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Lordshill 10 Miles 2015

We had 26 IOWRR’s travel to partake in Lordshill 10 mile HRRL race.  This race is usually ran in awful weather so this years mild temperate fog and cloud was perfect, with the course record being broken and 9 club members achieving a 10 mile PB, with one club race debut from Tom Forster (highlighted below).


The race starts and finishes at Five Acres, Lordshill recreation ground. Then around the lanes and streets of Nursling, Hillyfields, Lee and the Broadlands Estate in Southampton, an undulating course on different terrains.

Overall Place Name Chip Time
133 Matthew Fletcher 1:06:48.4
145 Dustin Chandler 1:07:36.3
146 Daniel Faulkner 1:07:37.5
153 Tom Forster 1:07:50.2
186 Judy McCabe 1:10:08.3
230 Mark Downer 1:12:47.3
247 Kevin Rann 1:13:51.5
252 Steve Webb 1:14:03.1
264 Ryan Chandler 1:14:54.6
266 Gordon Mucklow 1:15:02.6
332 Elaine Harris 1:19:34.5
333 George Butler 1:19:38.7
339 Nick Scott-Denness 1:20:49.5
342 Trish Train 1:21:24.6
352 Keith Ruth 1:22:33.1
361 Andrew Tapsell 1:23:16.7
368 Simon Wray 1:24:15.5
369 Karen Phillips 1:24:15.0
384 Julie Ray 1:25:26.1
401 David Smith 1:27:17.4
440 Sarah Sharp 1:31:11.2
450 Tarnia Taylor 1:32:12.3
473 Pat Harris 1:37:21.9
510 Tracy Pole 1:48:02.1
518 Lyn Snow 2:03:30.6
519 Georgina Newnham 2:03:30.8


Beachy Head Marathon

Two Road Runners tackled the notoriously undulating Beachy Head Marathon, the second hardest marathon in the UK, Steve Marathon-Man Hickman and Ian Dyer, less than two week after they had both completed the Isle of Wight Marathon.


The marathon crosses through the East Sussex countryside providing a challenging but scenic journey through the South Downs countryside. The Race starts and finishes in Eastbourne and traverses through Willingdon Hill, Westdean Forest, Windover Hill, Bostal Hill then Beachy Head road to the finish. The elevation is 3,300ft!

Superb effort Steve and Ian!

Steve Hickman – 4:45:44

Ian Dyer – 4:52:20


Morrisons Great South Run 2015

We had 32 people represent the club at the 25th Great South Run on Sunday. The course starts with the elite women, men and then in waves from Southsea seafront, taking in some famous sights of the waterfront city firstly passing the Spinnaker Tower, winding through the Historic Dockyard, then back through the city centre circling the Southsea parade heading East then returning along the promenade back to Southsea to finish the 10 mile race.


This is an IAAF Gold label course as it’s notoriously fast and flat, which brings a great depth of field of runners numbering some 14,000. This year’s weather was favourable and conducive in producing PB’s as lots of club members managed a PB, some by as much as 11 minutes! Also Nick Kenney achieved a Batman PB, well done all!

Name Chip Time Position
Daniel Faulkner 0.59.48 100
Matt Fletcher 1.06.24 355
Steve Bennett 1.07.22 416
Mark Turtle 1.08.40 512
Keith Marsterton 1.09.25 570
Rosie Sexton 1.10.34 699
Kev Rann 1.14.25 1161
Steve Webb 1.17.09 1613
Mike Kimber 1.17.41 1729
Dallas Price 1.19.17 2086
Danny Blunden 1.19.41 2198
Glen Jones 1.22.38 2879
Dale Rockall 1.22.39 2883
Roger Merry 1.23.04 2995
Tracey Sangster 1.23.53 3204
Richard Whittington 1.24.44 3453
Sarah Holmes 1.24.45 3455
George Butler 1.27.50 4421
Nick Kenney/Batman 1.28.53 4707
Tarnia Taylor 1.28.55 4723
Claire Campbell 1.29.55 5036
Claire Harvey 1.33.19  6036
Karen Smith 1.42.03 8693
Emma Ram 1.46.34 9811
Sue Hunter 1.47.46 10084
Natasha Mitchelmore 1.55.58 11687
Tracey Houdoire 1.57.28 11938
Stella Morgan 1.57.28 11939
Lyn Snow 2.01.16 12408
Nic Henry-Mildenhall 2.13.03 13268
Jo Randall 2.13.05 13272
Sarah Turtle 2.13.05 13273


Amsterdam Running Festival 2015

Eight IOWRR’s flew out to the Netherlands to participate in the Amsterdam Running Festival competing in the half and full Marathon. The majority of these runners were completing this for the second year.


The races are widely regarded as some of the most scenic road-running in Europe and the Amsterdam Marathon course begins and ends in the Olympic Stadium in front of a packed grandstand.

The stadium is a historic site, having been constructed for the 1928 Olympic Games. A significant portion of the 26.2-mile route is run alongside the Amstel river. The race in the Dutch capital takes in a number of the city’s most beautiful and recognisable areas.

The runners will take in the Vondelpark both in the early stages of the race and as they close in to the finishing line.

For the Half Marathon runners the course starts at the Stadionweg and goes through Churchilllaan, Rijnstraat and the Utrechtse Bridge over the Amstel river. You then run through Watergraafsmeer and Zeeburg. The rest of the course continues on the same route as that of the full marathon, finishing in the Olympic Stadium.

Keith Ruth and son Michael Ruth completed the Half in a time of 02:36:00, this being a debut half marathon race for Michael, to note poor Michael was in pain from about 500m into the race with knee pain – massive well done to you both!

Kev Fry and Dave Cass achieved PB’s in the marathon distance, brilliant! With some excellent running from everyone else:

Dave Cass – 03:09:38

Kev Fry – 03:57:49

Tom Martin – 04:39:47

John Dudock – 04:43:32

Mike Berry

Kev Winchcombe – IOWRR Chairman completed the marathon, struggling through indescribable pain and adversity.



59th Isle of Wight Marathon

The club had a record turn-out of 21 runners for the 59th IOW Marathon.


A massive 157 runners lined up for the start. A contributory factor to the enormous field was that Ryde Harriers race also hosted the national Police Championships.

As well as a huge number of entrants the course was supported with numerous marshals, water-stops, sponge givers, people cheering, photographing and we had a large contingent on bikes cheering on all the runners – thank you all!


Sunday was sunny and warm with some light winds, not hindering the runners as a course record time of 2:45:32 for the men and 3:00:32 for the women was achieved. The race commenced 11:30am from IOW Community Club in Cowes and finishes there too. The course is undulating covering Gurnard, Shalfleet, Yarmouth, Freshwater, then back via Thorley, Shalfleet, Corf and finally Cowes via the infamous 25 mile Pallance Road:



Four IOWRR’s completed their debut marathon; Pete Sexton, Bridget Keyte, Glen Jones and Sue Hunter (Bridget winning her entry at our club Christmas Party). A special well done to those four – an amazing feat on such a challenging course.



The club performed brilliantly  with lots gaining PB’s:

03:01:25 FAULKNER, Daniel 6 M 5
03:11:03 BACKHOUSE, Stuart 12 M 11
03:19:00 RUMSEY, Steve 17 M 15
03:27:19 SEXTON, Peter 26 M 21
03:40:16 MCCABE, Judy 36 F 7
03:56:08 COULTRUP, Michael 52 M 43
04:02:25 KEYTE, Tim 63 M 52
04:03:04 HICKMAN, Stephen 67 M 56
04:05:49 DIXON, Julie 70 F 12
04:13:05 CORDERY, Tim 75 M 62
04:22:32 HARRIS, Elaine 91 F 18
04:27:41 DYER, Ian 96 M 77
04:30:10 ABETO, Mazen 99 M 78
04:45:40 HOLMES, Sarah 112 F 25
04:55:09 ADAMS, Clare 126 F 29
04:59:50 JONES, Glen 127 M 98
05:20:34 BUTLER, George 140 M 104
05:31:42 KEYTE, Bridget 145 F 38
05:39:44 HUNTER, Sue 149 F 40

Unfortunately despite taking the lead from early on and maintaining an impressive speed, 6 minutes ahead at mile 23, Paul Cameron was forced to withdraw. Tarnia Taylor was also forced to withdraw from completing the marathon, she’d one week previously completed the Bournemouth Marathon. Commiserations to you both.

Danny Faulkner was the first IOWRR  and Isle of Wight man home coming in fifth male and sixth overall. His superb time of 3:01:25, was a PB. Judy McCabe  finished seventh and took the first Isle of Wight woman home. Excellent work!

IOWRR’s stole the show when it came to prizes this year:


First Island Man – Danny Faulkner

First Island Woman – Judy McCabe (her prizes above!)

1st, 3rd and 7th Mens teams consisting of Danny, Stu & Steve – Pete, Mick & Tim – Steve, Tim & Ian

1st and 3rd Womens teams consisting of Judy, Julie & Elaine – Sarah, Clare & Bridget

2nd SM Danny, 3rd MV45 Steve Rumsey, 2nd M50 Pete Sexton, 2nd F35 Judy McCabe, 3rd M55 Steve Hickman and 2nd F50 Elaine Harris.


Southsea Pirates – Pieces of Eight

Roger Merry and Lyn Snow travelled to Southsea to participate in the 5th annual 8 mile race. The course is a fast flat one run along the seafront, today’s bright autumnal day being perfect for this race.

All participants received this lovely medal:


Roger Merry – 01:07:57 – 63rd overall and 4th in the V60-69

Lyn Snow – 01:35:39 – 232nd


Brilliant Running!



Bournemouth Running Festival

Sunday was the final day at the Bournemouth Running Festival weekend. Culminating in a half and full marathon, we had IOWRR entrants in both these races.

Completing the half we had Michael Berry in 01:53:47, Fay Tosdevin 01:59:27 coming 12th in her age category and Tracy Pole in a time of 02:20:00.



George Butler, Tarnia Taylor and Dave Cass completed the marathon race:


Dave Cass – 03:14:13 – PB! 73rd and 12th in age category.

George Butler -05:17:13 – Debut Marathon

Tarnia Taylor – 05:17:13- First race of her 100 miles in October


MBNA Chester Marathon

One IOWRR travelled to compete in the multi-award winning and UK’s only international marathon from the historic Roman/Medieval international destination City of Chester.

Runners leave the racecourse and head into the City centre passing the Town Hall, Cathedral, split level Middle Ages “Rows”, Eastgate Clock, Amphitheatre and through the Roman Walls before heading out of the City across the Old Dee Bridge.

The route then leaves Chester past the Duke of Westminster’s estate, through Pulford, before crossing the border into Wales and the villages of Lavister and Rossett.

Keeping to the rural lanes runners complete a small loop before entering the historic village of Holt. Then crossing the ancient Roman bridge at Farndon to return to England and the home stretch running through Churton, Aldford and Huntington.

On re-entering the City, runners pass the River Dee along the Groves and Castle Drive before a triumphant finish at the racecourse!


Steve Rumsey – 03:16:52


Brilliant well done Steve!

Queensgate 10

Lots of IOWRR’s entered the local Queensgate Primary School 5k and 10 mile races on Saturday, although the 10 miles was actually 10.78 due to some signage problems.

The route is an undulating one taking in some beautiful scenery to include Barton and Osborne Estates starting and finishing at the school:


Danny Faulkner came in first, Harry Rann second and Tim Cordery in third. Everyone was awarded a medal and lovely cakes baked by Sarah Holmes.

We also had lots of IOWRR’s helping and cheering the runners along.


Fell Series 2015

A bright sunny Ventnor was the backdrop for the 2015 Ryde Harriers Fell Weekend.


A total of three races are run commencing Saturday with the St. Boniface fell – 3.8k and 235m of ascent, second was the Ventnor Horseshoe – 12k and 443m of ascent and finally ending with the Wroxall Round on Sunday a distance of 21k and 487m of ascent. Participants can complete any number of races but obviously the more that’s completed the better the result.

BACKHOUSE, Stuart 3 74
SALTER, Julie 3 90
FLETCHER, Matthew 3 177
COULTRUP, Michael 3 206
DYER, Ian 3 263
HICKMAN, Stephen 3 316
MUCKLOW, Clare 2 64
MACARTHUR, Andrew 2 121
HARRIS, Elaine 1 27
CAMPBELL, Claire 1 33
CHANDLER, Dustin 1 52
KEYTE, Tim 1 58
RUSSELL, Ian 1 86


With the following times for each race:

NAME TIME3 TIME2 TIME1 Overall M/F Position
BACKHOUSE, Stuart 01:34:38 01:01:53 00:20:05 23
SALTER, Julie 02:16:18 01:27:28 00:28:39 27
FLETCHER, Matthew 01:48:45 01:09:55 00:24:54 49
COULTRUP, Michael 01:55:07 01:16:23 00:23:53 58
DYER, Ian 02:11:13 01:19:59 00:25:49 72
SCOTT-DENNESS, Nick 02:14:00 01:31:02 00:28:12 80
HICKMAN, Stephen 02:25:10 01:32:19 00:30:02 83
MUCKLOW, Clare 01:30:27 00:29:10 48
MACARTHUR, Andrew 01:13:09 00:23:20 95
HARRIS, Elaine 02:10:18 55
CAMPBELL, Claire 02:17:34 59
CHANDLER, Dustin 01:50:51 116
KEYTE, Tim 01:53:33 118
RUSSELL, Ian 02:05:39 125

We managed to make the following mens teams:

130 BACKHOUSE, Stuart FLETCHER, Matthew COULTRUP, Michael