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Eastleigh 10k

The ninth race of the HRRL. A local 10k supported this year by Hendy Ford.


The course is a figure of eight starting and finishing from Fleming Park Leisure Centre. With a couple of undulations and lots of support. A huge field of 2308 participants this year.


A huge well done to all who ran and a special congratulations to Calli, Garry, Nicola and Mick for their PB’s.



Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon

Finally Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon – one IOWRR took to the F1 circuit for a fast and flat race. The course attracts an elite field of runners all out to get personal bests and that’s what Steve Rumsey did – a massive 3 minutes off his previous Half time. Outstanding  running!


74th Stephen Rumsey (GBR) 01:23:33


Larmer Tree Running Festival

We had 27 IOWRR’s compete in the Larmer Tree running festival. We had runners in each of the races which were ½ Marathon, 20 Miles and the Marathon. All courses are run in and around the picturesque Rushmore Estate in Wiltshire. The terrain was hilly and muddy and the courses were on the generous side when it came to distance with the 20 being recorded as 20.89 miles. So a massive well done to you all for completing these hard races and catching the 5.30am boat!


Although no longer IOWRR’s, Judy McCabe was registered as such and she came 1st in the F35-39 category in the 20miles, the same for Stu Backhouse – 3rd M40-44.

Elaine Harris was 2nd F50-54 and Julie Salter 3rd F50-54 all for the 20 miles.  Brilliant running!


Bottom of Form


Firstname Lastname Chip Time
63 Tim Cordery 04:12:41
85 Daniel Williams 04:26:09
128 Ian Dyer 04:55:48
158 Stephen Hickman 05:07:36
243 Pat Harris 05:55:56

20 Miles:

Position Firstname Lastname Chip Time
11 Garry Sharp 02:59:34
15 Judy Mccabe 03:00:54
16 Stuart Backhouse 03:00:58
56 Gordon Mucklow 03:25:14
57 Dustin Chandler 03:26:34
58 Tim Howell 03:26:36
59 Matthew Fletcher 03:26:34
69 Louise Dover 03:33:29
70 Andrew Tapsell 03:33:26
73 Steve Webb 03:35:31
84 Tim Keyte 03:40:09
85 Elaine Harris 03:40:08
90 Julie Ray 03:45:26
105 Julie Salter 03:51:30
106 Sarah Holmes 03:51:31
110 Kevin Winchcombe 03:53:01
146 Tarnia Taylor 04:09:35
147 George Butler 04:09:35

Half Marathon:

Bottom of Form


Firstname Lastname Chip Time
69 Ian Russell 02:17:22
132 Julie Rasmussen 02:35:32
200 Sarah Sharp 02:52:31

Salisbury 10

16 IOWRR’s tackled the eighth HRRL road race – Salisbury 10 miles. This is another scenic race run around Salisbury and the surrounding area mostly on road starting and finishing on the racing track. A few undulations with some lovely sunshine meant that a few runners achieved PB’s; this was also a debut 10 miles for some club members.


Trish Train was awarded with a trophy for 3rd F45 and a PB – excellent well done Trish!


Position Competitor Name Chip Time
63 Peter Sexton 01:03:34
64 Tom Forster 01:03:33
83 Nick Kenney 01:04:48
179 Trish Train 01:11:11
201 Michael Coultrup 01:12:27
358 Kevin Fry 01:21:13
359 Claire Howard 01:21:10
377 Alison Batchelor 01:22:01
378 Nick  Scott-Denness 01:21:47
456 Jane Andrew 01:26:36
460 Thomas Martin 01:26:56
470 Lisa Upstell 01:27:35
495 Simon Benfield 01:28:32
603 Bridget Keyte 01:37:27
706 Coral Leach 01:56:22
717 Lynn Snow 02:04:17


Arthur Biggs Handicap XC

The final race hosted by Ryde Harriers on 6th March was for the Arthur Biggs trophy. To compete in the 5miles or 7miles XC you had to of registered a time at either preceding XC’s. The runners are ranked by their best time and are set off accordingly. Then it’s a race for the finishing line with the first back the winner. We had 13 IOWRR’s race.


Coral Leach won the prestigious cup, with results as follows:



IOW XC Champs

Ryde Harriers hosted the second of their Cross Country Races from Smallbrook Sunday 21st February. This was the Isle of Wight XC Championship, an open race for all to enter and a debut hosting the junior IOW XC Champs. An absolute success again – thank you RH!

Men and Women start together, tackling the mud, water and rough terrain with a split in the course three miles in as the men are directed off to complete 7 miles in total and the women loop back to complete 5 miles.

We had 15 IOWRR complete the course with lots more marshaling, time keeping and supporting, the results:



The men came home with 2nd V40, V50 and 3rd V40 and the ladies got 1st V45. IOWRR’s also scored points for teams with a grand total of 4 teams and medals awarded to 3rd womens and 1st mens team places:




Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon

Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon was the second race of the Sunday. Easy to get to as the start and finish is the Pyramids centre in Southsea, the course is entirely flat but of differing terrain to include a pebbly beach, football fields and road. Lovely views across the Solent for the runners on such a sunny clear morning.


We had seven IOWRR’s and Hector the dog take part and some achieved a PB at the distance despite the terrain:

Position Time Name
65 01:37:02 Dustin Chandler
159 01:45:33 David Smith
365 01:58:05 Georgina Roberts
376 01:58:37 Kelly Forster
475 02:03:59 Roger Merry
876 02:52:15 Lyn Snow
877 02:52:16 Coral Leach


Bramley 20/10

A crisp, cold and sunny Valentine’s morning for those travelling to the mainland to compete in one of two races.

Firstly was the Bramley 20/10 mile races. Bramley 20 miles race used to be part of the HRRL, even though that’s no longer we still had 5 travel over to complete the 20 miles. This race places well for those training for a spring marathon.


The 20 mile route is two laps starting and finishing at the primary school and the course is an undulating one all on road. Both the 20 and 10 miles races start at the same time and complete the first lap together so it’s a tough first few miles as the number of participants to both races is large.


Despite this they all attained PB’s:

Position Time Name
107 02:19:11 Stephen Rumsey
504 03:00:36 Ian Dyer
505 03:00:37 Keith Ruth
552 03:06:06 Sarah Holmes
561 03:08:14 Julie Salter

Brilliant running everyone!


Ryde 10

A break in the storm saw blue skies, sunshine and a strong wind await those brave enough to tackle the HRRL Ryde 10 miles. The only HRRL race on the island saw crowds come from far and wide, we had an astounding 55 IOWRR complete the undulating course.


Racers complete a lap of Ryde Boating lake, then off to Seaview along the coastal road, up to Nettlestone and along to Priory Hotel, a lap of St Helens then return through Nettlestone, another two hills brought them back to Appley to descend back to the boating lake to finish. A notoriously tough race attracting a large field of competitors both from the island and mainland.

The individual Results:

Position Chip Time Name
40 1:05:28 RUMSEY, Steve
48 1:06:38 SEXTON, Peter
59 1:07:21 FLETCHER, Matt
65 1:08:13 CASS, Dave
68 1:08:52 CORDERY, Tim
71 1:09:21 PIKE, Dean
80 1:10:41 MCCABE, Judy
83 1:11:10 DOUGHTY, Jason
87 1:11:16 CHANDLER, Dustin
89 1:11:15 RILEY, Simon
92 1:11:30 BENNETT, Steve
103 1:12:27 HOWELL, Tim
119 1:13:58 SHARP, Garry
133 1:14:53 COULTRUP, Michael
143 1:16:15 TRAIN, Trish
151 1:16:45 NILAND-MURPHY, Margaret
175 1:18:28 FRY, Kevin
183 1:18:51 KEYTE, Tim
190 1:19:07 RANN, Kevin
193 1:19:06 DYER, Ian
201 1:20:02 WILLIAMS, Daniel
209 1:21:15 HARRIS, Elaine
210 1:21:08 MORRIS, Adam
211 1:21:07 DOVER, Louise
240 1:23:21 HOLMES, Sarah
262 1:24:20 ROCKALL, Dale
257 1:24:28 TAPSELL, Andrew
264 1:24:52 PHILLIPS, Karen
269 1:25:06 SMITH, David
270 1:25:17 BAXTER, Hayley
273 1:25:29 HOWARD, Claire
280 1:26:23 RAY, Julie
289 1:27:47 MARTIN, Thomas
291 1:28:30 HICKMAN, Stephen
294 1:28:37 ELDRIDGE, Tarnia
295 1:28:38 BUTLER, George
299 1:29:11 MANNALL, Phil
308 1:29:44 MERRY, Roger
318 1:30:33 FORSTER, Kelly
323 1:31:17 WINCHCOMBE, Kevin
333 1:33:07 FOSTER, Clare
334 1:33:20 TROTMAN, Sally
339 1:34:06 ATTWOOD, Fiona
348 1:35:31 RASMUSSEN , Julie
373 1:41:08 HUNTER, Sue
378 1:43:24 HARRIS, Pat
380 1:43:28 KEYTE, Bridget
384 1:45:15 DEVILLE, Lucy
389 1:45:55 SMITH, Sharon
397 1:48:18 POINTER, Dawn
402 1:51:01 POLE, Tracy
412 2:02:42 SNOW, Lyn
413 2:02:41 LEACH, Coral
415 2:04:34 RANDALL, Jo
416 2:04:34 HENRY, Nicola

It appears we’re pretty good at hills as we had 22 IOWRR’s that donned the blue, white and red vest for the first time, debuted at 10 miles for the club or achieved a PB – superb running!

Due to the large number of IOWRR’s that completed the course we had 17 team places, with Judy, Trish and Margaret picking up third womens team, brilliant running:

20 CASS, Dave CORDERY, Tim PIKE, Dean
24 DOUGHTY, Jason CHANDLER, Dustin RILEY, Simon
27 BENNETT, Steve HOWELL, Tim SHARP, Garry
41 COULTRUP, Michael FRY, Kevin KEYTE, Tim
47 RANN, Kevin DYER, Ian WILLIAMS, Daniel
53 MORRIS, Adam TAPSELL, Andrew SMITH, David
57 MARTIN, Thomas HICKMAN, Stephen BUTLER, George
15 HARRIS, Elaine DOVER, Louise HOLMES, Sarah
19 PHILLIPS, Karen BAXTER, Hayley HOWARD, Claire
25 RAY, Julie ELDRIDGE, Tarnia FORSTER, Kelly
31 FOSTER, Clare TROTMAN, Sally ATTWOOD, Fiona
33 RASMUSSEN , Julie HUNTER, Sue KEYTE, Bridget
39 DEVILLE, Lucy SMITH, Sharon POINTER, Dawn
40 POLE, Tracy SNOW, Lyn LEACH, Coral

As always a superbly executed race by Ryde Harriers – thank you and also a special thanks to all those who marshaled, water stationed and supported all those who raced!


Funchal Half Marathon

Two IOWRR’s travelled to Madeira for the Funchal Half Marathon. This sporting festival consists of three main races, the Funchal Marathon, the Funchal Half Marathon and the Mini marathon (6k).
The races are run on a flat course, almost entirely on a closed, attractively landscaped circuit, offering the perfect setting for healthy competition between athletes from different nationalities.


36th – Peter Wilmott – Chip time: 01:29:11

341st – Jodie Giffard – Chip time: 02:12:25


Some brilliant running, especially where Jodie’s currently injured so conquered the half with the help of a knee brace and tape!