days for me when you just feel good running. A massive shout out for mick and dan from me for teaching me how to run it and Kay for her support”

Speaking of Mr. C, his second wind in the final stages earnt him 3rd place overall. Dan and Ian’s distances had bagged them 4th and 5th respectively. Great result for all of them. Even Kay surpassed herself and ran and unexpected marathon.

Fantastic results guys, we look forward to your next adventure.

Bill Goozee – 72 miles – 12.25.49
Michael Coultrup – 59.7 miles – 12.38.59
Dan Williams – 53 miles – 10.19.26
Ian Russell – 53 miles – 11.02.20