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Bovington Marathon

Marketed as “Hilly,muddy, cold and wet” this infamous course was an instant draw for off road magnates Michael Coultrup and Dan Williams.

The impossibly early start saw our 2 boys on a cold and frosty startline at Bovington’s Tank Museum. Despite a beautiful clear blue sky, a bitter northwesterly wind making sure the wind chill factor was keeping the temperature below freezing. The pair set off, along with friend Julian Trout, into the mud.

Set on a M.o.D tank training ground, it’s safe to say that it delivered on all 4 of its promises. Tank tracks churning up the ground into a sticky mess, interspersed with flooded paths and some tasty elevation. As for the cold… it’s December right?

Unfortunately for both of our boys, it wasn’t their day. Michael had been battling flu all week as well as nursing a couple of injuries.

“At mile 4 I came to the realisation that my illness and lack of fitness due to injury was going to make for a hard time. However, I was there and so must knuckle down and get on with it. A challenging route coupled with awful conditions underfoot made it even more difficult”

It didn’t help that he fell and ended up completely submerged in a chalky muddy puddle. As for poor Dan, he started brilliantly but took a wrong at 12 miles.

“I lost my mojo after that. I really struggled and I began to feel ill. The pain really set in and I ended up having to walk”

They both mustered the strength to finish. Michael in 4.24.46 56th overall and 6th in his age category. Dan finished in 4.42.38

“I can say that this run was the most unenjoyable marathon I have done for a good while” said Michael later in the day “If it is held next year I have to return…. I have a score to settle…..”

Sounds like fighting talk to me…..

Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Races

3 distances were on offer for this festive seaside event. Unusually the trusty Roadrunners had runners in all 3 races… considering the time of year, with so much else going on, it was great to have representation across all the distances.

A super cold start greeted all the runners but more so for our Ultra runners Ian Russell and Steve Horsey as they set off at 8am.

“The weather itself was spot on, but it was very cold and icy underfoot” said Ian

Half an hour later, our marathon trio of Steve Hickman, Kev Winchcombe and Harry Rann set off. A little splay of youth verses experience with Harry running his 4th marathon and Steve running his 144th.

The course took the runners from the start at the Pyramids Centre on South Parade
Along past the Royal Marines Museum and around Longstone Harbour. A multi terrain course, the runners had to tackle frozen footpaths, mud and shingle beaches, feeling ever harder as they had to face them twice on this out and back course.

9am saw the half runners set out. With Harry Vernon on the start line with Margaret Niland-Murphy and Julie Salter running with friends Gill Bushell and Jo Tuck.

Ian ran brilliantly coming over the line in the 50k with his cherished son Roman

“He ran the last 20 meters with me… it was wicked… but he robbed me of my medal!”

Steve Horsey also completed the 50k course, beaming with pride as it was his first ultra race

“I loved it until I hit the shingle beach, that was hard work underfoot. The last 10k was hard in the rain, but I was delighted to see the finish line”

Harry was first in from the marathon runners, finishing in just over 4.25. He set out well but suffered tummy cramps from halfway onward. But the plucky rookie didn’t give up and still got himself home. Steve Hickman was not too far behind

“As ever I hated it, but I say that every year. The usual mud and beach shingle added to the run with the ice this year really adding to the difficulty. Back next year? Maybe….” Steve quipped on Facebook the next day.

Kev was next to win the battle across the line having suffered cramp in his calf from halfway onward.

“I am pleased I did it. I was running quite nicely and happily with Steve but then cramp set in and didn’t matter how much I rubbed it or stretched etc it wouldn’t go. The distance was more than 26.2. Nearer 27, so all in all I was happy with what i did considering training and the cramp”

The Half runners ran well with Harry Vernon running himself to a PB of 1.45.27 and 6th in his age category. Margaret was not too far behind in just under 1.50 and a cracking 2nd place in her age category. Julie came in, running happy with her friends and completing the course in under 2.28.

Great running by all … nice way to finish the year.

Ian Russell – 4.45.28
Steve Horsey – 5.32.03

Harry Rann – 4.25.07
Steve Hickman – 4.27.35
Kev Winchcombe – 4.55.38

Half Marathon
Harry Vernon – 1.45.27
Margaret Niland-Murphy – 1.49.34
Julie Salter – 2.27.22

Annual Awards Night

Saturday saw our runners ditch the Lycra and don their gladrags for this years annual awards presentation.

The evening began with a video slideshow of all the race photographs from the entire year. A fabulous documentation of every single members achievements. With Take That in the background declaring it was “The Greatest Day” it was 10 minutes of beautiful moments, reminding the team how far they’ve all come and bringing a smile to every face in the room. A perfect opener to the award ceremony.

What a year it’s been for the Roadrunners! We’ve seen triumph and success in reams with support and encouragement knowing no bounds. It really has been a joy to see so much love and passion for the sport rewarded with personal goals being smashed and even a trophy being won here and there along the way.

Several awards were re-presented by Chairman Pat Harris and team captains Julie Ray and Darren Cole on Saturday. Giving the recipients their well deserved moment to shine in the presence of their peers.

Winter Nominated Series – Bel Rockall
Summer Nominated Series – Elaine Harris

IOW Half – 1st IWRR female – Holly Newton
IOW Half – 1st IWRR male – Bill Goozee

St.Georges 10 – 1st IWRR female – Ashleigh Douglas
St.Georges 10 – 1st IWRR male – Bill Goozee

Club 10k – 1st female – Rosie Sexton
Club 10k – 1st male – Bill Goozee

Next up were the top 3 achievers in the Hampshire Road Racing League based on points scored totted up over the season. They were rewarded with vouchers for Love Running.

1st – Darren Cole
2nd – Simon Riley
3rd – Dean Pike

1st – Sarah Sharp
2nd – Abigail Farwell
3rd – Trish Train

Next up were the awards voted for by the Roadrunners themselves. With 2 awards to consider for men and ladies, every club member was asked to make their choice for Most Improved Runner and for Club Member of the year (an award which not only considers athletic achievement but also their overall contribution to the club, their inspiration to others and their team spirit)

Most Improved Female
1st – Sarah Holmes
2nd – Hayley Baxter
3rd – Bel Rockall

“All the mid run tears and tantrums paid off I guess!” said Sarah “the support and encouragement from the club along the way has been amazing. I would never have improved so much without you lot”
Sarah’s managed to break every PB in the book this season. From 5 miles all the way through. Shes’s run 5 marathons along the way, gaining herself a GFA time at the New Forest and coming 5th at IOW.

Hayley was voted into the 2nd spot after a fantastic win at IOW Marathon and also gaining herself a GFA time. Bel Rockall was recognised for her battle back from injury to break all her PBs and running a triumphant Brighton marathon after deferring the previous year.

Most Improved Male
1st – Glen Jones
2nd – Bill Goozee
3rd – James Shoulder

“I feel bl***y awesome! I’m a bit surprised! If I never win anything else in running I’m happy now!” said Glen the next day
Glen’s had a remarkable year, training solidly and often alone. He’s broken every single one of his PBs (for the second year in a row) and took a phenomenal 34 minutes off his marathon time at Manchester.

Bill, in the the number 2 spot, despite already being a speed demon has still found room to improve taking his marathon pb down to 2.46. James was celebrated for breaking almost all of his PBs and his participation in so many league races.

Club Member of the Year Female
1st – Sarah Holmes
2nd – Sarah Sharp
3rd – Abigail Farwell

“I am blown away! I can’t tell you how much of a surprise this award is! What an honour it is to be voted for by my peers!” said an emotional Holmsie. She was handed this accolade not only for her achievements in races, but for her endless encouragement, support and advice for runners of all abilities, helping to inspire others and her committee work, utilising her organisational skills and her way with words writing the reports.

Sarah Sharp was celebrated for her appearance at all 12 HRRL races and her outstanding committee contribution making her such a valuable asset to the club. Abi was voted into 3rd place, recognising her brilliance by placing 22nd in the league, her dedication to helping to organise track nights and her encouragement of others knowing no bounds.

Club Member of the Year Male
1st – Bill Goozee
2nd – Pat Harris
3rd – Darren Cole

“It’s amazing to be recognised by so many of your running friends! It’s unachievable without so much support over the year. I think everyone deserves an award!” said winner Bill.
Overall champion at both the New Forest and Dorchester marathons and 2nd at his first 12 hour ultra, Bill has had a whirlwind of a season. Giving his all in every race, he’s reaped the rewards. Training hard and racing hard.

Pat was celebrated for his amazing contribution to the club in his role as chairman and his passionate running, particularly his performance at the Race to the King. Darren was voted into 3rd place for his outstanding contribution to Track nights, his fantastic performances in the HRRL and breaking many of his PBs along the way.

Each year the club’s committee vote to grant their Achievement Award. This goes to the person that they feel has shown something out of the ordinary. This year they didn’t need to vote however, the winners name was suggested and it was a unanimous Yes. Karen Phillips. Long standing member and club stalwart. Quiet and unassuming, Karen is a regular at HRRL races and is always a consistent runner. However her remarkable achievement this year came on June 4th, when after training for months with co-hort Julie Ray, they embarked upon the Needles marathon. It was at 3 miles that disaster struck and Karen took a really nasty tumble. But Karen being Karen, she got up, dusted herself off and carried on… in pain…. a lot of pain. Not one to give in, she still ran the remaining 23 miles and completed what is already a tough marathon. Little did she realise that her shoulder was broken. A true display of mind over matter, of grit and determination. What a Roadrunner she is!

Occasionally the club will award a bespoke trophy. Made especially to award one members particular achievement, or non achievement may be more accurate. Yes that’s right the Epic Fail award was back this year! Hand crafted and presented by our own king of mud Michael Coultrup, this year’s trophy went to Mr. Ian Russell. Sadly he couldn’t attend on the night but was presented his award via a video call. Ian was deemed the worthy winner of this year’s acclaim after getting lost on the Midnight Marathon back in August. Lost….. on an out and back course… Lost to the tune of running an extra 9 miles in circles in the dark…. Lost and having to get a taxi to the finish area and still running across the line to collect his medal.

Finally, our trusty in house photography legend Peter Billington presented a special award of his own. This special trophy rewarded the winner for their finely honed skills, which over the course of the year, many club members have asked for lessons in this very specialist field, to which the recipient has encouraged them to watch and learn.
The Best Gimp award couldn’t go to anyone else but the self proclaimed queen of gimping Sarah Holmes

“I am chuffed to bits with my award and I will be fiercely defending my title in 2018. No gimping lessons are available from now on…I want to retain my competitive edge haha! ”

After a break and some food came what arguably the most exciting part of the evening. The grand reveal of the winners of this year’s coveted London Marathon club places. For anyone that has ever entered the public ballot to gain entry to the worlds most iconic marathon, they will know that the odds of getting a place are slim at best. But as an Athletics Club, we are awarded 2 places every year to issue to members as we see fit. As a club we lay down criteria that entrants must satisfy to enter this club ballot… the rest is down to luck… or in this case… round one of a lottery and round 2 a game of musical chairs. 14 names were in that hat to begin with before luck saw them whittled down to 6. A quick blast of the London Marathon theme tune saw them scoot round and round, before they sat down to a gold envelope on each chair holding their fate.

Bridget Keyte opened hers first, finding a IOW Marathon place in her envelope followed by Abigail Farwell finding a dreaded Needles Marathon place in hers. Next up was punk rock king Dean Pike finding one of the London Golden tickets in his

“I can’t wait! I’m going to attempt to dye my hair club colours for this one!”

Envelope number 4 was in the hands of Nick Scott-Denness, he opened his to find an IOW place. Next was Sarah Holmes standing in for Glen Jones, who’d double booked himself for the evening and gone off to a wedding reception. He picked the right stand in as the golden girl continued her winning streak by finding the last remaining London place, leaving Sarah Sharp with a Needles place for the 2nd year in a row.

“I only announced my 2nd retirement from marathons 2 months ago! Looks like I’m making a comeback!” said Glen

And so concluded the formalities for the evening. All that was left to do was dance the night away in true Roadrunners stylie with an “Oops Up Side Your Head”

Congratulations to not only to all the nominees and winners, but to every member of this wonderful club…. together we can make each other magic. Merry Christmas to every one of you xxxx


Chilly Hilly

80 mph winds faced our brave Roadrunners as they lined up to face this hilly and chilly, (the name doesn’t lie!), 10 miler on Sunday. A hard run but anyone’s standards, not withstanding that many on the startline had attended the club’s annual awards party the night before.

Beginning at the West Wight Sports Centre, the runners were given the okay from the Coastguards to begin their challenge and off they went in to the storm force wind. Along to Freshwater Bay they went and onto the most exposed clifftops on the Island, Tennyson. A tough hill to climb at the best of times, but the conditions were brutal, making every step an effort.

But they made it to the turn at the Needles Battery and a tiny bit of respite before clambering up Headon Warren and onward to Totland.

They were diverted from the original sea wall section at Colwell for safety reasons before making their way back to the Sports Centre for complimentary mince pies and mulled wine.

Simon Pilcher was the 1st Roadrunner back in a fantastic 8th overall and just under 74 minutes. Super Junior Harry Rann was next home in 10th, with Kieron Snow making a fantastic comeback after a hamstring injury.

Holly Newton reigned supreme, winning the ladies race and coming 23rd overall.

“Well that lived upto expectation! Tough course, tough weather, but I really enjoyed it” she said

Hayley Baxter was the next lady over the line in 4th place and Jodie Wilmott in 5th, a bit battered by the elements but pleased with their performances.

Everyone made it home in one piece, all 32 of them. Having perversely enjoyed the death defying conditions.

“It was hard going, but we all loved it in a strange way!” said Alison Butcher

Simon Pilcher 1.13.46 (8th overall)
Harry Rann 1.15.46 (10th overall 2nd Junior male)
Kieron Snow 1.20.58 (1st V40)
Andy MacArthur 1.21.41 (4th V45)
Darren Cole 1.23.04
Holly Newton 1.23.24 (1st Lady 23rd overall)
Dan Williams 1.23.57
Tom Forster 1.24.16
David Blake 1.24.34
Mike Kimber 1.27.59
Darren Andrew 1.28.34
Hayley Baxter 1.28.56 (4th Lady 1st V40)
Gordon Mucklow 1.30.35
Jodie Wilmott 1.30.52 (5th Lady 1st V35)
Peter Wilmott 1.30.53
Richard Bezer 1.31.37
Dallas Price 1.32.14
Darren Dollery 1.32.47
Harry Vernon 1.40.59
Margaret Niland-Murphy 1.41.19 (2nd V50)
Jenny Dewing 1.45.25
Charlotte Williams 1.45.45
Steve Hickman 1.49.14
Ian Williams 1.51.50
Claire Howard 1.52.13
Jane Andrew 1.52.13 (2nd V50)
Dave Wilcock 1.55.41
Sue Hunter 1.56.11
Peter Dixon 1.57.46
Alison Butcher 2.05.00
Julie Salter 2.05.00
Paul Butcher 2.05.00

Victory 5 #HRRL5

First run in 1946, with 29 entrants, this fast and flat 5 miler has come a long way. With over 700 runners eagerly warming up up on the startline, City of Portsmouth ACs premier race had sold out weeks in advance.

A last minute change of venue due to work on the sea defences on the usual course, saw Lakeside North Harbour play home to the race, utilising the D-Day 10k course.
2 laps around the lake made up the distance to bring the Roadrunners home amid perfect conditions.

Michael Douglas was the first Roadrunner to grace the finish in a fantastic 28.34, closely followed by Harry Rann who scooped the 1st Junior Male trophy along the way. Also making it home in under half an hour was track supremo Darren Cole. Completing the first team was Matt Fletcher, who finished his 2017 on a high as he secured yet another PB, completing the full set.

The second men’s team home were Tom Forster, Nick Kenney, Ross Wilkes and Garry Sharp. Garry running himself to a pb whilst the other 3 made their debuts over the distance.

For the Ladies, it was PBs all round for the ladies 1st team. Abigail Farwell brought the flag home in just under 35 mins, with Jodie Wilmott continuing her recent return to form to return in just under 36 and Sarah Holmes in 37.5 mins.

The second ladies team saw Ashleigh Douglas’s return to racing after injury to snatch a PB, Zoe Sherwin complete her debut over the distance in 40 mins and Ladies captain Julie Ray get her first PB for over 2 1/2 years.

Team placings done, in the rest of the team came, one by one. All having run their socks off around that lake. PBs came thick and fast with James Shoulder, Julie Rasmussen, Sue Hunter, Tanya Clifford, Tracey Houdoire and Shannon Brennen all running their fastest ever times and with Michael Coultrup, Zoe Sherwin, Dave Wilcock and Kim Hulacka all making their debut over the distance it was a successful team outing.

Also a massive congratulations to Tim and Bridget’s daughter Abigail, although not officially a Roadrunner (she’s not old enough yet!), she ran a fantastic race and scooped the Junior Female trophy! Michael Douglas – 28.34 PB
Harry Rann – 28.54
Darren Cole – 29.34 PB
Matt Fletcher- 30.29 PB
Tom Forster – 30.58
Nick Kenney – 31.27
Ross Wilkes – 31.37
Garry Sharp – 32.45 PB
Abigail Farwell – 34.47 PB
Michael Coultrup – 34.57
Jodie Wilmott – 35.55 PB
Kevin Rann – 35.59
Sarah Holmes – 37.34 PB
James Shoulder – 37.47 PB
Ashleigh Douglas- 39.01 PB
Zoe Sherwin – 40.09
Julie Ray – 40.12 PB
Ian Dyer – 40.16
Dave Wilcock – 40.47
Julie Rasmussen- 41.19 PB
Kev Fry – 43.21
Kim Hulacka – 43.37
Sarah Sharp – 44.30
Sue Hunter – 45.49 PB
Bridget Keyte – 47.11
Pat Harris – 49.03
Tanya Clifford – 52.52 PB
Tracey Houdoire – 55.42 PB
Shannon Brennen – 57.01 PB
Misha Hetherington – 57.01
Stella Morgan – 57.41

Thanet Coastal 10

Officially titled The Alan Green 10 Mile Run, this flat out and back continued our marathon kings recent spree of “short” distance races.

Starting at the Westgate Pavillion on Sea Road the course stretches East along the promenade to Margate Bay where it joins the pavement along to the Harbour, up Fort Hill and along the cliff top paths along to Foreness Point where the runners make the turn for home along the promenade before retracing their steps for the final 3 miles.

“That was a decent out and back 10. I’ve not run it for about 15 years and the last time they did they sent me a trophy for the 2nd V60! Which I sent back of course!”

Despite a tasty headwind from the turn point at 5 miles, Steve still finished in a fantastic 1.28.28

Final thought from Steve….

“I need to get back to some Marathon running”

I’m guessing Marathon number 144 is on its way…

Hayling 10 #HRRL4

Havant Ac were the hosts for the fourth race in the Hampshire Road Race League. With a cold and frosty start the more compact Roadrunners team made their way over to the nearby Island (not England) for the early start over the hazy waters of the Solent.

Starting on Bacon Lane on the Southern tip of Hayling Island, the Roadrunners lined up in the chilly air of a cold and crisp November morning to take on this fast and flat 10 mile course.

From Bacon Lane they went through West Town heading on to a particularly fast section of the course along the Old Hayling Billy Railway Line before returning back onto the roads, passing the Ferry Boat Pub and then onto the seafront at Eaststoke and finally returning back to Bacon Lane.

Ross Wilkes was the first one of our team home in a phenomenal 64 mins, very closely followed (2 seconds later) by Matt Fletcher. Both gaining themselves a pair of PBs, Ross knocking 3.5 mins off his and Matt 2 off his. Glen Jones continued his good for, to come in next bagging himself yet another PB, knocking a further 3 minutes off his. Kev Rann also ran a great race crossing the line next and completing the first men’s team.

Next in was the first of the girls, with Jodie Wilmott returning to her best and only narrowly missing out on a PB.

“Lovely course! My lovely husband dropped back to assist my last 5 miles as he had stitch. He made himself into a human wind break for the horrible last mile! I was not expecting to run that well, I was only 22 seconds over my actual PB pre-knee-disaster!”

Good on Pete for making that decision. He was rewarded with a spot prize at the finishline for his chivalry. Next in was club stalwart Karen Phillips, now fully recovered from her brutal fall in the Needles marathon back in the Summer, with mega marathoner Steve Hickman not too far behind her ducking under the 90 minute mark.

“I’m enjoying my time running a few shorter events for a while” he quipped on Facebook the next day.

Talking of falls, the final Roadrunner to cross the finish was Steve Hunt. A bloodied and bruised Steve Hunt.

He took a real plunge coming into the finish as he smashed his nose on the path. Heartbreaking as he was on to break his pb but for this unfortunate tumble. He picked himself up and soldiered on to cross the line a hero.

“There will always be a part of me in Hayling Island. Unfortunately that part used to be attached to my nose! I’m feeling sore but ok, thanks to the power of John Smiths bitter. Oddly I quite enjoyed today thanks to the other roadrunners and I’m glad I dragged my bloodied face across the finish line”

Great determination and true Roadrunner spirit.

Ross Wilkes 1.04.23
Matt Fletcher 1.04.25
Glen Jones 1.15.26
Kev Rann 1.15.42
Jodie Wilmott 1.16.04
Peter Wilmott 1.16.04
Karen Phillips 1.26.26
Steve Hickman 1.28.17
Steve Hunt 1.41.14

Gosport Half Marathon – HRRL #3

For once the weather wizard smiled on Gosport. Gone were the traditional hurricane force winds as a still and not too fresh morning made for perfect conditions.

An unbelievable 46 roadrunners lined up on the startline outside Bay House School on this the 32nd running of this fast and flat league race.

Starting from Browndown Road the crew in white, red and blue set out on this 2 lap race along the Portsmouth Road continuing to Marine Parade before finding the samba band for a few mesmeric beats.

Onward they went to find the unusually packaged refreshments at the water station and then contined toward the only slight incline on the course before making the turn onto the Promenade for the return leg.

The course feeling almost like an out and back, our fantastic team could see each other at different stages of the race, offering cheers and whoops of support as they passed.

A sharp U-turn at the halfway point was a welcome sight made all the more joyful by the appearance of the IWRR support crew cheering their hearts out giving every single member a lift as they went.

Second lap, concentration . Keep moving, keep believing. Get to the turnpoint, then it’s only a Parkrun left.

“I felt dreadful on the second lap” Michael Douglas tells me in the car on the way home. ” I started out well, but decided to slow at about mile 7 for a while, I just felt ill. But I managed to pick up toward the end though and finished well”

And so he did. Alongside our marathon champ, Bill Goozee, the two of them ran in together in a fantastic 1hr 20mins, giving Bill a PB along the way. Next in was Simon Randall in a lightning 82 minutes giving him 6th in his age category followed by Pete Sexton in 87 minutes and 11th in his age category to complete the first men’s team

In a sparkling club debut, and her first time ever half marathon, Lizzie Pilcher knocked it out the park to bring the ladies team home in a tidy 1.44.53 closely followed by Sarah Holmes continuing her run of Pbs in 1.45.21. Claire Howard saw a great return to form by completing the ladies first team in 1.50.07 and placing 14th in her age category.

“That was hard, but good” said Lizzie. “I can’t believe I’ve just run my first half”

In they came, one by one and two by two. All taking advantage of the favourable conditions by running their hearts out. No fewer than 24 PBS were set, most notable being Laura Holme taking 25 minutes of hers, Richard Bezer knocking off 18 minutes and Ross Wilkes taking off 14. Also big congratulations to Lucy Deville for taking 3rd prize in her age category and Jane Andrew 11th in hers.

Bill Goozee – 1.20.13 – PB
Michael Douglas – 1.20.15
Simon Randall – 1.22.11
Peter Sexton – 1.27.16
Ross Wilkes – 1.28.07 – PB
Tom Forster – 1.28.29
Dean Pike – 1.28.40 – PB
Matt Fletcher – 1.29.22 – PB
Dan Williams – 1.29.53 – PB
Tim Cordery – 1.30.05
Michael Coultrup – 1.32.05 – PB
Garry Sharp – 1.33.34
Richard Bezer – 1.35.55 – PB
Darren Andrew – 1.40.51 – PB
Cole Pearce – 1.41.32
George Butler – 1.44.53 – PB
Lizzie Pilcher – 1.44.55
Sarah Holmes – 1.45.21 – PB
Claire Howard – 1.50.07 – PB
Zoe Sherwin – 1.52.19 – PB
Ian Dyer – 1.52.20 – PB
Lisa Upstell – 1.53.06
Kevin Winchcombe – 1.53.42
Emma Ford – 1.54.16 – PB
Dave Wilcock – 1.55.14 – PB
Jane Andrew – 1.56.17
Julie Ray – 1.57.18
James Shoulder – 1.57.30
Sarah Sharp – 1.57.39 – PB
Claire Harvey – 1.58.23 – PB
Steve Hickman – 1.58.32
Jess Hill – 1.58.53 – PB
Kim Hulacka – 1.59.44 – PB
Tarnia Eldridge – 1.59.44
Alison Batchelor – 2.01.05
Laura Holme – 2.01.50 – PB
Sue Meredith – 2.01.51 – PB
Bel Rockall – 2.03.04 – PB
Alison Butcher – 2.07.32 – PB
Steve Hunt – 2.08.37 – PB
Bridget Keyte – 2.11.57
Lucy DeVille – 2.13.09 – PB
Jo Randall – 2.19.04
Nick Stilwell – 2.21.43
Lyn Snow – 3.01.34

Great running guys

Newcastle Town Moor Half Marathon

Our Northern Borders section was in action this weekend as Calli Sharp competed for the first time in a while in this lapped race.

The 8th running of this race, the course takes in laps of the historic Exhibition Park and the Town Moor. Completely traffic free, it uses good wide footpaths making the terrain very favourable.

Three and a half laps gave our Callie her 13.1 miles. A fantastic achievement especially as she has only ran 3 times in the past 3 months.

“My friends made signs and kept popping up around the course” she tells her mum “I just followed the runners in front for most of the way. I felt like I was near the back, but I was still doing sub 9 minute miles”

“The last lap was hard, I felt like I couldn’t lift my legs and I started to slow. Luckily one of the marathoners took me under their wing and tried to get me home in under 2 hours”

Calli finished only a smidgen outside her target in 2.00.58.

Poppy Run

Our marathon mogul Steve Hickman continued his recent spell of shorter races by taking on the Poppy Run this weekend. Bexhill-on-Sea was the seaside location for this remembrance event. Starting at the iconic De La Warr Pavillion, this promenade event offers 3 distances, a 5k, 10k and a half marathon all selling out and raising money for the local Royal British Legion.

Steve entered the half marathon race with his son Rick.

“He’ll be well in front of me!” He quipped on Friday on Facebook.

2 laps of an 8k circuit followed by a final loop of the 5k route made up the fairly flat course into the half marathon distance.

“I enjoyed it!” Steve said “3 laps along the seafront was not as boring as it sounds!”

And he said that despite losing the family PB to young Ricky

“Rick only went and ran 1.38.14. A huge 11 and half min off his PB and with that beat my own PB of 1.39. Kids eh!!”

Steve finished in a respectable 1.59.01.

Well done to both of them for running a great race and supporting a fantastic cause.