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Lordshill 10 Miles 2014

30 hardy runners took to the mainland to compete today in the Lordshill 10 mile road race.


They battled wind and rain to finish – despite this a massive 11 came away with PB’s:

Last Name First Name Club Gun-to-Chip Time Chip-to-Chip Time
47 Backhouse Stuart Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:01:40 01:01:34
64 Randall Simon Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:02:47 01:02:41
100 Kenney Nick Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:05:35 01:05:26
111 Cass Dave Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:06:23 01:06:17
154 Shortman Danial Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:08:38 01:08:16
176 Mucklow Gordon Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:10:14 01:10:07
184 Sharp Garry Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:10:39 01:10:24
237 Rann Kevin Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:14:27 01:14:11
243 Winchcombe Kevin Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:15:08 01:14:49
278 Smith David Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:17:27 01:17:11
286 Harris Elaine Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:18:06 01:17:51
287 Cole Darren Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:18:06 01:17:44
292 Fry Kevin Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:18:21 01:18:05
310 Wray Simon Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:20:03 01:19:41
315 Train Patricia Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:20:23 01:20:06
317 Batchelor Alison Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:20:37 01:20:21
323 Tapsell Andrew Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:21:14 01:20:55
327 Salter Julie Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:21:46 01:21:25
336 Ruth Keith Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:23:00 01:22:39
337 Butler George Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:23:00 01:22:40
342 Taylor Tarnia Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:23:16 01:22:56
362 Ray Julie Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:24:38 01:24:16
385 Dixon Julie Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:27:11 01:26:48
399 Martin Thomas Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:28:21 01:27:59
400 Rasmussen Julie Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:28:32 01:28:11
431 Sharp Sarah Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:33:05 01:32:42
464 Smith Sharon Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:38:06 01:37:43
483 Keyte Bridget Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:42:32 01:41:57
484 Harris Shelley Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:42:37 01:42:02
492 Newnham Georgina Isle Of Wight Road Runners 01:47:22 01:46:46


Well done to you all on your brilliant times and for placing so well in a field of 521 participants!


Great South Run 2014

Over 40 Isle of Wight Road Runners crossed the Solent to join a crowd of 25,000 running in the worlds leading 10 mile IAAF Gold Label road race.

It was the 25th year and saw the largest number of entrants and this was a club best too.  Despite the crowds lots of club members managed PB’s and got the times they’d hoped for. Below is a list of those who stated club membership on entry:

Name BIB Finish Time Pos
PETER SEXTON 1505 01:03:39 183
STEWART SHEPHERD 5809 01:07:02 370
STEVEN BENNETT 3148 01:08:53 518
STEVEN APSEY 3143 01:13:43 1128
KEVIN RANN 1504 01:13:46 1139
MARK TURTLE 1181 01:14:43 1308
ROSANNA SEXTON 9747 01:17:28 1884
STEPHEN RUMSEY 6300 01:23:16 3435
SARA TRUCKEL 6301 01:23:16 3434
TARNIA TAYLOR 12826 01:23:43 3592
ROGER MERRY 3894 01:24:29 3810
KEITH RUTH 23040 01:24:29 3806
BRIAN CANNING 6289 01:24:36 3843
STEVE HORSEY 14289 01:25:57 4274
SARAH HOLMES 4693 01:26:06 4328
SHELDON BROADBRIDGE 3810 01:26:20 4417
NICK KENNEY 1503 01:27:37 4917
JULIE LAVELL 8829 01:27:37 4916
STEVEN LOCK 18918 01:28:46 5310
KEITH MASTERTON 5685 01:28:47 5315
KATIE LEWIS 4525 01:29:08 5453
JULIE CAUDLE 5481 01:29:37 5612
GARRY SHARP 7282 01:33:59 7220
SARAH SHARP 14745 01:33:59 7221
PAUL SAUNDERS 13912 01:34:42 7485
MARTIN TAYLOR 2668 01:35:29 7755
NATALIE LAZENBY 8795 01:36:07 7999
BRIAN GRIMES 8794 01:36:08 8002
SALLY TROTMAN 3745 01:40:26 9573
SIMON RICHARDSON 12632 01:44:35 10933
NICOLA THOMPSON 4497 01:48:21 11940
SHANNON BRENNEN 19237 01:49:30 12220
ANN SAUNDERS 19235 01:50:57 12568
JONI SIMPSON 14151 01:52:59 12985
PAUL SIMPSON 14229 01:53:00 12988
GEORGINA NEWNHAM 18461 01:54:54 13315
STELLA MORGAN 16535 01:55:08 13354
TRACEY HOUDOIRE 22765 01:58:35 13913
JO RANDALL 20392 02:01:15 14265


Well done to all that ran The Great South Run, brilliant times by everyone.  Lots of great pictures on our Facebook page, below shows some of our members donning charity vests to raise money for their chosen charity’s and others in club kit representing the Road Runners.



Richmond Half Marathon

On Sunday 21st September club member Paul Cameron partook in the Richmond Running Festival.

Paul completed the Richmond Half Marathon which consisted of two laps through the famous Kew Botanical Gardens and alongside the Thames finishing in Deer Park. He ran a solo race and won this race in an outstanding time of 1:13:59. This time is inside the A Standard for consideration for next years Island Games. Congratulations Paul!


Isle of Wight Marathon 2014

The 58th Isle of Wight Marathon took place Sunday 12th October.

“The marathon is a charismatic event. It has everything. It has drama. It has competition. It has camaraderie. It has heroism.” Fred Lebow


The Isle of Wight Road Runners had an outstanding club presence of 17 runners with huge support from other members by way of marshaling, water stops, cheering and photographing the occasion.

Of the IWRR’s we had Steve Hickman completing  his 100th marathon, Danny Faulkner in his club debut and Ian Russell, Tim Keyte and Tarnia Taylor completing their first Marathon.

Chip Time Name Position
03:05:29 WILMOTT, Peter 4
03:17:24 BACKHOUSE, Stuart 10
03:27:12 MANNALL, Phil 15
03:27:53 FAULKNER, Daniel 17
03:33:18 COULTRUP, Michael 24
03:34:18 RUSSELL, Ian 25
03:40:04 GIFFARD, Jodie 34
03:40:03 CASS, Dave 35
03:44:02 MUCKLOW, Gordon 43
03:48:56 BAXTER, Hayley 49
03:56:41 MCCABE, Judy 60
03:57:58 HARRIS, Elaine 63
04:04:38 HICKMAN, Stephen 71
04:05:44 KEYTE, Tim 73
04:06:21 TAPSELL, Andrew 74
04:10:43 DYER, Ian 80
04:16:59 TAYLOR, Tarnia 85


IWRR managed four mens and one ladies team:

1st Mens Team 4th Mens Team
2nd Mens Team 6th Mens Team
1st Ladies Team
BAXTER, Hayley


A few words from Club Chairman, Kev:

“Our awesome marathon runners; we had 17 runners and every one of them completed the taxing course in under 4 hours 17 mins. Special mention to Pete for coming 4th overall and being the first Islander home. To Jodie for being the first Island Lady back. To Hayley for winning her age group prize. To Ian, Tarnia & Tim for completing their first marathons. For you guys who were out on the course supporting them all or manning a water station. We wiped the floor with the team awards. You are all an awesome group of people who I am so proud to be a part of. I was a total emotional wreck today. Finally, I just want to mention Steve and say no more than ‘inspirational and our friend’. Everyone deserves to sit down tonight and have a glass or 2 to celebrate the best running club in the world’s achievements.”

iow marath

Congratulations you awesome bunch of people!

A special mention to Mens Captain Dave and Jodie; according to the Harriers website detailing your splits at mile 15 and mile 26.2 you ran a completely even race – expert pacing!!


Finally the brilliant performances of Elaine and Jodie have resulted in Good for Age places at the Virgin London Marathon 2016.

End of Summer Season 2014

The Summer Season came to a close last night, 18/09/14.

The final race was a 5.04 miles nominated around Newport. The overall winners were guest to the club Joe Wade bringing in the men and Trish Train for the women.

For nominated times Nick Scott-Denness was closest at 3 seconds adrift, followed by Trish and then Garry.

Post run meet was held at Newport Football Club,  where we were greeted with a bar, a mountain of chips and bread-a-plenty courtesy of the club.

Points were totted up by the Womens Captain Julie Ray and Chairman Kev Winchcombe. The final results are as follows:

Position Name Points
1st Garry Sharp 271
2nd Trish Train 266
3rd Kev Rann 240
4th Elaine Harris 232
5th Tim Keyte 232
6th Rich Whittington 223
7th Julie Ray 216
8th Dave Smith 205
9th Si Wray 202
10th Tim Cordery 192


Which meant that Birthday boy Garry Sharp was awarded the summer series shield!


A staggering 82 members achieved points over the summer series.  31 of those scored over 100 and 9 above the 200 mark. Which is a record number for the club!

A big thank you to all that attended over the summer and a special thanks to those that helped out, back-marked and time kept to make this series a success.


Victory 5 Mile HRRL September 2014

Bright and sunny conditions were back drop to the Victory 5 mile HRRL race which took place from the Mounbatten Centre in Portsmouth on Sunday 14th September.

The Isle of Wight Road Runners had a team of 10 participate.



The superb results were:

Position Name Chip Time
54 Si Randall 00:29:36
130 Danial Shortman 00:32:38
234 Kev Rann 00:35:49
285 Kev Fry 00:37:48
289 Dave Smith 00:37:55
298 Trish Train 00:38:28
371 Karen Phillips 00:41:54
399 Julie Rasmussen 00:43:36
439 Sarah Sharp 00:46:53
482 Stella Morgan 00:54:30


Congratulations to all of those that raced and of the 10 Road Runners 8 of you took on the 5 mile race for the first time!

Fell Running Weekend 2014

29 Isle of Wight Road Runners took to the hills of Ventnor to participate in the Isle of Wight Fell Running Championship Series on 13th and 14th September.


The weekend consisted of three grueling races over the two days which saw competitors run 2.7, 7.6 and finally 12 miles.



Those competing were treated to some beautiful views, huge hills and exhilarating descents.

Of the 13 ladies who competed Jodie Gifford was the first Road Runner and Islander back with a position of 16th over the three races followed by Elaine Harris (19th) and Alison Batchelor (24th)  who made up our first ladies team placing 5th,  and first islanders women team.

There were 16 RR men and over the three races Stu Backhouse finished an impressive 18th followed by Pete Wilmott (31st) and Mick Coultrup (46th). The mens team were 9th and we had a total of three mens and three ladies teams for the weekend of races – so a great turn out for the Club, well done to all who participated and also a big thank you to those who supported the club!

Isle of Wight Half Marathon

110 ladies & 224 men crossed the finish line of the Isle of Wight Half Marathon 2014. The club enjoyed a fantastic turnout of 31 runners, and also lots of club members offering their services to marshal and man water stations and cheer along the route. Which was very much appreciated!

Below are the official chip timings and finishing positions:

Name Womens Position Chip Position
BAXTER, Hayley 10 01:44:40
MCCABE, Judy 15 01:48:51
HARRIS, Elaine 16 01:48:55
ELLIOTT, Zoe 19 01:50:23
BATCHELOR, Alison 20 01:51:53
TRAIN, Trish 29 01:55:16
DIXON, Julie 33 01:56:38
ADAMS, Clare 34 01:56:48
SALTER, Julie 42 02:00:35
RAY, Julie 55 02:07:10
TRUCKEL, Sara 56 02:07:12
HUNTER, Sue 69 02:11:30
SMITH, Sharon 88 02:17:16
RANDALL, Jo 101 02:37:32
HARRIS, Shelley 103 02:38:39


Name Mens Position Chip Position
CAMERON, Paul 2 01:16:04
BACKHOUSE, Stuart 13 01:24:09
SEXTON, Peter 21 01:29:08
CORDERY, Timothy 32 01:27:39
CASS, Dave 33 01:32:55
SHARP, Garry 39 01:34:32
COULTRUP, Michael 77 01:41:45
KEYTE, Tim 83 01:43:18
RUSSELL, Ian 85 01:43:31
SCOTT-DENNESS, Nick 101 01:48:48
FRY, Kevin 117 01:51:41
TAPSELL, Andrew 128 01:53:55
HICKMAN, Stephen 131 01:55:03
SMITH, David 153 01:59:15
COLE, Darren 176 02:05:33
HARRIS, Pat 207 02:20:53


Absolutely brilliant performances from everyone.  Paul, Stu and Pete picked up the first mens team and Tim, Dave and Garry got third – well done boys! Hayley, Judy and Elaine got first womens team and Zoe, Alison and Trish picked up third ladies – well done girls!

Many thanks to Ryde Harriers for another well organised event and also special thanks to all those that helped out and supported the IWRR’s.

IOW Half

Club 10K Championships

Hot humid temperatures were the backdrop for the Club 10K Championship in July 2014 with 49 club members, and lots of others in attendance kindly giving their time to marshal, time-keep and hand out much needed water!

Nominated Race:

1st – Ian Dyer – Donating £100 to Parkinsons UK, IOW Branch

2nd – Garry Sharp

3rd – Julie Caudle & Tim Cordery


Ladies Race:

1st Hayley Baxter
2nd Clare Adams
3rd Jodie (Judy) Gifford

Men’s Race:

1st – Paul Cameron 36:15
2nd – Pete Sexton 38:35
3rd – Si Randall 39:45

All the runners and helpers were rewarded with bags from SkinTrade filled with some amazing goodies kindly donated by Love Running – given out with a smile by the wonderful Jo Randall.